Seiki TV Keeps Turning Off? Here’s Why & How To Fix It!

Seiki TV Keeps Turning Off Issue Fix

Does your Seiki TV randomly shut off? While watching something on your TV, it suddenly turns off automatically, and sometimes you have to manually turn it on. As for Seiki TVs, I’ve personally used them and find them to be among the most cost-effective on the market. However, these problems, where the TV keeps turning … Read more

LG OLED CX Turns Off Randomly? Here’s a Quick Fix!

LG TV turning off randomly

Imagine being happy to receive a TV that supports all applications and can be used for gaming with an Xbox or Playstation connected. However, when it starts acting up and doing weird things like automatically turning off, the excitement doesn’t last long.  Many LG OLED CX users have reported the issue in the past, which … Read more

Insignia Fire TV Audio Out of Sync, Lip Sync? Quick Fix!!

Insignia Fire TV Audio Out Of Sync

Are you experiencing out-of-sync audio on your Insignia Fire TV? Do the picture and sound not sync and would you like to resolve the issue? Having this out-of-sync sound issue with my Insignia Fire TV Edition is a harrowing experience when we get some time from our busy day and want to watch something. Certainly, … Read more