LG TV Bluetooth Service Needs To Be Initialized Issue? Here Try It!

LG TV remotes, including the magic remote, require Bluetooth services in order to work, but what if the Bluetooth services don’t work and you are constantly prompted by “Bluetooth service needs to be initialized” error messages?

Undoubtedly, If the Bluetooth services on your LG TV cease to function, you will be unable to use the remote for anything but the most basic functions.

It is true that it makes us helpless in terms of being able to control our TV because we lose most of our accessibility to do so just because of this issue.

In my case and numerous others, I have been unable to pair the remote, whether it is a normal remote or a magic remote, and when I attempt to do it, I get the error message “Bluetooth needs to be initialized” on the TV.

While pairing the remote with the TV using the “HOME” & “BACK” button combo I got the message:

“Bluetooth service needs to be initialized”

As well as the “Home” and “Back” buttons, hitting the “OK/Scroll” button resulted in the message “Bluetooth service needs to be initialized.”.

Unfortunately, when this error occurs, you will not be able to pair the remote with the TV and the cursor on the screen of your LG TV OLED will not appear.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it. 

In this guide, I will help you with different methods through which you will be able to get this solved along with other details like why it occurs.

Why Am I Getting a “Bluetooth Service Needs To Be Initialized” Message On My LG TV?

Why lg tv bluetooth failed

Usually, the error “Bluetooth service needs to be initialized” occurs due to a temporary glitch or when the Bluetooth/wifi module on the TV malfunctions.

There is not much of a problem with the second type, and it can usually be fixed at home with some troubleshooting.

Here are all the possible causes that can lead to the message “LG TV Bluetooth service needs to be initialized” appearing on your TV screen:

  •  “Bluetooth/Wifi” module is blown & needs replacing
  • Over Heat
  • Dirt and Debris
  • Temporary Glitch 
  • Wifi router glitch

Let’s examine the different ways through which we can solve this issue now that we know all the possible reasons.

How To Fix Bluetooth Service Needs To Be Initialized Error On LG TV?

Fix lg tv bluetooth initialization fail issue

Similar to the fact that there can be different reasons for this problem, the solution also depends on what is causing it.

As I have covered all the methods through which you can get this resolved, as well as what the reason is for your TV being affected, you won’t have to worry.

The following are the different methods you can use to resolve the issue:

Method 1: 

Firstly, we need to rule out the possibility of a temporary glitch before moving on to main troubleshooting.

Occasionally, minor internal glitches in TV settings can interfere with its Bluetooth services, which is why we need to perform a soft reset to remove temporary glitches.

In order to do that:

  1. Turn off any nearby Bluetooth devices and the TV
  2. TV must be unplugged
  3. You need to wait 15 seconds
  4. Plug in the TV
  5. On the TV itself, press the power button (not the remote control) to turn it on
  6. Click the OK/Scroll button on the remote

If you do this soft reset on your TV, you may be able to start using it normally and pair the remote as well as use all its functions again.

Nevertheless, you should proceed to the next option if it doesn’t work.

Method 2:

Due to the fact that the Bluetooth and wifi modules are connected to one another, you must be sure that your wifi is working correctly since the magic remote requires a stable and working internet connection. 

It is for this reason that LG TV users experiencing this error and unable to use their remote have reported success when resetting the main router and updating to the latest firmware.

As soon as you follow these steps, your OLED TV will automatically register the remote control and it will work without any problems.

That’s why you should reset your routers and update them to the latest firmware. 

Method 3:

There is also an alternative way that you need to take in case any of the above does not work, which is to deregister and reregister the remote so that any glitches or corrupted data will be cleared from the configuration of the remote.

Press the Home and Back button for 5 seconds to deregister the remote. The power button will flash three times as a result.

When the power button is flashing, press the wheel button to complete the registration process. Hold the guide button for 5 seconds, then press the power button 5 times.

As soon as you complete this process, the remote will be registered and then you can check if all of its features are accessible.

Method 4:

Simplink and Quick Start features on LG TVs don’t have many fans, since they have more cons than advantages.

Many times, they tend to conflict with other settings and functionalities, so it’s advised to turn them off and restart the TV.

It is necessary to go to Settings>General>Quick Start and then disable this feature.

Method 5:  

A lot of users have reported that they went through some more advanced troubleshooting where they cleaned the main board and all circuits, and the issue was resolved.

Usually, when a TV encounters heat or dirt often, or if it has been played continuously for a long period of time, it will have dirty and dusty connections which are causing problems with the Bluetooth module of the TV.

The first thing to do is to take a soft brush and clean the entire board and its connections

Then wait 5-10 minutes and before putting the back panel back on the TV, check if your remote is working without any issues or if the “Bluetooth not getting initialized” error message still appears.

If it does, then you need to reset the WIFI and Bluetooth modules. As far as resetting is concerned, I just mean unplugging the wire that’s going into the wifi module and replugging it after some self-cleaning has been completed. 


Whether you are using a magic remote or a normal remote on your LG TV, the message “Bluetooth services need to be initialized” causes the remote to be unresponsive.

The issue often occurs due to a glitch in the internal settings of the TV or wifi router, but there can also be issues such as overheating, faulty Bluetooth modules, etc.

It is my hope that the above guide and methods will help you to fix it. These methods were shared by me and have been tested by many LG TV users. If none of them work, then it’s likely the Bluetooth/Wifi module needs replacing.