Panasonic TV Sound Distortion (Here’s Why With 9 Fixes)

Panasonic TV Sound Distortion

Have you ever noticed some weird distortion or buzzing sounds coming from your Panasonic TV when you turn up the volume? It can range from subtle coloration to a really bad buzzing noise on certain notes or frequencies. It can be so bad that it sounds like something is broken. It’s especially noticeable when you … Read more

Panasonic TV HDMI ARC Not Working? (Here’s Why With Fix)

Panasonic TV HDMI ARC Not Working - Guide

Are you tired of struggling to get your audio working properly through your Panasonic TV’s ARC connection?  You’re not alone. Many users have reported problems getting their TV’s audio to properly transmit through the ARC connection and setting up a proper ARC connection from their Panasonic TV to Receiver (Soundbar, Hometheater, etc). In this blog … Read more

Panasonic TV HDMI Port Not Working? 3 Quick Fix!!

Panasonic TV HDMI Port Not working

Is there a problem with the HDMI inputs on your Panasonic Viera or Plasma TV, are you unsure of how to fix it? It doesn’t matter whether you have got an old Panasonic TV or you have a newer Panasonic Plasma or Viera, this is quite a common issue I have also encountered with my … Read more

Panasonic TV Sound Cuts Out Issue? (Easy Fix!)

Panasonic TV Audio Cuts Out

Is your Panasonic TV cutting the audio when using external speakers or soundbars, having intermittent audio over HDMI, and wishing to know how to fix it? Panasonic TV sound issues over HDMI are among the biggest problems users face, and despite tinkering with audio settings, resetting, and replugging the cable, the issue persists. Even though … Read more

Panasonic TV No Sound Issue? Try Quick Fix!!

Panasonic TV No Sound Issue

Are you having sound problems with your Panasonic TV? Whether it’s Panasonic Plasma, Viera, OLED, or 4K, the audio problem is common and can undoubtedly spoil your viewing experience. I have faced this problem in the past and it isn’t a major hardware issue and can be resolved at home if you know how to … Read more