LG TV Keeps Changing Picture Settings, Mode? Easy Fix!!

Are your LG TV’s picture settings and other settings reverting back to default, despite saving them?

In case this happens to you, you are not alone as numerous LG TV users have experienced this problem, and it occurs on all LG TV models running on web OS, whether they are CX, C1, OLED, or any other LG TV model.

On my LG CX, I’ve gone through the same problem and my picture mode will randomly change from Vivid to whatever it was set earlier.

Some LG TV users have reported that their picture settings, including cinema mode, have been reset to standard and eco. In addition to that, changes to sound settings were also reported across all sources and apps.

Further, consumers who reported this reported that once they applied the settings they wanted to the contrast, color, etc., the TV reset to factory settings every time it was turned off.

In accordance with LG TV’s official support, the main reason for LG TV not saving the settings and keeping them changing to default is the fact that the TV is in store mode, at which point the settings keep changing.

It should be noted, however, that numerous other reasons contribute to this, and in this guide, I will explain multiple ways to resolve it.

Why Does My LG TV Keep Changing Settings?

As I stated earlier, this issue usually occurs when the TV is on “Store Mode”, regardless of whether the picture, sound, or other settings all get affected. 

Additionally, bad software updates, glitches in TV settings, as well as temporary power fluctuations can also lead to your LG TV not remembering its settings.

The following are all the possible reasons why your LG TV keeps changing its saved settings:

  • TV is on store mode
  • Bad firmware update
  • Power fluctuation
  • Temporary glitch
  • Auto-detection is turned on
  • Auto AI Mode is active

The reasons listed above are all possible causes of the issue you’re experiencing. Now that we know what the problem is, let’s see what needs to be done.

How Do I Stop My LG TV From Changing Settings On Its Own?

In order to fix this automatic picture mode changing issue on your LG TV as well as other settings that keep reverting back to default, you can try a couple of different methods.

Here are some ways to get this sorted:

  • Get your TV out of store mode
  • Inspect settings carefully and apply them individually.
  • Factory Reset
  • Update Firmware

Deactivate Store Mode

LG TV Store Mode
LG TV Store Mode

As the name suggests, LG TVs have a store mode that is active by default, so when people try different settings in various offline stores, it automatically reverts back to default.

So Your LG TV may be in store/demo mode instead of home mode, as when this store mode is active, it automatically resets the picture settings along with any other settings you have applied.

Steps to disable Store Mode on LG TV
LG TV Store Mode Disabling

It appears that “store” mode allows you (or hapless customers) to fool around with the picture settings for demonstration purposes, but then quietly resets them after a while or after a reboot of the TV.

It’s easy to turn off the store mode on your LG TV, and here’s how:

  • Home/Store Mode can be found in the General Settings section just below “about this TV”.
  • Turn it to “Home mode”.
  • This will deactivate the “Store Mode” and put the TV on “Home Mode”.

After doing this, your LG TV will save the settings and will not change by itself.

After checking your TV’s store mode and confirming it is in its home mode, if you still have issues, proceed to the following troubleshooting method.

Verify Settings and Apply

LG TV Picture Mode Settings
LG TV Picture Mode Settings (Manually)

There’s probably a misunderstanding about how LG TV settings are stored among many users.

I didn’t realize Dolby Vision settings were separate from HDR settings.

This means that even if you use the same Picture Mode, watching Dolby Vision on HDMI 1 won’t share the same settings as Dolby Vision on HDMI 2.

Note: HDMIs each have their own settings. Dolby vision has its own settings, HDR has its own. If you switch from source to source, the settings will be different.

It is for this reason that you can choose to “save to all inputs” when modifying pictures.

When users select a picture mode like cinema or ISF bright room they’ll still have the same OLED light, contrast, and brightness settings saved, but anything under expert controls like true motion, and super-resolution will be turned on again.

Some users who connected their gaming consoles to LG TVs found that their picture mode settings changed whenever the TV reboots when using an XBOX One.

Due to the fact that each input source has its own settings, whether it’s HDMI 1, 2, or any other device connected to an input port. To avoid this, you should save your picture settings for all inputs.

Once you apply each setting individually and correctly, you won’t have to worry about them reverting back.

Factory Reset

Restore factory settings of LG TV Steps
Factory Reset LG TV

A factory reset will remove any internal glitch and fix the problem if none of the above methods work and your LG TV keeps changing back to default settings.

To reset LG TV settings to factory defaults, follow these steps:

  • Using your remote, click the Smart button, then Gear, then General, then Reset to Initial Settings.
  • As soon as the TV restarts, select your language and country and set it up again.

Furthermore, you can directly reset your LG TV without a remote by holding the “Power” button on the side/bottom panel for 10 seconds.

As soon as the TV resets itself, it also deactivates its store mode and removes any conflicting settings which may have caused the picture settings to return to default.

Upgrade Firmware

Updating Firmware LG TV
LG TV Firmware Update

Several LG TV users have also reported that when they contacted LG support, they were told that a firmware glitch occurred due to a recent bad update which is the culprit behind it.

In that case, it was advised that LG TV users need to wait until the next update is released in order to get this issue resolved.

That’s why You should keep an eye on the official website and update your TV’s firmware when available.

Bonus Method

Several users have reported that their LG TV’s picture settings stopped changing by themselves after tweaking a few settings like Auto Detection and AI picture mode.

The following steps will show you how to do it:

  • The Auto Device Detection feature should be turned off.
  • Also, By going to Settings > General > and turning off all AI picture modes, disable AI picture mode.

In addition, you need to turn off the Auto Genre Selection feature if your television has one.

Once you’ve done this, monitor your LG TV and it won’t automatically change the settings.


As for smart TVs, there is no doubt that they are capable of providing the best viewing experience because they can operate based on the environment and the source which is connected to the TV.

Sometimes they glitch because of minor issues, leading to this strange issue where settings aren’t saved and the TV keeps changing them.

To quickly wrap it up for you, here’s what you need to do when your LG TV keeps changing picture settings or other settings on its own and won’t save the settings:

  • Turn Off “Store Mode”.
  • Disable Auto Device Detection.
  • Disable AI Picture Mode.
  • Reapply settings individually.
  • Factory Reset TV.
  • Update Firmware.

Hopefully, using the above guide will help you resolve this issue. If you have any doubts, please let me know in the comments below.