Panasonic TV Sound Cuts Out Issue? (Easy Fix!)

Panasonic TV Audio Cuts Out

Is your Panasonic TV cutting the audio when using external speakers or soundbars, having intermittent audio over HDMI, and wishing to know how to fix it? Panasonic TV sound issues over HDMI are among the biggest problems users face, and despite tinkering with audio settings, resetting, and replugging the cable, the issue persists. Even though … Read more

Insignia Fire TV Sound Issue (No, Low, Intermittent Volume)

Insignia Fire TV Sound Issue

There may be times when the sound stops playing while watching videos on your Insignia Fire TV. Does your Insignia Fire TV have similar audio issues or is the sound very low? If that is the case, there is no need to worry and your TV is not malfunctioning, the sound issue on your Insignia … Read more