LG TV Menu Keeps Popping Up? Here’s Quick Fix!!

Is your LG TV’s menu constantly popping up? You hadn’t made any changes, but out of the blue, they started appearing on your screen and remained for several minutes. Want to get that sorted out?

It becomes quite annoying when the menu pops up after a few minutes of use and shouldn’t happen in the first place, and if it did, it should be fixed fairly easily.

My LG CX TV had this problem and I do remember I had not made any kind of changes to settings or got any manual updates, but Menu kept popping up until I made minor tweaks to resolve the problem and the steps in this guide will help you to resolve this problem.

A feature on your LG TV, such as ‘Store Demo’, ‘Home Auto Launch’, or ‘Simplink’, results in the unwanted pop-up of menu options. In order to fix this problem, you need to disable these features and then perform a soft reset of your TV.

You are not alone if you are experiencing pop-ups while watching anything on your LG TV, as many LG TV users have reported the same issue.

Moreover, it is not limited to the normal Menu Popup, but several other options such as the Input Menu, Select Menu, App Menu, Side Menu, and Home Menu also keep popping up automatically.

In this guide, you will learn why this issue happens on LG TVs and how you can get it fixed easily by following the steps in the guide.

Why does the LG TV Menu Keep Popping Up?

Smart televisions have many features that automatically take care of most things for us, but when some of those features malfunction, it turns out to be an unpleasant experience rather than convenient.

There are few LG TV options like “Home Auto Launch Mode”, “Simplink”, and “Store Mode” that are present with automated features, when they are enabled, they cause the LG TV menu to keep popping up.

As well as the normal menu, they also trigger other menus such as Home Menu, App Menu, Select Menu, Input Menu, etc regardless of the model of LG TV, as the problem has been reported on both UHD and LED TVs of LG.

Here are the main reasons why LG Smart TVs Menu Keeps Popping Up:

  • Simplink feature is enabled
  • Store Mode option is active
  • Home Auto Launch Mode is active
  • Settings Glitch

How To Prevent LG TV Menu Pop Ups?

You can disable an LG TV’s unwanted menu pop-ups through the following methods

  • Turn Off Store Mode
  • Disable Home Auto Launch Mode
  • Deactivate Simplink
  • Update Your Smart TV

Turn Off Store Mode

If your LG TV has ‘Store Demo’ mode on, this could be the cause of your problem. It is a very frustrating experience to turn on your LG TV and see the menu pop up.

The LG TV, when used in store displays, cycles through different features in a purely passive manner without requiring any user interaction.

Your LG TV menu may keep popping up when it is in the ‘Store Demo’ mode, which is meant for TVs displayed in electronic stores to enable customer interaction.

If you want to fix this issue, you will need to change the settings from ‘Store Demo’ to ‘Home’ mode.

Using the settings on your remote, you can solve this problem:

  • Go to the ‘Options’ section.
  • To set the mode, press ‘Mode Setting.’
  • Switch the mode from ‘Store Demo’ to ‘Home Mode’.

On your LG TV, you can instead select this option directly from the Home screen by navigating into general settings and then selecting the mode you want.

Disable Home Auto Launch Mode

Many LG TV owners complain that when they turn on the TV, the LG Home menu doesn’t allow them to select a channel or input.

This indicates that ‘Home Auto Launch’ has been activated and needs to be disabled.

This feature is intended to launch TVs in businesses and public spaces.

Instead of turning off when the TV is turned off, this feature goes into sleep until it is needed again.

In other words, if you are watching television at home, the LG Home Screen or Home Menu will still show up every time you turn on the smart TV.

The easiest way to fix this issue is to turn off the setting entirely.

  • Click on ‘Settings.’ Select ‘All Settings.’ Scroll down to ‘General.’
  • Go to ‘Home Settings’ and select ‘Additional Settings.’
  • To turn off Home Auto Launch, scroll down and select ‘Off’.

If you follow these steps, you can access your television without having the home screen appear every time you turn it on.

Simplink is LG TV’s CEC feature that makes it possible to control the TV remotely with another remote control. While this is quite helpful, the fact that it has caused many glitches and strange behavior of the TV has been reported.

It could be the cause of unwanted Menu popups on your LG TV, so if you disable it, Menu options won’t appear automatically.

Update TV

Your LG TV may need an update! If this occurs, rest assured that updating will be quick and simple.

A notification will automatically appear on your Home menu if an update is available for your television.

It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes for your system to completely reboot after following these steps.

  • Click on ‘Settings’ and select ‘System Update’.
  • By selecting ‘Yes’, the process of updating will begin (20 minutes or less).

Every six months, system updates are usually prompted or required.

Your TV software needs to be regularly updated for everything to run smoothly and be bug-free, just like your phone or computer.

Wrapping It Up

I have also faced unwanted pop-ups when turning on my LG TV and watching something on it, but they are not a serious concern and can be easily fixed by tweaking the settings.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing any type of Menu Popup on your LG TV, such as the Settings Menu, Home Menu, Input Menu, Bottom or Sidebar Menu, it can be sorted easily by following the above guide and here is what you can do to prevent it happening again.

  • Turn Off Home Auto Launch Mode
  • Disable Store Mode
  • Deactivate the Simplink Feature
  • Update the TV