About Us

What is TVNoob.com?

The TVNoob covers detailed troubleshooting, and how-to guides about TV issues, streaming devices, TV apps, and streaming apps as well as the latest news about them.

Our content library includes more than 500 pieces of content that are thoroughly tested before publishing for accurate, up-to-date information.

Our articles cover a broad range of TV issues, How-to guides, troubleshooting techniques, and detailed research articles on issues from TV to streaming apps. We also offer TV guides ranging from their hardware specifications to software.

Who I am?

Hey, I am Tarun Kashyap, Founder of TVNoob.

In the last eight years, I have tested, studied, and written hundreds of articles about TV problems, streaming media players, TV streaming services, and related topics.

As a TV troubleshooter, I helped hundreds of people with TV issues ranging from their hardware to software and streaming issues before starting TVNoob.

Tarun Kashyap
Tarun Kashyap (Founder)

Why do you trust?

Each piece of content/article on TVNoob is thoroughly researched online (for example, through past industry experience, forums, and official sources).

Due to my previous experience and my love for binge-watching, I have been able to help others determine how to get the most out of TV boxes

Assisting users with difficulties with their televisions, streaming devices, and streaming services, whether on smart TVs or streaming devices is the main goal of TVNoob.com.

Is the information provided up-to-date?

Yes, the content is monitored and we regularly update older posts so that older posts remain current. (For example, listicles, and errors).

How to contact?

My contact information is on the contact page, so you can fill out the form and contact me easily.

Feel free to contact me if you find anything that needs to be improved (e.g., incorrect or misleading information, grammatical errors).

Last but not least, I want to thank you so much for visiting this and showing interest in TVNoob.com.