Panasonic TV HDMI Port Not Working? 3 Quick Fix!!

Is there a problem with the HDMI inputs on your Panasonic Viera or Plasma TV, are you unsure of how to fix it?

It doesn’t matter whether you have got an old Panasonic TV or you have a newer Panasonic Plasma or Viera, this is quite a common issue I have also encountered with my Panasonic Plasma TV and I will explain how you can resolve this issue yourself by using this guide.

There are several ports mounted on the back of Panasonic TV models, including the HDMI port.

In HDMI ports, HDMI cables can be connected between the TV and any connected device. These cables can carry both audio and video signals.

Additionally, Panasonic TVs can sometimes have HDMI ports that are loose or do not work. I have outlined a few methods that can be used to fix these issues.

Instead of just jumping straight to fixing your Panasonic TV’s HDMI Input issue, first, make sure that you’re following the correct procedure for connecting your device.

How To Connect HDMI To Panasonic TV?

You must make sure that you connect your PlayStation 5, Laptop, Xbox, or any other device via HDMI cable to the HDMI inputs of your Panasonic TV in the correct manner.

Plasma and Viera high-definition television monitors by Panasonic support HDMI connections from any HDMI-equipped source.

The HDMI cable interface is designed to carry a full audio signal, in addition to a full high-definition video signal, from a variety of output devices, including DVD and Blu-ray players, DVR boxes, game consoles, and computer systems.

An HDMI cable is required to connect an HDMI device to the HDMI input on a Panasonic television.

Steps to connect HDMI Input to Panasonic TV:

  1. Using an HDMI cable, connect the HDMI output of a device, such as a Blu-Ray player, to one of the Panasonic TV’s HDMI inputs.
  2. Turn on your Panasonic TV.
  3. Select the proper HDMI input source with the remote control. These are often labeled “HDMI1,” “HDMI2,” and “HDMI3.”
  4. Once the external HDMI device has been powered on, its output signal will appear on the Panasonic TV after a few seconds.

Through the above steps you can connect HDMI to your Panasonic TV, further, you will find out what to do if your Panasonic TV doesn’t support HDMI and how to add HDMI input ports manually on your TV.

Why Is the Panasonic TV HDMI Port Not Working and How to fix it?

Ensure that other devices can be used by connecting them with Panasonic HDMI ports, this will allow you to determine if the Panasonic HDMI port is having an issue or if the other device has a problem.

If, however, you don’t get a picture when you connect your laptop to Panasonic via HDMI, then the problem might be with the configuration settings, because if the laptop’s screen resolution exceeds 1280 x 768, then you won’t get a picture.

HDMI Ports
HDMI Ports (Image Credit: Unsplash Backpack Studio)

The HDMI Ports on your Panasonic TV aren’t working either because the ports are damaged or loose. You can either repair the particular port or replace the HDMI Port to solve the problem.

In the guide below, I cover different ways by which you can fix a loose HDMI port, fix a broken HDMI port, and add an HDMI port manually to your Panasonic TV.

How to Fix a Loose HDMI Port on Panasonic TV

If your Panasonic TV’s HDMI port is frequently used, as a result of larger and smaller HDMI cables being attached to the ports, Its HDMI ports may loosen up.

On the TV’s motherboard, almost all ports are mounted in a common way.

By using a simple screwdriver, it is possible to tighten the HDMI port back to factory settings without damaging the cable or the internal components.

To fix loose HDMI ports on your Panasonic television, follow these steps:

  • Orient the fitted HDMI TV so that its screen faces away from you.
  • Unplug the HDMI cable from the TV’s HDMI port if it is plugged into it.
  • There is a small Phillips screw mounted above or beneath the HDMI port.
  • You should tighten the screw by rotating it in a clockwise direction.

The HDMI cable can be connected to your Panasonic TV successfully after the screw has been tightened, and the connection works perfectly.

How to repair broken HDMI TV ports on Panasonic TVs?

Despite the fact that a damaged HDMI port can be repaired, the process is usually difficult. Experience is needed when soldering small connections.

It would be better if you had your TV fixed or replaced by the manufacturer if it is still under warranty.

An HDMI splitter lets you connect multiple inputs to a single HDMI port on the Panasonic TV if the TV has multiple HDMI ports.

Nevertheless, if one is comfortable with soldering, it is possible to fix a damaged HDMI TV port.

Since the fault involves the connector instead of the circuit board onto which the HDMI port is attached, the HDMI port is not at fault.

Here are steps on how to fix broken HDMI TV ports:

  1. If working on a Plasma TV, place it in an upright position on a solid surface. Unmount your Panasonic TV and place it on a solid surface.
  2. Take off the Television’s outer casing.
  3. You should not rush when opening the television casing if you have a Panasonic TV Viera model, as the casing may be attached with screws. Locate the screws and unscrew them to remove the casing.
  4. Take a close look at the broken HDMI port. The HDMI port and its corresponding circuit board should be examined for any faults.
  5. In the event that there are no breaks in the circuits, a continuity tester can be used.
  6. There are numerous pins mounted on the HDMI port, though not all of them are connected to circuits in the Panasonic TV.
  7. Ensure all broken connections on the port are re-soldered, and if only one or two solder points need to be re-solder, replace the original plug.
  8. If the port is severely defective, de-solder the HDMI port. Be sure to identify all the connections on the board.
  9. Remove the faulty HDMI TV port by heating up the connection points, followed by using a desoldering pump to remove the melted solder.
  10. In the final step, solder the new TV port to the motherboard. Make sure the pins match up.

How to add an HDMI port to a Panasonic TV

HDMI ports allow users to connect their television to high-definition devices, such as Blu-ray players and gaming consoles.

If your Panasonic TV does not have an HDMI port or you wish to replace and add another one manually, you can purchase an HDMI adapter that will allow you to connect your devices.

Note: Ensure the TV’s video card has been updated to add an HDMI port.

Steps to Add HDMI Port manually on Panasonic TV:

  • Remove all screws from your TV to remove its outer case.
  • The box would glide off pretty quickly to reveal the TV’s motherboard and various other components.
  • With VGA ports, you can connect low-end video cards that create analog signals for your display. HDMI transmits high-definition signals to your TV.
  • Place your new HDMI video card in an available PCI slot.
  • Once the new card is detected on your Panasonic TV, slide the case back on and secure all the removed screws.
  • Install your video card application when the new card is detected.

That’s how you can manually add or replace the HDMI card on your Panasonic TV.

Wrapping It Up

The HDMI input or port issue on your Panasonic TV should now be resolved, and if you encounter any other issues, please let me know in the comments.