Vizio TV Audio Out Of Sync, Lip Sync Issue? Quick Fix!!

Watching your favorite show can be frustrating when the audio does not match the video. This is one of the most common problems with Vizio TVs. The good news is, you can fix it yourself.

Vizio TV owners report lip-sync and audio problems that are delayed or out of sync the most frequently.

Being a TV enthusiast, I was asked for help by one of my friends when his new Vizio TV’s audio kept going out of sync and he was unable to fix it.

At that point, I came to find out he is not alone, as a number of users reported the issue.

In some VIZIO TVs, a feature called Lip Sync allows the audio to be adjusted to match the movement of the lips of the person on screen but not all of the models have it.

Whether the audio gets delayed and desynched on your new Vizio OLED TV, or any other model, regardless of the model number or age, I have put together this guide so that you can resolve this issue on your Vizio TV.

While troubleshooting this issue and browsing multiple forums, I realized that, like any other out-of-sync issue, the root cause is similar for Vizio TV as well, which leads to the picture and audio being out of sync. It happens mostly after a software update.

That being said, let’s get to the point of why this is happening on your Vizio TV and what you need to do to get it resolved.

Why Does Audio Go Out of Sync On My Vizio TV?

We’ve all been there. You’re watching your favorite TV show when suddenly, the dialogue starts to go out of sync. Why does this happen?

Audio Sync Adjust Vizio TV
Audio Sync Adjust Vizio TV

Video and sound on Vizio TVs go out of sync for a variety of reasons, including improper audio configuration, conflicting updates, and faulty audio input cables.

There are a number of possible reasons why video and audio on Vizio Smart TVs may not sync correctly, some of them are:

  • Incorrect system update.
  • Temporary glitch.
  • Audio settings are being incorrectly configured.
  • Faulty HDMI, or ARC, Optical audio input cables.
  • Glitch with the installed app.

Having identified all possible causes, let us see what needs to be done to get them into sync.

How To Fix Out Of Synch Audio on Vizio TV?

In the majority of cases, users report that rebooting their Vizio TV completely resolves the problem, but rebooting every once in a while has become bothersome, as it almost takes 3-5 minutes to complete.

To fix audio lag on your Vizio Smart TV, follow these steps:

  • Power Cycle
  • Switch HDMI Ports
  • Configure Lip Sync
  • Switch Audio Inputs Settings
  • Turn Off Low Latency Mode
  • Update TV Firmware

Reboot TV

Yes, that’s right, sometimes minor audio settings glitch can lead to the out-of-sync picture and video, in which case doing a proper reboot of the TV can get it sorted as reported by numerous Vizio TV users.

Note: Make sure when you remove the power cable, wait for 2-3 minutes before plugging it back.

Switch HDMI Ports

In some Vizio Smart TVs with low latency game mode, there are multiple HDMI ports labeled HDMI5, HDMI4, etc. Although the low latency mode is good, when playing HDR videos the sound lags, so you need to switch to a different port in that case.

Note: HDMI5 is an extra low latency port that glitches and produces sound delay, consider switching input to HDMI4.

Adjust Lip Sync

Certain models of the VIZIO TV have a Lip Sync feature that is meant to keep your audio in sync with the lips moving on your screen.

Lip sync Vizio TV
Lip sync Vizio TV

In most cases, you will find it under the Audio option of the Settings menu. Once found, you should go ahead and manually adjust it as it will show you how it looks so you can ensure that the audio and video are synchronized.

Switch Audio Input Settings

The Vizio TV has multiple audio modes like PCM, Surround Sound, Stereo, etc. If suddenly one of those formats becomes off-kilter, you may need to adjust them manually or set the TV’s audio output to PCM.

Audio Input Vizio TV
Audio Input Vizio TV

Note: Even if they are set correctly, try switching between different modes and finally saving in the correct sound mode. This will remove any glitches and produce well-synchronized sound.

Adjust Low Latency Mode

Your latency happens when the TV takes time to process the image and audio which passes through several circuits before being displayed on the screen or coming out of the speakers. This can result in a lag between what is shown and what is heard on your TV.

As a result of low latency, the hardware capabilities are adjusted in such a way that the picture becomes smooth and won’t use the highest acceleration leaving room for the sound to be adjusted appropriately. Your best bet is to turn off low latency.

Update TV Firmware

You should always manually update your TV if you experience such issues due to an incompatibility with software updates or a bad update released by the company.

Wrapping It Up

While it is annoying when watching a TV show and suddenly finding that the picture and sound aren’t synchronizing, it happens to all of us and all smart TVs are prone to audio sync issues.

Vizio Audio outputs

To quickly wrap this up for you, here are the steps you need to take when you hear the sound going out of sync on your Vizio TV:

  • Reboot TV
  • Switch HDMI Port
  • Turn off Game Mode or Low Latency Mode
  • Switch Audio Inputs
  • Update TV Firmware