LG C1 OLED TV Usage Hours? Power On Time (All Models)

Do you wonder how many hours your LG C1 OLED TV has been used or is expected to be used? It is a good idea to track these details.

Recently, one of my friends bought himself an LG C9 OLED and was using it day and night. Curiously, we tried to find out how many hours he had spent using it.

The usage hours of our TVs are something we all want to know from time to time, and for OLED TVs it is a good thing because of its various features, such as Pixel refresher to prevent screen burn-in, or just for the sake of knowing if it is overused, or if you just bought a new LG TV and wanted to know if it had already been used and for what amount of time.

In this guide, I will explain these details and provide you with ways through which you can check your LG TV’s usage hours as well as “power on time”.

LG TV Usage Hours And Power On Time
Total Power On Time and Usage Hour On LG TV
Note: It is important that you know that LG TVs can be used to track usage hours easily apart from those that are in European countries. Though the reason is unknown, I will help you with it too.

Alright, But, How do I check how many hours I have on my LG TV?

Don’t worry, let’s dive into it and find out.

How To Check Usage Hours On LG TV (All Models)?

The steps for finding the Usage Hour details on LG TV vary depending on the models and their manufacturing line-up.

LG webOS22 TV models (2022)

If you have bought your LG TV recently then here are the steps to find the usage hour details for all 2022 Models of LG TV:

"Usage Hours Power On Time" Steps On LG TV
“Usage Hours Power On Time” Steps On LG TV
  • Navigate to > All settings > General > Family Settings > Screen Time Reports

It will show you the total number of running hours your LG TV was powered on.

  • On your Remote Press, the “Settings button” (gear icon) > All settings > General > Devices > TV Management > TV Information

Through the above steps, you can verify your LG TVs’ total running hours (Screen time).

LG webOS6.0 models (2021 TVs)

If you have bought your LG TV in 2021 and it is running on the webOS6.0 operating system, here’s how to check usage hour details.

  • From your TV Settings >  All settings > General > Devices > TV Management > TV Information

It will provide you with details of the total hours your TV was powered On.

OLD LG TV Models (2014 to 2020):

If you have got older TVs which you got anywhere between 2014-2020 then you check usage hour details by following the below steps:

Press the remote controller home and settings button (gear icon) Advanced settings > General > Customer Support

Note: If the information is not found under “customer support”, select the additional condition “product information” (web OS 2.0).

Older LG TV Models Manufactured Before 2014

If you have LG TVs which was manufactured before 2014 and running on “Netcast operating system” (Old LG TV operating System) then you need to follow the below steps to check your usage hour details:

Home > Settings > Customer support   (question mark at the bottom of the screen) > Product service information

Here’s a video you might find helpful if you have an older LG TV Model:

Alright, these were the steps to check usage hour details for all the LG TVs manufactured from the 2011-2022 year range, now what to do if you are not able to find out the “hours” details or your LG TV doesn’t have any option to like the above-mentioned steps.

Don’t worry, let’s check that out as well.

LG TV Total Power Time Missing

The above steps which I explained work in all countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc, but LG doesn’t show the usage hour details on European countries because of some policy restrictions or for some unknown reason, and you will not be able to get these details if you live in an EU country.

Nevertheless, these details are available for European LG TV users as well, but obtaining them is a bit more difficult than for users in other countries.

I’ve covered that as well, and if you live in any EU country and want to know the usage hour details for your LG TV, keep reading.

How To Access Usage Hour Details On LG TV (European)?

To get the total usage hours, total power on time, or other details regarding total usage hours on your European LG TV, you only have two methods.

The first is by accessing the “Service Menu” via an IR blaster Remote or Mobile App and the second is using a “Service Remote”.

Method #1:

For the UK or any other European Country, the service remote is the way to get the “Power on Time” and “Usage Hours” information.

There are a number of places online or in local stores where you can get a “service remote” and, by using that, you will be able to find out these details.

Once you get yourself the remote, just press the “Service Menu” button on the remote and that will open the information on your TV screen.

Method #2:

There is another option available if you have a mobile phone that has infrared built into it. In this case, you would be able to download a universal app for your mobile phone that basically functions as a remote control. This type of app can be found on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

In case your phone does not have IR, then you will need to use a physical remote as described in “Method 1”.

How do I get to the secret menu on my LG C1?

On your LG TV, you can activate the secret menu by pressing three times the “Mute” button.

Important: In order to view the “Secret Menu,” you must be on HDMI or Live TV mode because if it is on any native app, the menu will not appear.

How many hours is a lot for OLED TV?

The LG C1 OLED TV is designed to last up to 30,000 hours when used in standard mode. This means that if you watch 8 hours a day (which is considered average), then your TV should last about 11 years before needing any maintenance or repair work.

However, if you plan on using your TV for more than 8 hours a day, then you should know that the lifespan of the device can be significantly reduced.

How usage hours can affect the life of your LG TV?

The number of usage hours can have a significant impact on the life expectancy of any television, including an LG C1 OLED TV certain features such as backlighting may be affected by extended usage as they contribute to higher energy consumption and create additional strain on components like circuit boards and resistors which could lead to premature failure.  


Knowing the usage hour on your LG TV is information that we all LG users wish to check sometimes, whether it is to find out prior usage of our new TV, the average time we are spending watching our TV, or to check the total hours being used so that we can run the Pixel Refresher function if we do have OLED TV from LG.

I hope with the help of the above steps you will be able to know the usage hour details on your LG TV easily, and just to conclude let’s wrap it up quickly.

  • LG TV users in European countries can not access the “power on time” and “usage hours” information with traditional steps and they need to get a service remote to get these details.
  • For all other LG TV users residing in countries other than Europe, they can navigate to  All settings > General > Devices > TV Management > TV Information > Usage hours, to check the details.
  • The steps slightly vary depending on the manufacturing year of the TV.