Samsung TV Dimming With Eco Mode OFF? (One Simple Fix)

If you’re a Samsung TV owner, you may have experienced an annoying issue where the TV screen dims or brightens by itself, even though the Eco mode is turned off. 

Undoubtedly this can be frustrating when you’re watching a movie or playing a game, as the sudden changes in brightness obviously ruin the viewing experience. 

Moreover, like many others, You might have even contacted Samsung support, only to be told there’s nothing wrong with your TV. 

But don’t worry, you’re not alone, many Samsung TV users have reported this issue, and there’s a way to fix it. In this guide, I’ll show you how to stop your Samsung TV from auto-dimming, even when Eco mode is off.

I also faced this issue on my Samsung TV and basically, it was quite strange as despite all settings being put to normal like  Ambient Auto Brightness off; ECO settings off; all intelligent settings off; in filmmaker mode, and I was still having the TV visibly shift brightness while watching movies. 

Note: Certain users who are using Samsung Neo QLED said that it only happens when the TV is in standard picture mode. On all other picture modes, the brightness stays the same but not on the standard picture mode.

Why Does My Samsung TV Dim Even With Eco Mode Off?

Basically, If your Samsung TV dims or brightens automatically, this isn’t a problem. It is a feature that Samsung just like all other TV brands has added intentionally. 

The Ambient Light Detection function (also called ECO Sensor on some older models) measures the light in the room and changes the screen brightness automatically to reduce power consumption. The screen will be brighter in a brightly lit room and darker in a dark room.

Although sometimes users do not want to use it as they want stable or say static brightness picture settings, that’s why Samsung has Eco Mode which when turned off automatically dims the screen stops. 

But the issue arises when despite the Eco Mode being turned off the brightness keeps switching by itself.

Upon investigation (Through ADB), the root cause of this problem appears to be a glitch in the TV’s programming. This glitch occurs when picture settings overwrite each other, leading to the unwanted and automatic dimming of the screen. 

No worries, if you’re facing this issue. Just read on and I’ll guide you on how to fix it.

But first, make sure that the Eco mode is turned off and when you get confirmed that It is turned off but still keeps dimming then you need to follow the below main steps to get rid of it.

It’s important to note that this issue affects all Samsung TV models, including Neo QLED, QLED, and Frame TVs. Additionally, Samsung’s customer support is not aware of the issue and denies that it exists, which I came to know while researching about it by going through forums and contacting Samsung Support directly, which obviously is frustrating for users trying to resolve the problem.

So let’s start first I am going to explain how you can turn off the Eco mode in case you have it turned on and later we are going to proceed to the main steps.

Turning Off Eco Mode On Samsung TV:

The method for turning this function (Eco Mode) on or off will differ depending on your model. You need to work out whether your model was made before 2016 or after 2017.  

  • 2016 models or older: System > Eco Solution > Eco Sensor > select On or Off.
  • 2017 models or newer: Settings > General > Ambient Light Detection > Use the slider to turn it on or off.

Main Troubleshooting

Alright, let’s get to the main part. This process may take some time, so make sure to be patient and follow the steps carefully.

  1. Install an app on your smartphone that can replace the default remote. “SamsungRemote” is a suitable option for iOS, but there are other options that may work as well. Connect the app to your TV and keep the TV turned on.
  2. With the TV on, use the app remotely to press the following sequence: Mute – 1 – 1 – 9 – Enter.
  3. In the menu that opens, the navigation may be broken. To fix it, click the “right” button on the real remote twice, so that “hospitality mode” is the only option shown and it’s turned on. Then click down on the real remote. You will see a different menu. Press “back” on the real remote. The navigation will be fixed, and we can disable “hospitality mode” later after we’re done fixing the dimming.
  4. Without clicking anything first, in the app remote click 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5. The menu should change to another service menu.
  5. Once you’re in this menu, follow the existing tutorials, but I’ll copy it here below so that the tutorial is comprehensive. All steps below are done with the real remote.
  6. Go to “SVC.”
  7. Go to “Other Settings.”
  8. Go to “CAL Data Restore.”
  9. You’ll see an error, press “OK.”
  10. Press “back” on the remote.
  11. Navigate to “Advanced,” but don’t open it.
  12. Keep holding the volume up until new menu elements show up (this should take about 5 seconds).
  13. Select “Picture_2D.”
  14. Select “Subsetting.”
  15. You will be changing PWM_INI_2D and PWM_MOVIE_INI to a higher number. These settings control the minimum dimming intensities and seem to be some function of the backlight intensity settings in the normal menu. If you set them to a higher number, up to 100, the backlight will not dim during dark content. This means you will also more easily see the backlight glow if that bothers you more. You can trial and error different numbers to see what you like.
  16. Press the power button to turn off the TV.
  17. Repeat step 2, and then disable the hospitality mode.
  18. Turn the TV off and on again.

That’s all, now your TV won’t dim and picture brightness will remain constant.


In conclusion, if you are experiencing your Samsung TV dimming despite having Eco mode turned off, you are not alone. This can be a frustrating issue, especially if you have spent hours trying to adjust the settings to no avail.

The root cause of this problem seems to be a glitch in the TV’s programming that can occur when picture settings overwrite each other. This can lead to the automatic dimming of the screen, even when Eco mode is turned off.

Thankfully, there is a fix for this problem that involves accessing the TV’s service menu and adjusting the minimum dimming intensity settings. While the process may seem daunting initially, following the steps carefully will help you get your TV back to its proper brightness.

To quickly wrap it up for you, here are the key points:

  • The main reason for the automatic dimming of Samsung TVs despite Eco mode being turned off is a glitch in the TV’s programming that can occur when picture settings overwrite each other.
  • This issue affects all Samsung TV models.
  • There are a few fixes for this issue, including performing a factory reset, disabling the “Light Sensor” or “Eco Sensor” feature, and adjusting the “Brightness” and “Contrast” settings.
  • Along with common fixes, you can follow the above steps through which you can access the secret menu of your Samsung TV and can modify its programming to fix this issue.
  • If none of these fixes work, contacting Samsung support may be the best option for further assistance.
  • It’s important to note that the automatic dimming feature is a deliberate design feature by Samsung, but it can be annoying if it keeps happening despite turning off Eco mode.

Overall, if you are experiencing this issue, it’s worth taking the time to follow the steps outlined in this guide. Doing so will help you enjoy your Samsung TV to its fullest without any unwanted dimming distractions.