(Solved) LG TV Picture Too Big, Out Of View?

Is the picture size on your LG TV too big for the screen? Or maybe it looks extra zoomed, and you would like to know what to do when your LG TV picture becomes too large?

Well, I do feel how annoying it is when these types of minor issues appear and you tinker with your TV settings, but no matter what you do it doesn’t solve the issue.

Despite the advanced smart features, these kinds of problems are common, and almost everyone faces them once in a while. I have faced it in the past and I will assist you to resolve the issues on your LG TV.

Occasionally, you will see LG Tv pictures that are too big for the screen. This usually happens when the display’s aspect ratio is not set properly.

Due to the LG TVs’ smart calibration feature, You have fewer chances of encountering an LG Tv picture too big for the screen.

However, this issue can originate from the display settings which are not optimized. In this guide, I will discuss picture aspect ratio size on LG smart TVs and fix the display resolution.

Why is my LG TV picture too big for the screen and not fit the entire display?

The most common cause of LG TV picture/video being too big for screen issues is a minor internal glitch that conflicted with the display settings or from the LG TV itself.

However, a smart TV is more advanced and automatically converts the picture into the recommended size.

Despite this, the error continues to occur. This means the settings have been glitched or corrupted.

Although there can be other possible reasons for the problem like you might have set the television to a different mode, the aspect ratio of the TV is the primary cause.

LG TV may not display the picture in the correct size if it is set in another picture mode or incorrect aspect ratio. Consequently, the picture will appear too big on display.

In the past, I have had this problem with my LG OLED, but I found that it was set to the 4:3 aspect ratio, which would explain why the picture does not fill the entire screen or sometimes goes out of view.

What to do if the LG TV picture looks too big on the screen?

To get rid of wide images on the screen, make sure your TV is working and turned on. Follow these steps one by one.

  1. Changing Aspect Ratio
  2. Put the TV into home use mode
  3. Update Smart TV

Changing Aspect Ratio

In television, the aspect ratio is the ratio of the height to the width of the picture. The aspect ratio determines the display resolution, similar to what you see on monitors.

Having a small ratio size of your television increases your chance of experiencing this problem more often.

Aspect Ratio (Image Credit: LG)

This may result in the top, right, left and bottom of the screen being cut.

LG smart TVs are recommended to be set to 16:9 aspect ratio.

However, you can use any ratio as desired. Here is how you can adjust the aspect ratio on smart tv.

  1. Go to Settings in the menu.
  2. Choose Picture Settings and then Aspect ratio.
  3. To change the aspect ratio, click the “wheel” or “enter” button.
  4. After saving the settings, play a video to see if the picture fits on the screen.

Switch TV Modes

In almost all cases, changing the Aspect Ratio will resolve the Out of Screen Picture problem on your LG TV.

If you are still experiencing issues, you may need to switch between the picture modes.

According to the majority of users, the problem is fixed after switching the TV mode into Home use.

LG TV Picture Mode (Image Credit: AVForums)

Other than the home use mode, the other modes have only one set aspect ratio for the screen. The screen resolution is set to fit perfectly on the screen.

Quick Tip: For automatic aspect ratio for any content, select Cinema Mode.

It’s worth changing the TV mode if you need to watch a movie or for any general purpose. Follow these directions to set LG TV’s home use mode:

  1. Navigate to the menu by pressing the “Home” button on the remote.
  2. Select Option from Settings.
  3. Make sure that Home Use is selected in the Mode Setting.
  4. After applying the settings, check if the picture size fits the screen or if it is still out of it.
Changing Picture Mode LG TV

Unless there is a conflict in software or internal settings, the above steps should resolve the picture size problem on your LG TV.

But if you are still experiencing incorrect picture size, a large picture size, or a screen out of view, proceed to the next step which will fix the issue for you.

Update TV

There is a possibility that the images or movies themselves can be glitched, and the TV screen can be blacked out due to software conflict, incorrect or half-updated software on your LG TV.

An outdated firmware may not be able to recognize the actual size or aspect ratio and doesn’t switch to the correct resolution.

If you update the software on your LG TV, you can easily fix the picture too large for screen issues.

You will need to follow the following instructions for updating your smart tv:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu, then select All Settings.
  2. Then select “About this TV” from the General menu.
  3. You now need to select Check for updates.
  4. Once you have updated your smart TV, check to see if the error has gone away.

Wrapping It Up

You should be able to resolve the Out of the screen, Zoomed In, or Picture Size Too Big for the Screen problem on your LG TV by following the three methods I have listed above.

You might know the role-play of aspect ratio for your TV as when the aspect ratio of LG TVs is not matched with content, a picture appears too large.

The problem can be fixed by changing your smart tv’s aspect ratio. There are also other ways to fix LG Tv pictures that are too large for the screen.

You should change the smart tv’s mode. The set by program mode sets the aspect ratio according to the content.

Last but not least, after you have followed both main steps, you need to update your TV software since sometimes that is the source of such issues as well.

So, If you don’t have a problem with the settings, then the TV software is not up to date. Therefore, update the software of the TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

The screen on my LG TV is zoomed in. How can I unzoom it?

In order to adjust the screen of the LG TV, navigate to settings > Picture > Aspect ratio. Now, switch to cinema mode from zoom.
This will zoom out the screen and make the picture/video fit for screen size.

What causes my LG TV picture to not fit on the screen?

The LG TV picture does not fill the screen due to the aspect ratio not matching the content. Changing the aspect ratio to Cinema Mode will fix this issue.

What causes my TV picture to be too big for the screen?

It happens because of the aspect ratio, or to put it another way, the resolution of the picture does not match the TV’s aspect ratio.

How do I stop my LG TV from zooming in?

It may be due to the aspect ratio of your LG TV being set in zoomed mode, or the settings of your TV not detecting the exact screen ratio and conflicting with each other.
After you switch the aspect ratio to cinema mode or home mode, you can zoom out.

My TV does not let me change the aspect ratio?

If your Picture settings on LG TV are Grayed Out or you are not able to switch between modes or aspect ratio. You need to hard reset it.
After factory reset to default settings, you should update your smart TV. If you still face issues then contact LG customer support.

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