LG TV Sleep Timer And Auto Power Mode (Easy Step Guide)

LG TV Sleep Timer And Auto Power Mode Guide

Are you tired of your LG TV staying on all night long, even when you’re not using it? Or, do you want to wake up to your favorite morning show? One solution is to use the sleep timer or auto power-off timer feature on your LG TV. This feature allows you to set a timer … Read more

LG TV Slow Internet (Wired & Wireless) Optimization

LG TV Slow Internet Speed Wired wireless fixing

Are you getting slow internet on your LG TV, have tried both connections (Wired and Wireless) but wondering why the speed is slow and wish to make it faster. Well don’t worry, almost all of us often face such issues where despite trying multiple ways the internet on smart TVs runs so slow causing buffering … Read more

How To Turn Off HDR On LG TV? Keeps Coming Back (Explained)

LG TV HDR Turn Off Keeps Coming Back

Have you been having trouble with HDR on your LG TV, looking for ways and wondering if you can even turn it off? We often encounter many situations where we want to turn off HDR, even though it is an amazing feature that allows us to experience true immersive experience by adjusting every aspect of … Read more

LG TV 4K 120hz Not Working? Know This First!

LG TV 120Hz Refresh Rate Not Working, Not Showing

If you’ve got LG TV, you may be wondering why your TV is not running at the advertised 120hz refresh rate, if is there anything specific that needs to be done for it, and other similar questions. Don’t worry, In this article, I will explain what you need to do to enable 120hz, does your … Read more

LG C1 OLED TV Usage Hours? Power On Time (All Models)

Usage Hours On LG TV With Power On Time Check

Do you wonder how many hours your LG C1 OLED TV has been used or is expected to be used? It is a good idea to track these details. Recently, one of my friends bought himself an LG C9 OLED and was using it day and night. Curiously, we tried to find out how many … Read more

How To Set Default Input On LG TV? (1 Minute Way)

How To Setup Default Input On LG TV

Do you want your LG TV to start on HDMI or the source input of your choice so you don’t have to manually scroll through inputs every time when it turns on? It’s probably a very small thing, yet it’s so convenient for LG TV users, so I’ll help you set the default input of … Read more

How To Change HDMI Input Name On LG TV? (1 Minute Way)

LG TV Change HDMI Input Name

Are you looking to organize your LG TV’s HDMI inputs neatly by naming them according to what’s connected? It is common for us to choose the wrong input source when switching inputs, resulting in no signal over our HDMI connection or other input sources that don’t have any devices connected to them. Moreover, in certain … Read more

LG TV Picture Settings Greyed Out? Here’s Why With Fixes!

LG TV Picture Settings Greyed Out Guide

Despite the fact that LG TVs have many excellent features, one of the most common problems we encounter is the picture settings becoming greyed out, preventing us from being able to adjust the TV’s picture quality as we wish. Recently, I faced the same problem on my LG C1. I was unable to change the … Read more

How To Check LG OLED Refresh Rate FPS? All Models!

LG TV Refresh Rate Check Guide

Would you like to know what the refresh rate of your LG OLED TV is and how well it can play games along with similar questions like how to change its refresh rate? Don’t worry, in this article, I will help you with all of these questions. By the end of it, you will be … Read more