LG Oled TV Pixel Refresher Interrupted, Not Working? Try It!

Are you trying to check out your LG TVs Pixel Refresher feature or correcting the pixel issue but are unable to complete the process when the TV turns on you get an interruption or pixel refresher process not completed message?

It’s okay, don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s experiencing this problem. There are a lot of users who’ve reported this issue and are still experiencing it, and I have also faced this problem with my LG C9 TV.

There has been a lot of confusion among LG TV owners over what the Pixel Refresher actually is, how it works when to use it, and how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

So let’s get started with a brief overview of pixel refreshers before we jump right into troubleshooting it.

As its name implies, LG OLED TV Pixel Refresher is a feature that helps to maintain your TV’s picture quality. It basically cleans and refreshes millions of pixels in order to make your TV’s display look better and crisper. 

As soon as the Pixel Refresher is on, the TV will turn off and on. A cleaning algorithm scans each pixel and makes sure there’s no image retention or burn-in. Once the refresher is done, you’ll get better picture quality, and your screen looking its best.

You can activate the refresher manually from the Settings menu on your LG OLED TV, or you can set it up to run automatically every few months to prevent pixel damage.

Automatic Pixel Refresher On LG TV After 2000 Hours Of Usage
Automatic Pixel Refresher On LG TV After 2000 Hours Of Usage

I was happy with it and I was trying to use it on my LG C9 TV, but to my surprise, it didn’t work the way I was expecting, and I found myself encountering an error message stating that “Pixel Refresher Interrupted”, so I left it and decided to turn the process off manually.

Although I would have liked to do pixel refresh manually, I get a message stating that after turning it off, it will begin pixel refresh for an hour, I turned off the TV to let it start, however, I receive a message saying ‘the TV turned on before it could be completed after 30 minutes or so.

How Can You Run Pixel Refresher On LG TV Manually?

Steps For Performing "Pixel Refresher" On LG TV Manually
Manual Pixel Refresher Steps For LG TV

To run a pixel refresher on an LG OLED TV, you will need to access the TV’s settings menu and follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the TV’s home screen and open the “Settings Menu”.
  2. Navigate to the “Support” section of the settings menu.
  3. After that, select “OLED Care” and after that select “OLED Panel Care”.
  4. Look for a setting called “Pixel Cleaning” or “Pixel Refresher”.
  5. Lastly, Select the “Pixel Refresher” (Start Now) option and follow the on-screen instructions to run the pixel refresher. 

It is important to note that running a pixel refresher on an LG OLED TV can take some time and the TV should not be disturbed until the process is completed. 

It is recommended to run the pixel refresher when the TV is not in use, such as overnight. 

Note: If you are unable to find the “Pixel Refresher” option in your TV’s settings, you can try performing a power reset on the TV by unplugging it from the wall, waiting 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in. This can sometimes resolve any issues with the Pixel Refresher process.

In summary, that was the correct way to run the pixel refresh on your LG TV manually, but how will you troubleshoot a problem that occurs during the process?

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Don’t worry, I have covered it as well below.

How To Fix Pixel Refresher Interrupted Issue on LG OLED TV?

Often while running manual pixel refresher on LG Oled TVs, the pixel refresher feature gets interrupted, and when the TV turns on we get a message “The TV Was Turned on Before Pixel Refresher Could Be Completed” or “Pixel Refresher Interrupted”.

The first thing you should know is that there’s no hardware issue involved, it’s just that the process got interrupted due to either the TV turning on automatically or some other glitch during the process.

In order to resolve the issue, you will need to restart Pixel Refresher, but first, you should consider a few important things. 

  • Make sure that your LG OLED TV is not disturbed while this process is running as it can take up to 45 minutes for it to complete successfully.
  • If your TV turns off or goes into standby mode, the power cable is removed and turned on manually before the process is complete, it will interrupt the pixel refresher, forcing you to restart it.
  • To prevent this from happening, make sure that no one turns off the power or turns on the TV manually until it turns on automatically.

