LG TV Voice Commands Not Working? (Do 3 Things)

Are you frustrated with your LG TV’s voice commands not working? Do you keep getting an error message that says “A temporary issue has occurred while connecting to the server. Please try again. (200)” when you try to use the voice recognition feature? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many LG TV users have reported these issues.

But before you give up and call for support, there are some simple solutions you can try on your own to fix the problem. I have faced it on my LG CX and after researching it thoroughly I solved it as well. That’s why in this guide I have explained proven and tested solutions that have worked for me as well as many LG TV users.

It can be incredibly frustrating when your TV’s voice commands don’t work. After all, the whole point of having a voice recognition feature is to make things easier and more convenient. But when it doesn’t work, it can feel like a waste of time and money. Don’t let this issue ruin your TV viewing experience as it’s just a matter of following a few troubleshooting steps carefully.

How To Fix LG TV Voice Recognition Not Working Issue?

1. Check your voice search settings

If you recently changed your voice search settings to Google Assistant instead of the default LG one, that may be the reason why your voice commands aren’t working. 

  • To change it back to LG, go to Settings > All Settings > General > AI Service > Voice Recognition and choose LG ThinQ.

This will put the LG Voice Commands to default and your TV will start recognizing voice back again.

Note: In my case when the Voice Commands stopped working on my LG TV, I noticed it was happening when using the YouTube app. It was after I had set the voice search to Google Assistant rather than the default LG one, and when I changed it back it worked again. 

2. Reset your remote control

Sometimes, the problem might be with your remote control. It can act up and have trouble following your voice commands. So, a good solution is to reset and pair the remote again. It’s a tried-and-tested way to fix it.

  • First, remove the batteries from your remote control and put them back in. 
  • After that, if it asks to be paired again, pair it again.

3. Power cycle your TV

Sometimes when you’re experiencing issues with your LG TV’s voice commands, such as the voice recognition feature not working, it’s possible that the TV’s settings may be temporarily glitched. In that case, a simple solution to try is to turn off the power to your TV for a few minutes and then turn it back on. This can help reset the TV and fix the problem.

The reason this works is that turning off the power completely resets the TV’s internal settings and clears any temporary glitches that may be interfering with the voice recognition feature.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Locate the power cable of your LG TV and unplug it from the power socket.
  2. Wait for a few minutes to allow the TV’s internal settings to shut down fully.
  3. After waiting for a few minutes, plug the power cable back into the wall socket.
  4. Press the power button on your TV or remote control to turn the TV back on.
  5. Once the TV has fully restarted, test the voice recognition feature to see if the issue has been resolved.

That’s it, following the above steps will get the issue sorted, if the issue persists and doesn’t get resolved despite performing the soft reset/power cycle as said above, then you need to reset your TV to its factory default settings.

4. Reset your TV to factory settings: 

If none of the above solutions work, you need to reset your TV to its initial settings. 

Remember that this will erase all your personalized settings and preferences, so make sure to back up anything important before doing this. 

  • To reset your TV, go to Settings > All Settings > General > Reset to Initial Settings.


In conclusion, it can be frustrating when your LG TV’s voice commands don’t work. However, there are simple solutions you can try before calling for official support.

  • Checking your voice search settings,
  • Resetting your remote control,
  • Power cycling your TV, 
  • and resetting your TV to factory settings are all proven solutions that have worked for many LG TV users.

By taking action and trying these solutions, you can save time and money, and get back its voice commands and voice recognition feature on your LG TV easily.


Q: Why are my LG TV’s voice commands not working?

A: There can be many reasons why your LG TV’s voice commands are not working. Some of the common reasons include incorrect voice search settings, remote control issues, and TV software glitches.

Q: How can I fix LG TV voice recognition not working?

A: You can try resetting your voice search settings, resetting your remote control, power cycling your TV, or resetting your TV to factory settings.

Q: Why does my LG TV’s voice command only work sometimes?

A: There could be various reasons for this issue. Sometimes, it could be due to a poor internet connection or TV software issues. It’s best to try the above solutions to fix the issue.

Q: How do I change my LG TV’s voice search settings?

A: Go to Settings > All Settings > General > AI Service > Voice Recognition and choose LG ThinQ.