LG C1 Optical Audio Out Not Working? 5 Proven Ways To Fix!

Are you having trouble getting your LG C1 TV to work with Optical cable? Have you tried different methods but still cannot get the Audio to work?

Well, you’re not the only one who has experienced this issue with their LG C1 series TV, there are many other users who have experienced this issue as well, I own an LG CX TV myself and I had the exact same problem the first time I tried to connect my optical audio.

There is no doubt that it is quite frustrating when things do not go as planned, but fortunately, there are usually some solutions to the problems as well.

On my end, I was able to solve this problem and I will explain it in this detailed guide.

If you are wondering if LG C1 has an optical audio output, then yes, the LG C1 does have several optical outputs for audio.

However, I have observed that almost every LG C1 user encounter issues when using this for the first time.


For a brief overview of this guide, if the optical sound output on your LG C1 TV does not work, you can try a few things.

Make sure the cable is plugged in securely at both ends. If that doesn’t work, unplug and replug the cable. If that doesn’t work, you may also have to adjust the TV’s audio output settings.

Okay, enough peeking, let’s look at the reasons why LG C1’s optical audio output doesn’t work.

Why Is Optical Out Not Working On My LG C1 TV?

Optical Audio Output On LG C1 TV
Optical Audio Output On LG C1 TV

In all LG C1 TVs, you can connect your external sound system or other audio devices easily as long as you connect it properly and select the correct audio output option in the TV’s settings.

There are a few reasons why your TV’s optical audio output might not be working, like:

  • The optical cable is not properly plugged in.
  • Audio output settings are not correctly selected on the TV.
  • Damaged optical out cable.
  • The temporary glitch or outdated software on your LG C1.

It is unlikely that there is any other cause for this issue unless your sound system or TV malfunctioned.

We now have a better understanding of the possible causes, so let’s dive right into troubleshooting this and getting your LG C1 TV’s Optical Audio Out connected.

How To Fix LG C1 Optical Out Audio Not Working Issue?

The solutions are aligned so that you won’t need to follow all of them, but you do need to make sure that you are following them correctly.

Solution #1

Use “Optical + Internal TV Speaker” Instead of “Optical” As Audio Output

Optical + Internal TV Speaker As Audio Output on LG C1
Optical + Internal TV Speaker As Audio Output

It might look a bit weird, but it worked in my case, and numerous other users have also reported that it works.

As I was troubleshooting, I discovered that if I select “Optical Out” it won’t work, but if I select “Optical Out +TV Speakers” it will work. I just have to mute the TV speakers first.

It’s strange that official support doesn’t have an exact answer as to why it works with “Optical Out + TV” but not with “Optical Out”.

On your LG C1, you can select the Optical Audio Output as follows:

  1. Launch the “Settings” menu on your LG C1.
  2. Navigate to “All Settings”.
  3. Go to “Sound Settings” and choose “Sound Out”.
  4. After that you will see multiple options, you need to select “Optical + Internal TV Speakers” (Instead of Optical)
  5. After that, you can mute your TV volume and your sound will come from your external speaker system connected via optical audio output.

Here’s a video guide step by step, although in this guide the “Optical” Audio output has been selected you do have to select the “Optical + Internal TV Speaker” as output.

Changing LG TV Audio Outputs

Solution #2

Plug the Optical Cable Properly

Ensure that the cable is firmly inserted into the TV socket. If it’s not fully inserted, it won’t work. Next, try wiggling the cable around until the sound starts to come through.

I have to tell you right now, the one thing that I do not like about this cord is that it only plugs in “correctly” one way, so you should try plugging it in every possible way and see if you have any luck.

Quick Tip:

I pushed the cable into the TV socket really hard until it clicked in, and then I noticed that the light came on, indicating that it was plugged in correctly.

In the event that neither of these works and you don’t hear a “click” noise or light, you may need to replace the cable. Standard optical audio cables aren’t very expensive, and you can find them at most electronics stores.

Solution #3


For minor issues, never forget this easiest yet most effective solution.

Because, unplugging the power cables for a couple of minutes, then plugging them back in, reboots your TV as well as your sound system and resolves any minor issues.

Hence, if your LG C1 TV and soundbar are not outputting audio through the optical port, then you may have to unplug them both from the power socket for a few minutes and then re-plug them all back in to see whether the problem is now resolved.

Solution #4

Use “PCM” Instead of “BitStream”

LG TV Audio Options
LG TV Audio Options (Image Credit: AVForums)

On all LG C1 series TVs, you can switch between PCM and BitStream sound.

Many C1 users have reported that changing that setting solved the issue for them.

The main difference between PCM and Bitstream is that PCM is raw digital audio that supports a vast range of audio formats, while Bitstream is the process of passing audio formats such as Dolby or DTS to your sound system.

That’s why to Switch your LG C1’s audio format to PCM instead of Bitstream when using optical out audio and the sound issue will be resolved.

To help you out, here’s what you need to do if you are unfamiliar with the steps:

  • Go to Settings/Sound/advanced settings/digital sound output and select PCM.
  • If it drops, power it off and on again.

Solution #5

Use Alternative Audio Outputs

As an alternative, It is also possible to connect your TV directly to the sound system using an HDMI cable. This will avoid any potential optical audio issues.

If you don’t want to use direct HDMI, the only other option left is to use RCA connections, which are digital audio cables. However, using this type of connection can introduce unwanted noise into your audio.


There is no doubt that using external sound systems with TVs certainly enhances the overall experience, and I can just imagine what it would be like to not be able to get the audio out of your LG C1’s optical audio output to work.

But don’t worry, I have listed all the proven solutions above in this guide, and if you follow them one by one, the issue will be resolved at your end in no time.

In summary, here’s how you can solve the issue with your LG C1 TV’s optical audio out:

  • Reboot the TV and Sound system by unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in.
  • If the optical audio cable is not plugged correctly, it may need to be pushed a bit harder until a clicking noise comes and a light appears.
  • In TV audio settings, select “Optical + Internal TV Speaker” instead of “Optical”.
  • Consider switching to “PCM” audio output instead of “Bitstream”.
  • Change the optical cable.

Last but not least, you may need to contact LG customer service in order to troubleshoot the problem or replace the TV if it’s defective.