LG TV Volume Keeps Changing By Itself? (Real Quick Fix!)

Does your LG TV volume change by itself, goes up to 100, or go down automatically, and wondering how to fix it?

Most of the time the volume on your LG TV keeps changing or getting stuck due to remote issues with either the volume button getting stuck or glitching, which requires both the TV and remote to be reset.

Other times it could just be a hardware problem or a problem related to the internal board, but that happens rarely and I did take a look at my TV board and realized everything is fine there and later found it was a problem with the remote.

In this guide, I will help you find a quick and easy fix, and by the end of this article, your issue will be resolved.

On the LG TV remote, if either two buttons are pressed and they get stuck, the TV and remote instructions are glitched so that the volume either goes to 100 on its own or goes up and down by itself.

If you simply do a reset of your LG TV remote and TV, and after that switch the TV manually, you will be able to use the remote again with no automatic volume changes.

Why Does My LG TV Volume Keeps Changing By Itself?

Even though it’s AI’s era and things often work on their own, the constant volume change makes us wonder, does my TV even know how to change volume by itself, and does it have a brain of its own?

Obviously, it’s not doing it to provide us with an improved experience, and if you think it’s detecting surround sound and adjusting itself accordingly, then you’re wrong.

Here are some reasons why your LG TV volume may go up and down:

  • Buttons on Remote are stuck
  • Issue is with Remote Control
  • TV’s software settings have been glitched
  • The Remote and TV’s instructions has been conflicted

Nevertheless, I have considered all possible scenarios, and the methods below will help you to fix the problem independently.

How to Fix and What to do when LG TV Volume Keeps Going Up and Down On Its Own?

Basically, the LG TV volume issue is not a major problem that requires technical assistance and can be fixed at home, but you still need to find out what the reason is, and with these issues, I always do my best to square off the irrelevant possibilities one by one.

LG TV Volume Changing Automatically
LG TV Volume Changing Automatically

I would suggest going through the following steps one by one carefully and you will understand what caused the issue, how you can resolve it, and prevent it in the future

  1. Inspect Remote Buttons
  2. Check TV Audio Settings
  3. Check TV Panel Buttons
  4. Soft Reset Remote
  5. Power Cycle TV

Check Remote Buttons

One reason your LG TV’s volume keeps going up and down could be that the remote’s volume buttons have been stuck.

Sometimes, they may appear fine when you look at them but you need to manually press each one and check that all of them are getting pressed and working as they should.

If the button or volume button does not seem to be pressing, this is because they are already pressed and are stuck over there. You must unpress them manually.

Check TV Audio Settings

Alternatively, if the remote buttons work properly, your TV’s audio settings might be set to Auto Adjustment and you need to check them to ensure they are set up correctly.

LG TVs have some of the best audio tweaking settings, and they have multiple options depending on the external audio device being connected or by detecting the content currently playing and automatically adjusting the volume accordingly.

If you navigate to the audio settings option, you will be able to see if Auto Volume Adjust is on and if it is, you must manually turn it off.

Check TV Panel Buttons

The chance of this happening varies, depending on your LG TV model. For example, some LG TVs have a “joystick” button on the bottom, which can get stuck or malfunction, thus changing the volume itself or always turning it up to 100.

LG TV Bottom Knob / Joystick Button
LG TV Bottom Knob / Joystick Button

It is necessary to inspect the panel buttons in this case, or if your LG TV has that type of button, make sure it is functioning properly and not stuck.

In the case that you have an issue with the knob on the LG TV, I have added a very good video at the end of this guide which will show you how to fix it.

Soft Reset Remote

It is possible that the remote is conflicting with the TV because of either low batteries or internal issues resulting in an automatic volume change, which can be resolved by resetting the remote and replacing the batteries.

In addition to replacing and adding new batteries, you must reset it as well. The following steps will walk you through doing that.

  1. Remove Batteries from Remote
  2. After that, press each key on your remote one by one
  3. Lastly put new batteries and try to operate it

Once this is completed, Do a restart and re-plug your TV to see if the volume is still changing or if it is maxed out.

Power Cycle TV

It’s possible that the remote issue has been resolved already, but the TV’s internal settings might be conflicting, which will be resolved by performing a power cycle and clearing the TV of any stored changes.

This can be done by removing the power cable from your TV and pressing the power on/off button for 10-15 seconds while it is turned off, then replugging it after 4-5 minutes.

After the soft reset is complete, you will be able to use your TV normally and the volume won’t continually fluctuate.

Final Thoughts

This LG TV issue of changing volume by itself and maximizing it to 100 without any instructions is quite strange and it has been experienced by numerous LG TV users and I have shared the complete details concerning why this happens and what can be done to fix it easily at home.

To wrap it up, here’s what you need to do when your LG TV volume goes up and down on its own:

  1. Inspect Remote and TV buttons
  2. Check TV Audio Auto Audio Adjustment Settings
  3. Soft Reset Remote and Replace Batteries
  4. Power Cycle TV and perform a Reset

It happened to me when I was using my LG CX TV, and I fixed it by following the steps listed above. If you encounter any problems, please let me know in the comments.