How To Set Default Input Source On Samsung TV?

Samsung TV Default Source Input Setup

Have you ever faced the issue of your Samsung TV not displaying your desired input source when you turn it on? This can be frustrating and time-consuming to manually switch to the correct input source every time you turn on your TV. I have faced it myself and I know It can be especially frustrating … Read more

How to Set up Vizio Smartcast TV Without Wifi (Quick Way)

Setup Vizio Smartcast TV without Wifi

Are you thinking of setting up your Vizio Smartcast TV but don’t have access to the internet yet? No worries! It’s possible to set up your Smartcast TV without connecting it to wifi at first. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up your Vizio Smartcast TV without wifi. … Read more

LG TV Sleep Timer And Auto Power Mode (Easy Step Guide)

LG TV Sleep Timer And Auto Power Mode Guide

Are you tired of your LG TV staying on all night long, even when you’re not using it? Or, do you want to wake up to your favorite morning show? One solution is to use the sleep timer or auto power-off timer feature on your LG TV. This feature allows you to set a timer … Read more

LG TV Slow Internet (Wired & Wireless) Optimization

LG TV Slow Internet Speed Wired wireless fixing

Are you getting slow internet on your LG TV, have tried both connections (Wired and Wireless) but wondering why the speed is slow and wish to make it faster. Well don’t worry, almost all of us often face such issues where despite trying multiple ways the internet on smart TVs runs so slow causing buffering … Read more

Preventing Audio Cut Outs Over Optical Cable (Quick Ways)

Optical Cable Audio Cut Out

Have you ever been in the middle of an intense movie scene or jamming out to your favorite music album, only to have the audio suddenly cut out? It’s beyond frustrating, right?  If you’ve been experiencing this issue with your optical cable (also known as SPDIF) and it’s cutting out on your TV while using … Read more

Samsung TV Dolby Digital / Atmos Grayed Out (Do This To Fix)

Samsung TV Dolby Digital Grayed Out

Are you trying to enjoy Dolby Digital audio on your Samsung TV but to your surprise, you found out that you can not activate the Dolby Digital option from the menu as it’s grayed out? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, many Samsung TV owners have run into the same problem of trying to access Dolby … Read more

How To Turn Off HDR On LG TV? Keeps Coming Back (Explained)

LG TV HDR Turn Off Keeps Coming Back

Have you been having trouble with HDR on your LG TV, looking for ways and wondering if you can even turn it off? We often encounter many situations where we want to turn off HDR, even though it is an amazing feature that allows us to experience true immersive experience by adjusting every aspect of … Read more

LG TV 4K 120hz Not Working? Know This First!

LG TV 120Hz Refresh Rate Not Working, Not Showing

If you’ve got LG TV, you may be wondering why your TV is not running at the advertised 120hz refresh rate, if is there anything specific that needs to be done for it, and other similar questions. Don’t worry, In this article, I will explain what you need to do to enable 120hz, does your … Read more