Here’s what to do when your Pixel Refresher doesn’t work and won’t get completed:

Turn Off the CEC feature (so that the TV won’t turn on or off automatically)

The Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) feature is used to allow devices connected via HDMI to communicate with each other. This means that when you turn your LG Oled TV on or off, any other CEC-enabled device will also be activated or deactivated. If the Pixel Refresher process is interrupted by this automatic turning on and off of the TV, it’s best to turn off the CEC feature in order for it not to occur again.

To do this, go into your TV settings and disable the CEC option so that no matter what happens with your other devices, your LG Oled won’t automatically switch itself on or off.

Unplug all HDMI Devices

If you have connected any HDMI devices to your LG Oled TV, they should be unplugged before attempting the pixel refresher again.

This is important because leaving any HDMI device plugged in may cause the TV to turn on or off with other connected HDMI devices. Unplugging all such devices will avoid this issue and allow you to successfully complete the pixel refresher without interruption.

Factory Reset

If the manual Pixel Refresher is not working or is interrupted midway before completion on your LG Oled TV, try doing a factory reset.

How To Do Factory Reset On LG OLED:

To factory reset an LG OLED TV, follow these steps:

  1. On the TV remote, press the Home button to open the TV’s main menu.
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu and select it.
  3. Scroll down and select the General option.
  4. Scroll down and select the Reset option.
  5. Select Restore to the Factory Settings option.
  6. After that wait for your TV to turn back on and follow the Pixel Refresher process again.

Note: Keep in mind that this will erase all of the TV’s settings and data, so be sure to back up any important information before proceeding.

Once it is back up, you may then attempt to run the manual Pixel Refresher again to see if it works properly this time around.

If after performing a factory reset and attempting to run the Manual Pixel Refresher again it still does not work, contact customer service for further assistance with troubleshooting your issue.

How it looks when Pixel Refresher Runs On LG TV

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In conclusion, if your LG Oled TV Pixel Refresher isn’t working correctly, don’t worry, it’s easy to troubleshoot it easily at home without any hassle. 

I hope with the above guide you will be able to fix any issue which you come across while using and running the Pixel Refresher on your LG TV.

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To quickly wrap it up for you, the Pixel Refresher on LG TV can be interrupted either via any minor glitch in the TV or the turning on and off the TV manually until the process gets completed, in order to prevent it from happening and let the process run smoothly here’s what you should do:

  • Make sure the HDMI CEC feature is turned off on your TV (So that other electronic devices don’t interfere with the TV).
  • Unplug all HDMI cables so that the process doesn’t get affected by the involvement of any connected HDMI devices.
  • While running Pixel Refresher Manually, don’t turn Off or ON the TV manually.
  • Always try to do it at night time before sleep so that once you turn off the TV, it completes the process in the background unaffected by anything. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LG OLED pixel refresher run automatically?

Yes the Pixel Refresher on LG runs automatically every 2000 hours of playback, but often after prolonged usage of the TV, it does minor pixel correction in the background when it is turned off.

Can running pixel refresher cause any damage?

It is true that the pixel refresher runs automatically and should not be run frequently, but as far as any damage caused by running it frequently is concerned, it does not cause any major display issues, but it does affect the lifetime of OLEDs since pixel refreshers put a lot of strain on them.

How often should you run pixel refresher on LG OLED?

According to LG’s recommendations, the pixel refresher runs automatically every 20,000 hours and is often run in the background after the TV has been used continuously for a long period of time.

Only run it when you notice that your picture quality is poor and you can correct the pixels.

How long does pixel refresher take on OLED TVs?

If you want to run the pixel refresher, it usually takes between 45 minutes and an hour, and make sure that once you run the pixel refresher you do not turn on the TV manually.

Does LG TV turn on after “pixel refresh” completes?

If the process gets interrupted, your TV will automatically turn on, but if it doesn’t, it will remain off, and if you turn it on manually, you won’t see any indication that the process has been completed, if it fails, you’ll see an interruption message.

Does pixel refresher fix burn-in?

As part of the Pixel Refresher technology, apart from correcting pixel and image quality, it is also intended to mitigate the burn-in issue on OLED by cycling all pixels in the display in order to reduce any remaining image residue. 

As far as the fixing of a burn-in issue with pixel refresher is concerned, well, Even though pixel refresher will not totally eliminate the effects of burn-in on your LG OLED TV, it may be able to minimize its effects and prolong its service life.