LG TV Menu Keeps Popping Up? Here’s Quick Fix!!

LG TV Menu Keep Popping Up

Is your LG TV’s menu constantly popping up? You hadn’t made any changes, but out of the blue, they started appearing on your screen and remained for several minutes. Want to get that sorted out? It becomes quite annoying when the menu pops up after a few minutes of use and shouldn’t happen in the … Read more

LG TV Volume Keeps Changing By Itself? (Real Quick Fix!)

LG TV Volume Keeps Chnaging By Itself

Does your LG TV volume change by itself, goes up to 100, or go down automatically, and wondering how to fix it? Most of the time the volume on your LG TV keeps changing or getting stuck due to remote issues with either the volume button getting stuck or glitching, which requires both the TV … Read more

LG TV Keeps Changing Inputs By Itself? 3 Quick Fixes!!

LG TV Switching Inputs on its own

Is your LG TV continuously switching the input, every time you turn it on it goes to default HDMI, or do you keep receiving a popup that says HDMI2 as an input? Well, if you are having this issue on your LG TV and would like to disable the auto input detection and eliminate the … Read more