How to Disable Bluetooth on LG Soundbar? (Ultimate One Way)

Is someone constantly trying to connect to your LG Soundbar and you want to disable the Bluetooth option to get rid of it?

When it comes to soundbars equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, it is undoubtedly convenient to connect devices on the go. It’s easier to connect to soundbars with Bluetooth because they don’t have a proper authorization method.

However, if you do not wish to connect any other devices to your soundbar, it might be best to disable it.

Here are some reasons why you may want to disable Bluetooth on your LG soundbar:

  • You don’t want other devices connecting to your soundbar without your permission.
  • You don’t want interference from other Bluetooth devices in the same vicinity as your soundbar.
  • You are concerned about security risks associated with having an open connection.

In my recent experience, I witnessed such a scenario when a friend of mine had an LG Soundbar, and while watching football he suddenly started hearing music and often stand-up comedy, because some random stranger or neighbor he wasn’t able to figure out who was it actually kept connecting to Soundbar and playing random things on it. 

So he started looking for ways to disable Bluetooth completely and only wanted to use an optical cable to connect the soundbar to the TV.

Actually, When attempting to connect via Bluetooth, most devices will request authentication via a non-changing 4-digit code, which is what happens when connecting normal Bluetooth speakers as well as Soundbars. 

This is one of the most significant flaws in this Bluetooth technology’s implementation on the Soundbar.

Due to this, It is possible for anyone within your household or within your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth range to access the soundbar and basically “take control” by connecting to it via Bluetooth.

Without further ado, let’s see if you can get rid of this, is it possible to turn off Bluetooth on LG Soundbar, and if it is, how to do it?

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Can You Disable Bluetooth On LG Soundbar?

Yes, you can disable Bluetooth on an LG soundbar.

As we discussed, one of the main reasons apart from automatically disconnecting Bluetooth was the lack of a proper authorization method. LG also recognized this issue and provided Bluetooth lock functionality.

If you’re wondering what the LG Soundbar’s Bluetooth Lock function is, let’s know more about it.

With the Bluetooth Lock function on your LG Soundbar, you can only connect a Bluetooth device that has been previously connected or is being connected from an LG TV.

If you activate it, LG Soundbar will not appear in the Bluetooth device list on any other device that scans for Bluetooth devices.

Unfortunately, this often prevents everyone from connecting via Bluetooth, including the owner.

It’s at this point that people find themselves looking for ways to disable LG Soundbar’s Bluetooth completely.

How do I turn off Bluetooth on my LG sound bar?

LG Soundbar Bluetooth Function Turning Off

In general, there are only two ways for you to disable Bluetooth on your LG Soundbar. The first method is to disable its Bluetooth connectivity function completely, while the second method is to restrict incoming connections by enabling the Bluetooth lock function.

I’ll explain both below, but since you may already be familiar with the Bluetooth lock function and, just like many others, you might also not have liked it either. 

In that case, we’ll first show you how to disable the Bluetooth completely on LG Soundbar and, if you don’t want to disable it, I’ll also show you how to use the Bluetooth lock function later in this guide.

Let’s first see how to disable Bluetooth on LG Soundbar completely.

As part of this method, we are going to unplug the Bluetooth functionality straight from LG soundbars by unplugging the Bluetooth module cables inside the soundbar because there is no other way to disable Bluetooth completely.

  1. To begin with, unplug the soundbar, and unscrew the 22 Phillips head screws (make sure they are in the correct order because they are not the same length).
  2. Once the bottom is off, you will find the Bluetooth extension card on the side, completely separate from the main board.
  3. Carefully, Pull the ribbon cable out of the Bluetooth card (Module).
  4. That’s all, you have completely disabled Bluetooth on your LG Soundbar.
  5. Lastly, put the bottom back on, screw it together, and it’s done. Bluetooth is no longer active, but the soundbar is still functional.

Some of you might say that it looks difficult and we can’t do it, but it’s not true.

These are easy steps and any person who knows how to screw and unscrew using a screwdriver can do these steps.

Other than this option, you cannot disable the Bluetooth functionality on your LG Soundbar in any other way.

In addition, if you are wondering whether it will affect the subwoofer on your LG Soundbar, do not worry, it does not use Bluetooth technology.

Now, let’s see how the Bluetooth Lock Function can be used if you wish to give that a try.

Here are the steps through which you can activate the Bluetooth lock on your LG Soundbar easily:

  1. In Bluetooth ( Bluetooth ) function mode, press and hold the “Forward Arrow (Fast Forward icon)” on the remote controller for about 3 seconds.
  1. After that, press it again while “OFF – BT LOCK” scrolls across the sound bar’s display panel.

Now, if you have tried this function and wish to disable it, Just follow the same steps and in the second step, you will see “ON-BT LOCK” instead of “OFF-BT LOCK”.

Since the above method has its limitations and is not liked by many LG Soundbar users, disconnecting the Bluetooth card was the only way to get rid of unknown Bluetooth connection attempts.


When you don’t want other devices connecting to your LG soundbar without your permission or when you’re worried about security risks, disabling Bluetooth is a good option.

LG provided Bluetooth Lock functionality to prevent unknown device connection attempts, but it is not a reliable option, so disabling Bluetooth entirely is the only way to avoid hassles.

I hope you liked the above guide in which I provided you with the detailed steps to quickly summarize, you can disable the Bluetooth function by removing the Bluetooth card cables from your LG Soundbar.

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