LG TV Unknown Device Disconnected? 3 Ways To Solve!

Do you see the annoying pop-up saying “Unknown device disconnected” on your LG TV? Does it keep appearing randomly and going back automatically?

You have come to the right place, there are numerous LG TV users who have faced this issue, and I was also in the same position a few months back.

Don’t worry, I have found the solution to fix this problem and it worked like a charm after I tried it myself. With that said, let’s get started and see what it is all about.

Your LG TV displays the “Unknown Device Disconnected” message if the WiFi connection between your TV and router is weak or if the WiFi module is malfunctioning.

In order to understand it better, I have covered it in depth below, followed by multiple steps to get it sorted out.

Why Does My LG TV Keep Saying the Unknown Device Disconnected?

Firstly, here is what you might see as a notification popup on the right corner of your TV if you have this problem.

“Unknown Device Is Disconnected”

"Unknown Device Is Disconnected" Notification on LG TV
“Unknown Device Is Disconnected” Notification on LG TV

This notification indicates that a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device has been disconnected.

It comes randomly, so there is no perfect pattern for it. I researched it in depth and found out there are multiple reasons for it to appear.

Here are all the reasons which can lead to the “Unknown Device Disconnected” message on LG TV:

  • Weak connectivity between your router Wifi and TV.
  • A temporary glitch in the TV’s wifi settings.
  • Defective Wifi Module

It’s strange that you even get this popup when you’re connected through the Ethernet cable, because the wifi connection keeps running in the background and gets connected to your router, and then disconnects, leading to this popup notice.

The problem can be fixed in most cases easily. I have covered several methods below that will help you stop this irritating notification on your LG TV. Let’s get started with the troubleshooting part.

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How To Fix the “Unknown Device Disconnected” Issue On LG TV?

Generally, the issue can be resolved without the need for external technical assistance, such as calling a local technician, contacting LG service, or replacing the TV.

Solution #1

Hard Reboot

The first and foremost step is to perform a hard reboot on your router and TV since it’s not the same as a normal reboot. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Unplug the power cord of the TV as well as wifi router from the main power socket.
  2. Keep them disconnected for about 60 seconds.
  3. While the cables are unplugged, press the power button on the TV for about 30 seconds.
  4. Now, plug the cables back and turn on the TV and Wifi router.

After this is done, connect your TV to WiFi or Ethernet if you are using the Ethernet cable connection, and you won’t get the “unknown device disconnected” message.

It works because sometimes the WiFi or internet settings on the TV are glitched which interferes with the wireless connection whether it is Wifi or Bluetooth, which disconnects the devices.

If this doesn’t work, you need to move to the next solution.

Solution #2

Use Ethernet

Despite the fact that this might not be the ideal solution, you can disable the wifi manually on your TV and then connect to the internet via an ethernet cable.

This will prevent the TV’s Wifi functionality from working and the message will not appear.

Nonetheless, if you are unable to disable the Wifi on your TV as reported by many LG TV users faced with this issue, this solution won’t work for you and you need to perform advanced troubleshooting.

Solution #3

Clean, Reset and Replace Wifi Module

It may be necessary to perform an advanced level of troubleshooting if none of the above solutions work for you.

Wifi Module Of LG TV
Wifi Module Of LG TV

A Wifi Module inside the TV might also be responsible for the problem, as it may not communicate properly with a certain firmware version. Apart from buying a new, non-LG TV, the only way to permanently fix the problem is to open up your TV and clean, replace, or disconnect the Wifi Module.

  • Reset Wifi/Bluetooth Module
  • Clean Wifi Module On Motherboard
  • Disconnect Wifi Module
  • Replace Wifi/Bluetooth Module
Note: If you lack technical experience or no prior experience with electronic devices, this step is not for you. Instead, contact the LG TV support team or contact your local technician.
  1. Place your TV on a flat surface with its screen down and back upside.
  2. Locate all of the screws on the back of your TV, and unscrew them one by one.
  3. After that, carefully pull the back panel and you will see its mainboard along with other equipment.
  4. The Wifi module is located at the bottom of the TV with a white ribbon cable.
  5. Now, you can clean it up, reset it by unplugging the cable and plugging it back, or just simply disconnect it and use an ethernet cable for an internet connection on your TV.
  6. However, if the issue persists after cleaning and resetting the connection, you will need to replace the Wifi module with a new one if you wish to use the TV’s WIFI and Bluetooth functionality.
Mainboard Wifi Module Inside LG TV

Cleaning and resetting the Wifi module usually resolves the issue, but in rare cases, the module becomes faulty and needs to be replaced.


It can be extremely annoying to get unwanted pop-ups while watching TV, especially if they occur frequently. It has happened to me with my LG TV in the past, and I sorted the “unknown device disconnected” problem on my TV.

To summarise the above guide for you, the “Unknown Device Disconnected” message on LG TV may be caused by a faulty Wifi module or a weak wireless connection between your router and TV.

In order to get this sorted, you can perform the following troubleshooting:

  • Hard Reboot the TV and Wifi router.
  • Disable Wifi/Bluetooth of the TV and use an ethernet connection.
  • Clean, Reset, Disconnect, or Replace the Wifi module from the TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my LG TV to recognize my WiFi?

It is possible that your TV is experiencing a temporary glitch or has a faulty WiFi module if you are not getting the wifi lists or router’s name on your TV.
To fix this, you must perform a hard reboot. If that doesn’t work, you will need to clean, reset, or replace your TV’s wifi module.

How do I reset my LG smart TV WIFI?

By performing a hard reboot, you can reset your LG TV wifi, which basically means that you will have to unplug the power cable of your TV and then press the power button for about 30 seconds on your TV, followed by the power button. This will reset the Wifi on your LG smart TV.