LG TV Audio Delay, Lip Sync Issue (Fixed)

If you’re annoyed with the lip sync issue on your LG TV and want to fix this audio delay issue without any loss of quality, I have covered it all in this guide.

If you are using LG WebOS, OLED, or another LG TV model, the sound delay, lip sync issue is what you must be dealing with on them. This is an annoying but quite normal issue with almost all LG TV models.

Although LG provides an option for lip sync and AV sync adjustment, it fails to perfectly sync sound, whether you have an external soundbar or using your gaming consoles like Playstation, Xbox, or PC, the audio delay is what LG users face often.

The issue has been quite annoying and made me rethink my decision to get myself an LG TV.

While I was trying to find a fix through numerous forums and contacting LG customer support, I realized that this is quite common and a huge number of LG TV users are experiencing audio delays and lip-syncing issues.

Even though LG support said that this issue would be resolved in the next software update and told me to keep auto-updates turned on, it was not worth waiting as other LG TV owners who bought their TVs earlier than me were also advised the same and it was not resolved.

After that, I started doing my research and found multiple fixes, and decided to write this guide to help other LG TV users who are experiencing Audio delays and Lip Sync problems.

On LG TVs the Audio lag problem occurs whenever Dolby-based content is being played, regardless of what external device is used. For example, if everything is routed through your LG TV using ARC, then Dolby-based audio will be delayed.

Sound Delay / Lip Sync Issue
Sound Delay / Lip Sync Issue (Image Credit: Reddit)

In fact, the audio content is delayed in reverse, so AV Sync doesn’t work or the audio bypass won’t either, and even if AV Sync could work it would just be out of sync for non-Dolby audio content.

So that’s where the internal audio lip-sync and AV adjustment settings don’t work and make it worse.

How To Fix Audio Delay and Lip Sync issues on LG TVs?

If your TV is having trouble with external sources, such as a Soundbar, Audio receivers, or external speakers, there are a couple of fixes you can perform.

Other than external sound and audio receivers, if you are experiencing audio lags on particular Apps or gaming consoles such as Playstation and Xbox, the tweaks are slightly different. I have listed them below as well.

Common Audio Issues on LG TV

  • LG TV Sound Delay with AVR / Receiver
  • LG TV Audio lag and lip synch issue with Soundbar
  • ARC/eARC Dolby Digital lip-sync issue
  • Audio Delay/lag issue on Set top box, PS4, apps like netflix etc

Common Fixes for LG TV Audio Issue

  • Ensure you have the latest firmware
  • Turn AV Sync adjustments to off
  • Turn your AVR on before your TV
  • Set ARC through HDMI port
  • Power Cycle your devices
  • Reset your AV settings
  • Factory Reset

Fixing LG TV Dolby Digital lip-sync issue

Despite the fact that Dolby Atmos works great with LG OLED TVs, there are occasionally sound delays and lip-sync issues.

LG TVs are prone to AV-sync issues only when using Dolby Digital or Atmos signals, regardless of their source.

For LG TVs, the Dolby lip Sync issue can be fixed by following the steps below that I tested and it did completely fix my LG OLED TV’s sound issue.

  • Turn your TV sound output to internal speaker > turn on Dolby Atmos > turn on AI Sound
  • Sound output should be HDMI Arc > Auto
  • Make sure you are using BITSTREAM instead of PCM as the sound output.
  • (It fixed noticeable sync lag on Xbox One X and PC using Dolby Atmos content and YouTube audio sync videos to demonstrate the problem)
  • After that, Turn back the TV’s sound output to the internal speaker, then disable Atmos and AI sound
  • Reset the sound to HDMI ARC > Change output from Auto to Passthrough, then to PCM, then back to Passthrough

As soon as the content synchronized, the issue was resolved. I confirmed that Atmos was playing on both Xbox One X and PC.

Using the above steps, the lip sync and audio issue were resolved easily, and after that, I did check if it recurred, so I turned off all the devices, turned them back on, and checked, and it was working as it should be.

6 thoughts on “LG TV Audio Delay, Lip Sync Issue (Fixed)”

  1. I’m getting lip sync issues when playing back recordings of TV programs to my USB recording device (Toshiba external drive). Any thoughts?

    • Hey Mike, I would suggest checking the Audio settings for a particular source as LG TV provides vast control of audio settings with respect to the specific sources. Try to pause them after playing to render and then try to play them again.

  2. Hello.
    I’m glad I came across this. Things seem to be fixed, but I have a couple of questions.
    1. In the fourth step, you say disable Atmos and AI sound. Just to confirm, this is part of the fix, correct. Atmos is no longer being used with this fix at all?
    2. Next step you say: Change output from Auto to Passthrough, then to PCM, then back to Passthrough. I don’t see an option for Passthrough, only Bitstream or PCM. Oddly, PCM has things in sync, bitstream does not.
    FYI – I have the LG C1 and the Klisch Cinema 400 soundbar.
    I’m glad things are in sync, but the sound (quality) difference is drastic. Any advice?

  3. Hello.
    So glad I found this. I do have a couple of questions.
    I’ve done the steps (I think) according to your outline. In step 3, you mention: Turn back the TV’s sound output to the internal speaker, then disable Atmos and AI sound
    Does this mean Atmos is OFF going forward? As in, it cannot be used at all in this setup?
    After that you say: Reset the sound to HDMI ARC > Change output from Auto to Passthrough, then to PCM, then back to Passthrough. I’m not finding where this choice is in the menu(s).
    I did manage to get some sort of sync going, but it’s using PCM. Atmos is still off and the sound is not nearly as good as with it on. However, lipsync is a worse issue. Is there not a fix where everything is working correctly?
    PS. I’m running LG C1 65 and Klipsch Cinema 400 soundbar.


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