Panasonic TV Keeps Restarting Itself? Here’s Quick Fix!!

Are you having problems with your Panasonic TV continually turning itself off and on, restarting itself, and going into standby mode without any explanation and wondering why?

While none of the TVs are prone to this problem and it is quite common, the challenge is that there can be many reasons which can cause such a problem and in order for it to be resolved, we need to identify the root cause.

I’ve experienced this in the past when I had a Panasonic TV and I liked it because it was affordable, had good picture quality, and didn’t cause me any hassle, but then all of a sudden it started restarting itself which I eventually resolved at home.

Nonetheless, there are a number of conditions that can cause this problem, and I will explain why this happens and how you can fix it yourself.

Why does your Panasonic TV Keeps Restarting Itself?

When your TV starts rebooting itself, it is either because the auto standby mode has been enabled or it overheats and has some internal problem.

Additionally, I have outlined the issues which lead to your Panasonic TV going into Standby Mode and automatically restarting.

  • Auto standby mode is Enabled
  • Faulty cables or loose connection
  • Temporary software glitch
  • TV is Overheating
  • Internal powerboard faulty

Other than the above, there is no possible scenario where your TV can restart itself automatically, and I did discover that my Panasonic TV had dust blocking its vent because of which it was overheating and restarting.

Furthermore, the best way to resolve a problem with your Panasonic TV is to first identify the root cause.

To do so, we need to narrow down the problem by following a few steps which I have explained above and which you must follow one by one.

How To Fix A Panasonic TV that keeps restarting itself?

When your TV restarts itself and goes into standby mode and later comes back on, there is a slight variation in power light behavior depending on whether your TV is a Panasonic Viera or a Plasma TV, and sometimes when it restarts itself the light flashes green and sometimes it flashes red.

When your Panasonic TV keeps turning on and off automatically, follow the steps below to fix the problem:

  1. Inspect All Cables and Power socket
  2. Check if Auto Standby Mode Enabled
  3. Check if TV is Overheating
  4. Hard Reset TV

As long as there is no major hardware fault, it is highly likely that you can easily resolve the auto restarting issue on your Panasonic TV by following these steps one by one.

Check Cables and Ports

If your TV’s power cable or HDMI cable is loose or faulty, it can restart itself repeatedly as the power supply will not be sufficient to operate it properly.

In this case, you should check carefully whether the power cable or HDMI cable that connects your TV is in perfect condition and have clean ports, and then re-plug them tightly.

Quick Tip: Try changing the main power port or, if you have any switches between the TV and the power socket, remove them so that the TV is directly connected.

Turn Off Auto Standby Mode

It is possible that the AUTO STANDBY feature on your TV has been activated if you haven’t used the remote control in the last two hours. This will automatically turn the TV off.

In that case, you should manually turn it off and check if that is the cause of the issue.

You can follow these steps to turn off the Auto Standby Mode on your Panasonic TV:

  1. On the TV remote, press the “MENU” button.
  2. Click OK after scrolling down to “SETUP”.
  3. Press OK after scrolling down to “OTHER SETTINGS”.
  4. Now, You can set “AUTO STANDBY” to “OFF” by scrolling down and clicking the left or right arrows.

Fix TV Overheating Issue

In my case, I checked the Auto Standby mode but it wasn’t the culprit. And my older Panasonic TV had dust in the fans and it was causing the TV to turn on and off.

Cleaning TV
Cleaning TV (Image Credits: HelloTech)

After cleaning the dust from all vents and keeping it on its face for some time, I plugged in the power cord and it started working perfectly well.

Here are the steps in case your Panasonic TV restarts itself due to overheating:

  • Disconnect the TV, take it down from the wall, and lay it face down.
  • Take a hair dryer instead of unscrewing the many screws.
  • Now, use a hair dryer to blow air into the top vents at the appropriate angle.
  • Keep doing it for 4-5 minutes until no dust comes out and all vents and inside boards look clean.
  • Then, place the TV on the wall again, plug in the power cord, and turn it on

Once you’ve done this, your TV will stop turning off and on, so you’ll be able to start enjoying your favorite programs hassle-free.

Restore TV to Factory Settings

Once you’ve performed all steps, I would advise you to hard reset the TV in case of an internal glitch or half-downloaded software updates. Your TV will then work as new.

A hard reset can be performed easily by going into the settings after that system and clicking “Restore Factory Default”, and it will reset itself like new.

Wrapping It Up

I was quite annoyed when my Panasonic TV kept restarting itself again and again after I read multiple forums and contacted the Panasonic TV support, I suspected that it must have been a hardware issue but in the end, it was fixed at home when I figured out the issue.

To wrap it up quickly, here is what you should do when your Panasonic TV keeps restarting and goes into standby mode:

  • Inspect all cables and power connections.
  • Soft reset TV and ensure Auto Standby Feature is turned off.
  • Keep your TV away from electronic devices and keep its vent cleaned to avoid overheating.
  • After cleaning it thoroughly, hard reset and re plug all cables tightly.

2 thoughts on “Panasonic TV Keeps Restarting Itself? Here’s Quick Fix!!”

  1. A TV can also turn itself ON by itself sometimes after 10 minutes or so on standby IF you accidentally turned it off at the wall while it was ON.

    For some reason the TV thinks it is still ON even if you switch it off at the wall.

    I fixed this by doing the following:

    1 Turn TV to standby with remote
    2 Switch the TV off at the wall and wait 30 seconds
    3 Switch TV back on at the wall. The power light will flash. After 30 seconds or so the red light is illuminated

    Now your TV should stop switching on because the state it was at when you switched OFF at the wall was standby. Your television will behave at the state it was in the last time you switched off at the wall.

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