Apple TV Not Working? 5 Common Problems And Fixes!

The Apple TV streaming box connects to your TV and allows you to stream movies and shows from popular apps like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Max, and more. If you have a smart TV, you can replace its native smart interface with the Apple TV operating system – tvOS. 

Streaming content on Apple TV is amazing, and you hardly find any interruptions. But sometimes you find it difficult to stream content, and the reasons vary from unreliable WiFi to stuttering sound. 

The article explains common Apple TV problems and what you can do to fix these issues to enable smooth streaming. Let’s have a look at these problems and troubleshoot methods. 

Poor WiFi Connection

A range of internet-related problems causes slow or no streaming leading to constant buffering. Slow performance, random signal dropouts, or difficulty joining the local network are some WiFi problems that stop you from watching your favorite content. 

Check your IP address by navigating to Settings and then clicking Network. Look for the IP address in the Network Screen under Status. If nothing appears, restart your modem and Apple TV streaming device. Alternatively, disconnect the WiFi and then reconnect it to fix the issue. 

AirPlay Not Working 

One of the best advantages of Apple TV is that you can share and watch content with your friends and family. If AirPlay is not working, check that all the devices, including iPhone, MacBook, and Apple TV, are connected over the same WiFi. 

If you want to enjoy your Apple TV content on a bigger screen, connect macbook to Chromecast. Enjoy movies, shows, and music, or view your vacation photos saved on your iPhone or Mac on your TV. Connect MacBook and Google Chromecast to the same WiFi. 

Status Light is Flashing

If your Apple TV status light is constantly flashing, you likely have a hardware problem. If the lights continue to flash for more than 3 minutes, reset your Apple TV to default factory settings. Make sure to connect your Apple TV to the power source while the reset process is underway. 

Disconnect the power cable if a factory reset doesn’t solve the problem. You can detach the power cable from the rear of the Apple TV. Wait for 30 seconds, and then plug your Apple TV to another outlet. 

Siri Remote is Not Working

When the Siri remote stops working, check if you need to recharge the batteries. To check battery power, go to Settings, click Remotes and Devices, and select Remote. You can see the remaining battery life by viewing the percentage beside Battery Level. 

If the Siri remote doesn’t work, you might need to recharge it using an alternate method. Use the lightning to USB cable that you got with your Apple TV. It will plug the remote into the power source and recharge it for further use. 

Storage Issues on Apple TV

Although Apple TV streams content from the internet, it stores several apps and their data locally. So, when you download apps on Apple TV, the storage space starts to shrink as each app consumes several gigabytes of space. 

Manage space by optimizing Apple TV settings. Alternatively, delete apps you no longer view. To optimize storage, go to Settings, click General, and select Manage Storage. The list of apps downloaded on the TV appears in Storage. Select the apps you want to delete, and tap Trash. 

So, these are some common problems you may encounter when streaming content on Apple TV. Troubleshooting these issues is simple, yet you must perform these fixes carefully to avoid permanent damage. Now, let’s learn a few Apple TV tips and tricks. 

How to Find Free Streaming Options?

When looking for something to watch, use Apple TV’s universal voice search instead of searching for content inside the apps. The universal voice search checks every app installed on the TV to bring you the best available option. 

Voice search often displays shows and movies you didn’t know about. You can use the Siri button available on Apple TV remote to search for shows, movies, music, and other content. Also, you can select the app in which you prefer to watch the selected content. 

How to Use Dark Mode to Watch Content?

Content on Apple TV displays in dynamic, bright, extensive, and appealing colors due to its intuitive interface. Although the interface is impressive, sometimes, it’s not the best experience, particularly when watching TV in the dark. 

In that case, enable the dark mode to turn the screen darker and appropriate for watching content in low-light settings. Navigate to Settings, click Appearance, and then select Dark to turn the screen relatively darker. 

This way, you can personalize your Apple TV streaming experience and watch the content in the best settings. You can also use Apple TV to control your smart home. In addition, you can use an Apple TV remote to control any HDTV, so it’s cost-efficient too.