LG TV Picture Settings Greyed Out? Here’s Why With Fixes!

Despite the fact that LG TVs have many excellent features, one of the most common problems we encounter is the picture settings becoming greyed out, preventing us from being able to adjust the TV’s picture quality as we wish.

Recently, I faced the same problem on my LG C1. I was unable to change the picture settings, such as brightness, TruMotion, Clarity, Gamma, and Aspect Ratio, as well as some other advanced settings on my LG C1, so I went into search mode to figure out what the issue was.

I’m sure many of you have encountered the problem, where the picture settings on your LG TV are greyed out, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This guide will give you a complete explanation of this problem and also how to fix it.

LG TV Picture Settings Greyed Out
LG TV Picture Settings Greyed Out

First, make sure that your TV is set to the correct input source. If your TV is set to an input that doesn’t support picture adjustments (such as a digital audio input), you won’t be able to adjust the picture settings.

The reason for this is that LG TVs restrict and make the picture settings option greyed out so that the extra processing is not used in motion and the other picture settings of the TV.

Why are Picture Settings Greyed Out On LG TVs and how to fix it?

As a result of the dynamic picture settings on LG TVs, when certain devices are connected to them, such as gaming consoles (Xbox, PS5), streaming devices (Roku, Firestick, etc), or even PCs, the TV detects the input and adjusts the picture settings accordingly, restricting the use of manual picture settings by making them greyed out (unusable).

Greyed Out Settings On LG TV
Greyed Out Settings On LG TV

In some cases, the issue is caused by a hardware issue as well. To better understand the compatibility of each picture mode with the input source as well as other picture mode settings, you should go through your LG TV’s manual or online documentation if you are unable to access the picture settings on your LG TV.

The following picture options become greyed out, and LG TV prevents them from being changed:

  • Picture settings
  • Brightness Settings
  • Smart picture mode
  • Motion pro
  • Gamma
  • TruMotion
  • Advanced Settings
  • Aspect Ratio etc.

Let’s find out what the problem is and how you can fix it.

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Reasons for LG TV Picture settings being Greyed out and how to fix:

Restrictions Due To Input Source

A greyed-out picture setting on your LG TV is likely the result of restrictions associated with the input source you’re using on your TV.

For example, When watching a Blu-ray DVD or PC, you may not be able to adjust the picture settings since the player only outputs standard-definition video.

Restriction Due to Already Set Picture Mode Settings

There is a possibility that you have already set a picture mode on your LG TV, which is causing the picture settings on your LG TV to be greyed out. When this happens, you will first need to change the picture mode before you can change the picture settings.

Quick Tip: Use filmmaker mode to control settings manually.

Non-Greyed Out Picture Settings on LG OLED
Non-Greyed Out Picture Settings on LG OLED

The LG TV will automatically select the game optimizer profile if you connect a gaming console, offering optimized settings for picture and sound quality.

That’s because more picture processing adds input lag. These settings are automatically greyed out in-game mode picture settings to give you the best input response time.

Also, Check to see if the Auto Picture Mode is enabled. If it is, you won’t be able to adjust any of the other picture settings manually. Simply disable the Auto Picture Mode and try adjusting the settings again.

Note: Because of differences in image processing, different settings are purposely disabled for different picture modes, such as PC mode, SDR/HDR/DV.

Energy Saving Mode Is Turned On

If you have the energy-saving option turned on, some of the options like pixel brightness may be greyed out.

AI Settings Are Active

Apart from the above-mentioned options, The picture settings on your LG TV might be greyed out because the AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature has been activated. This feature can cause many menu items to be greyed out, so you’ll need to turn off AI first to access those settings.

To do so, simply go into the Settings menu and disable the AI feature.

If you wish to manually take control of picture settings on your TV, You should always leave the AI settings off. When you enable AI settings, a TV’s technology will adjust many settings automatically, resulting in many menu items being greyed out.

Store Mode Is Active

It is important to note that if you are using your TV in the “Store Demo” mode, then your picture settings will not be able to be changed. To fix this, simply turn off the “Store Demo” mode using the TV’s menu.


In addition to having stunning picture quality, LG TVs, especially the OLED, also come with a lot of customization options. However, sometimes, they also lead to disappointment when we are unable to customize the settings and modes according to our preferences as options become greyed out.

Hopefully, after reading this comprehensive guide, you will understand why it happens and what you can do to fix it.

To put it simply, the LG TV picture setting options become greyed out because LG TVs’ dynamic, auto-detect feature, and smart picture mode restrict the manual changes. You will need to understand what picture settings are enabled and what source of input you have connected with your television in order to resolve this issue.