LG TV Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting? 6 Simple Fixes!

LG TV Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting

In a smart TV, there is one of the more useful and convenient features that people tend to use a lot and that is having a stable and working Bluetooth connection. All of us regularly pair Bluetooth devices such as an external soundbar, headphones, or AirPods with our TVs, but what if they keep disconnecting … Read more

LG TV Unknown Device Disconnected? 3 Ways To Solve!

LG TV Unknown Device Disconnected

Do you see the annoying pop-up saying “Unknown device disconnected” on your LG TV? Does it keep appearing randomly and going back automatically? You have come to the right place, there are numerous LG TV users who have faced this issue, and I was also in the same position a few months back. Don’t worry, … Read more

LG OLED Dolby Vision Flickering? 5 Ways to Fix!

LG TV Dolby Vision Flickering Screen

Are you trying to watch your favorite shows on your LG OLED TV, but suddenly noticed the flickering which got your attention and wishes to know why it happened and what needs to be done to fix it? When we notice something, it will be very easy for us to notice it again. The same … Read more

LG C1 Optical Audio Out Not Working? 5 Proven Ways To Fix!

LG C1 TV Optical Out Audio Not Working

Are you having trouble getting your LG C1 TV to work with Optical cable? Have you tried different methods but still cannot get the Audio to work? Well, you’re not the only one who has experienced this issue with their LG C1 series TV, there are many other users who have experienced this issue as … Read more

LG TV Blue Tint Screen? Try These Quick Fixes!!

LG TV Blue Tint On Screen

Have you been experiencing a blue tint on your LG TV display? Does the blue tint affect your viewing experience? On my older LG LED TV model, I noticed a blue tint in the corner and all over the screen. This problem is more common on LED TVs released before 2019.  While troubleshooting my LG … Read more

LG TV Keeps Changing Picture Settings, Mode? Easy Fix!!

LG TV Keep Changing Picture Settings Fix Guide

Are your LG TV’s picture settings and other settings reverting back to default, despite saving them? In case this happens to you, you are not alone as numerous LG TV users have experienced this problem, and it occurs on all LG TV models running on web OS, whether they are CX, C1, OLED, or any … Read more

LG TV Bluetooth Service Needs To Be Initialized Issue? Here Try It!

LG TV bluetooth Service Needs To Be Initialised Issue Fix

LG TV remotes, including the magic remote, require Bluetooth services in order to work, but what if the Bluetooth services don’t work and you are constantly prompted by “Bluetooth service needs to be initialized” error messages? Undoubtedly, If the Bluetooth services on your LG TV cease to function, you will be unable to use the … Read more

LG TV Unable To Load User Agreement? 5 Quick Ways To Fix!

LG TV Unable To Load User Agreement

Does your LG TV display “unable to load user agreement” even though the internet is already connected and working? Is this preventing you from using apps like Vudu, Youtube, Netflix, etc? You are not alone if you are getting this strange error on your LG TV, as I, along with many other LG TV users, … Read more

LG OLED CX Turns Off Randomly? Here’s a Quick Fix!

LG TV turning off randomly

Imagine being happy to receive a TV that supports all applications and can be used for gaming with an Xbox or Playstation connected. However, when it starts acting up and doing weird things like automatically turning off, the excitement doesn’t last long.  Many LG OLED CX users have reported the issue in the past, which … Read more

LG TV Could Not Establish Connection to Access Point? Wifi Fix!!

LG TV Couldn't Establish Connection to Access Point Helpful Guide

Are you struggling to get your LG TV connected to the internet and it’s constantly showing the error message “Could not establish a connection to the access point”? It is among the most frustrating issues we encounter, as all other devices work OK, the internet works too, and the wireless router works as well. However, … Read more