LG TV Voice Commands Not Working? (Do 3 Things)

LG TV Voice Commands Not Working

Are you frustrated with your LG TV’s voice commands not working? Do you keep getting an error message that says “A temporary issue has occurred while connecting to the server. Please try again. (200)” when you try to use the voice recognition feature? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many LG TV users have reported these … Read more

LG TV Yellow Looks Green? (Here’s Why And How To Fix)

LG TV Yellow Looks Green (Why And Fixing)

Do you have an issue with the color display on your LG TV? Does it make bright yellows appear to be more of a green hue than usual? Numerous LG TV users have reported the same issue, when they attempt to watch shows or play games, the yellow color looks more like green, this has … Read more

No Internet Via Ethernet Cable On LG TV (Do This To Fix)

LG TV Ethernet No Internet

Are you trying to connect your LG TV via Ethernet cable but can’t get internet, and wondering what’s causing this? You are not alone, often we choose the Ethernet connection over a wireless (wifi) connection to connect our TV in order to get a stable internet connection, but things don’t always go as planned. In … Read more

LG TV Can’t Change Aspect Ratio, Greyed Out (Here’s Why)

LG TV Cant Change Aspect Ratio Greyed Out

Do you have an LG TV that won’t let you change the aspect ratio because the option is grayed out? Not to worry, you are not the only one facing this issue, and I know it can be frustrating, especially since we used to be able to control the Aspect Ratio of TVs when we … Read more

LG TV Dolby Vision Not Working? (C1, CX, C2) All Model Solved!

LG TV Dolby Vision Not Working

Are you having trouble with Dolby Vision on your LG TV? You are playing Dolby Vision content, but instead of detecting it as Dolby Vision, the screen displays HDR. This is a pretty common problem all LG Oled TV users often face. Don’t worry, it’s quite easy to get your LG C1 TV working with … Read more

Dynamic Tone Mapping Not Showing Up on LG TV? (Get It Back)

HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Missing On LG TV Fix

Is HDR Tone Mapping missing on your LG TVs menu, you have tried multiple times but still the Dynamic Tone Mapping is not showing up. Don’t worry, you are not alone, I was also feeling bad that my LG C1 TV’s Dynamic Tone Mapping (DTM) feature wasn’t showing up. As you all are aware, it’s … Read more

LG TV Just Scan Feature Greyed Out, Not Working? (3 Fixes)

Just Scan Grayed Out LG TV Issue Fixing

Does your LG TV not display pictures exactly as they are, and the Just Scan feature is also grayed out? It may sound like a small problem, but I along with many LG TV users have experienced it ruining the entire experience when playing games or watching shows. Basically, LG TVs come with the “Just … Read more

LG Oled TV Pixel Refresher Interrupted, Not Working? Try It!

LG OLED Pixel Refresher Not Working interrupted Issue Fixing

Are you trying to check out your LG TVs Pixel Refresher feature or correcting the pixel issue but are unable to complete the process when the TV turns on you get an interruption or pixel refresher process not completed message? It’s okay, don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s experiencing this problem. There are … Read more

LG TV eARC Not Working? (Do This To Fix)

LG TV eARC Not Working Issue Fixing Guide

Having trouble using your LG TV’s eARC feature? You’re not alone.  Even though eARC is technically superior to ARC, So many LG TV users (including me)  continue to experience problems connecting their TV to their audio receivers. Recently I faced a strange issue that started all of sudden with my LG TV and soundbar’s eARC … Read more

LG TV Popup Along Bottom Of Screen? (Quick Solution)

LG TV Bottom Menu Popup Disabling

Are you getting irritated by the pop-up window at the bottom of the screen on your LG TV as soon as you turn it on and wish to get rid of it? I’ve encountered it with my LG CX, and I’ve heard of it on LG C9 and other LG TVs that run on webOS, … Read more