LG TV Yellow Looks Green? (Here’s Why And How To Fix)

Do you have an issue with the color display on your LG TV? Does it make bright yellows appear to be more of a green hue than usual?

Numerous LG TV users have reported the same issue, when they attempt to watch shows or play games, the yellow color looks more like green, this has caused frustration for many, including myself with my LG OLED TV.

When I faced it with my TV the yellows were supposed to appear normal, they were instead displaying as a “greenish yellow”. I attempted to adjust the contrast in order to fix it, but it just made the screen too dark.

The problem was most noticeable with bright yellows like in the Simpsons, and it’s strange that the TV will automatically adjust to the normal yellow after a few minutes. The problem is present in all picture modes, whether you watch TV or play games on PlayStation 5 or Xbox, and it’s most noticeable in game mode with HDR enabled.

When this happens, Basically all light sources like lanterns, fire, and the sun in my games have a slight green tint to them. Any colors that are based on white appear to go through a green filter when viewed on an LG Oled TV.

Why Does Yellow Look Greenish On My LG TV?

It is quite common for LG OLED TVs to have a green hue on pictures near the center of the screen due to red pixels darkening over time as they are used. This occurs with any type of TV and can be caused by age, environmental factors such as UV rays, or even incorrect settings which are rare.

However, if you notice this happening specifically with your LG OLED TV then it’s likely because the red pixels at that location have been darkened due to use.

How to identify if your LG Oled TV is displaying a yellow tint?

If you wish to be sure whether the issue became permanent and cause of concern, you can download a plain yellow picture and open it on your TV, if it gives green tints on any part of the screen, it means it’s concerning.

Here’s how it will appear if you see a completely yellow picture on your LG TV affected by this issue:

Yellow Appearing Greenish On LG TV
Yellow Appearing Greenish On LG TV

How To Fix LG TV Yellow Turns Green Tint Issue?

If you are experiencing a yellowish-green tint on your LG Oled TV, don’t waste any time trying to fix the issue by playing color combination on YouTube because it’s not a minor pixel issue that can be recalibrated.

Instead, focus on getting a warranty repair from your manufacturer as this is usually the best way to address such issues because it’s related to the backlit panel of your TV.

If you are looking to reduce the yellow-green tint of your LG OLED TV, and you don’t have any warranty coverage left, then tweaking the color settings may help minimize it until you get a new one.

Below I will provide settings on how to best adjust so that it doesn’t bother you as much.

Note: Depending on your model LG TV, this process could be slightly different, but the basics should still remain relatively similar for most models.

Here’s how:

  • Color Temperature > Select Cool to reduce Reds
  • Color > Increase Warmth
  • Tint > Reduce Green to Red balance


So, to sum up, it’s undoubtedly not a good experience to see yellows appear more “greenish yellow” than they should. Moreover, as it’s mostly due to hardware issues even if you change picture modes it can minimize but won’t fix it completely, and still can be quite noticeable in bright yellows like in the Simpsons.

Apart from faulty backlit panels, It’s possible that this issue could be caused by a malfunctioning color sensor or a software glitch in the TV’s settings.

Apart from firmware updates to get rid of any incorrect settings and glitches, To fix this issue, you can try changing the color temperature to cool for more natural colors.

Additionally, increase the overall color level and reduce tint until you achieve a more balanced picture with accurate yellows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tips for reducing the appearance of green on an LG Oled TV?

Try changing the color temperature to cool for more natural colors. Increase the overall color level and reduce tint until a more balanced picture with accurate yellows is achieved.

How color accuracy and temperature can affect the display of yellow on an LG Oled TV?

Adjusting the color to “cool” will lower the number of reds on the TV display, making the yellow look more like normal instead of green tint.

How to adjust the picture settings on an LG Oled TV to improve color accuracy and brightness?

To adjust the picture settings on your LG TV you can navigate to Menu > Settings > More > Picture and from there you can tweak as per your preference.