LG TV Blue Tint Screen? Try These Quick Fixes!!

Have you been experiencing a blue tint on your LG TV display? Does the blue tint affect your viewing experience?

On my older LG LED TV model, I noticed a blue tint in the corner and all over the screen. This problem is more common on LED TVs released before 2019. 

While troubleshooting my LG smart TV, I found hundreds of LG TV owners complaining about blue tints all over the screen and in the corner. If your LG TV has a bluish tint as shown below, it is likely due to a defective backlight LED array.

Blue tint on LG TV
Blue tint on LG TV

Moreover, this problem is common on models of LG, Sony, Philips, Hisense, and Vizio TVs that use V17 ART3 LED strips.

In addition to televisions, blue tints can also be seen on computer monitors, tablets, and smartphones.

In my case, Since I’ve owned my LG 43UF640V 43″ 2018 model smart TV for two years, I’ve noticed the picture colour is fading and everything looks blueish purple.

To verify that it’s caused by my TV’s connected input, I tried and saw the same issue when I used my sky box, DVD player, Netflix, and YouTube apps.

Why Does My LG TV Screen Have Blue Tint?

LED strips manufactured by a company named Vestel are used by LG and other OEMs.

I understand, but what does this have to do with the blue tint on my LG Smart TV?

Let’s take a look.

Vestel LED TV Strips Which Are Used In LG TV
Vestel LED TV Strips

In LED backlights manufactured by Vestel, a company that manufactures substandard TVs and supplies parts to other manufacturers, there is a blue LED phenomenon. 

As soon as Vestel LEDs begin to age, they turn blue, then blow (It’s unlikely you’ll ever see Vestel LEDs blow because you’ll be so sick of watching a blue TV, you’ll have done something about it before this happens.)

Nevertheless, you have an option. The consumer rights act 2015 stipulates that the TV must remain fit for purpose for at least 6 years after the date of purchase. If it does not, the company that sold it to you is responsible for fixing it.

Reasons behind Blue Tint Screen on LG TV

Basically, there are two reasons which lead to this bluish tint on your LG smart TVs display:

  1. If the backlight blue LEDs have a manufacturing defect, you could see a blue tint on your TV screen. If this happens, you would need to replace the backlight.
  1. The final and most common cause of the blue tint is the picture and display settings. You can adjust the brightness, colour, and hue in those display settings to restore a normal picture display.

How To Fix Blue Tint On LG TV Screen?

In many cases, the blue tint in the picture is caused by the TV’s display settings. This can easily be resolved at home by changing the backlight, colour adjustment, and hue.

Below, I have mentioned multiple methods which can solve the issue of the Blue Tint display on your LG TV.

Method #1

LG TV Blue Light Filter Settings

A glitched blue light filter may cause the blue tint you are seeing on your LG Smart TV. You can enable the Eye Comfort Mode by switching to the picture settings on your TV.

Here’s how to enable the blue filter:

  1. On your remote control, press “home” to open the “settings”
  2. Choose “Picture and Display”
  3. Navigate to “picture adjustment” using the up/down button.
  4. This option allows you to remove the blue tint by adjusting the settings.
  5. To enable the blue filter on your LG TV, click on Eye Comfort Mode.
Reducing Blue Light LG TV
Reducing Blue Light LG TV

As soon as you do this, you will be able to see a noticeable difference on your TV screen.

In case this doesn’t work, let’s move on to the next method.

Method #2

Reducing Blue Color With Color Temperature Settings LG TV

Alternatively, you can apply a blue light filter to LG TV screens by adjusting the colour temperature value under picture settings.

  1. Launch the LG TV settings and select “Picture”.
  2. Click on “Colour Temperature” in the “Picture Mode Settings.”.
  3. Set your desired colour temperature by dragging the “Colour Temperature” slider to the left.
  4. As you drag it left, the blue light tint will disappear.

Method #3

LG TV Color Mode Settings
LG TV Picture Mode Settings

Third, you can remove the blue light tint from your LG TV by changing the picture mode. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. On your LG TV, select “All Settings” > “Picture”.
  2. Select “Picture Mode Settings” > “Picture Mode” and click it.
  3. From the list of picture modes, select “Cinema” or “Cinema Home”.

Method #4

We need to try Cold Boot as well, which is the fourth method. 

Sometimes the blue tint on your LG TV is caused by minor glitches and improperly connected cables. In those cases, cold booting the TV and replugging all cables tightly will resolve the issue.

  1. Disconnect the TV set from the power source
  2. Press and hold the power button on the TV itself (not the remote) for 10 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the set, and make sure the TV’s power cord is also connected tightly.
  4. Check if the set powers up and displays normally by pressing the power button once.

Follow this procedure up to two times, and then check to see if the blue tint has been removed.

Note: The blue tint would most likely be internal if it occurs on all sources, and also if it continues after a reboot since no settings/adjustments would cause this on all sources.

In this case, the mainboard has a fault, and it typically costs $250 to repair.

As Your LG TV won’t be able to be fixed using the solutions above. You will need to have the backlight LED array replaced in order to fix the blue tint issue.

How To Reset LG TV Colour To Default? 

There are a few basic steps that you can follow to reset your TV if you encounter improper colour or picture settings on your LG TV screen:

  • You can reset the audio and video (AV) levels to their original values (factory values). The values may have been set in an unintentional manner.
  • On the TV’s remote control, press the “MUTE” button three times continuously to bring up the AV resetting page.
  • When a pop-up window appears, click the OK button on the remote to reset the AV.
  • The TV’s picture and sound settings have now been reset to default values.
  • Now, Your TV’s Picture & Sound setting menu will allow you to select the desired values for each setting.
  • A change to this AV setting will only affect the picture and sound settings, and not any other user settings.


In most cases, it happens on LG smart TVs, which use parts manufactured by Vestel and have a high likelihood of getting a blue tint around the corner or anywhere on the TV display when watching something. It negatively impacts viewing experiences.

Hope the above guide helped you understand why you are getting blue tints on your LG TV and what you can do to fix them.


Why does my LG TV screen have a blue colour tint in the corner?

In case you have a tint on a corner of your LG TV or on a specific part of the TV, this is most likely due to an issue with the backlight of your LG TV, which should be addressed by an official LG support technician.

How to get rid of the blue tint on my LG TV screen?

It is possible for you to tweak the picture settings on your LG TV, reset them, and enable the blue light filter to be able to get rid of the blue tint immediately if you see it on the whole screen.

How to adjust the blue tint on LG Smart TV?

You can easily adjust the blue tint on your LG TV through picture settings and a blue light filter. 
It can be enabled by navigating to the picture settings and turning on the “Blue light filter” option. Using this filter, LG TVs have the ability to adjust the picture and prevent the screen from appearing blue.

What is the blue light filter on LG TV?

You can reduce harmful blue light emissions on your 4K (UHD) or 8K smart TV by switching to the Eye Comfort Mode on your LG TV. This feature is available on LED, OLED, and Nano Cell displays.
Smart TVs from LG come with this Blue Light Filters or Eye Comfort Modes that reduce eye strain associated with digital screens and reduce blue tint.