LG TV Could Not Establish Connection to Access Point? Wifi Fix!!

Are you struggling to get your LG TV connected to the internet and it’s constantly showing the error message “Could not establish a connection to the access point”?

It is among the most frustrating issues we encounter, as all other devices work OK, the internet works too, and the wireless router works as well. However, our TV cannot establish a proper and stable connection with the router and gives this error.

In addition to myself, there are numerous other users who have encountered this issue. Although this is directly related to the connection between the Wifi router and the TV, most users have encountered it when they have AT&T internet service.

Could not establish connection to access point Error On LG TV

Consequently, if your LG TV is not connecting to the WiFi router with the error “Could not establish a connection to access point”, it is due to an incompatible or unstable Wi-Fi frequency. 

It can be easily sorted using different methods, such as

  • Rebooting the wifi router 
  • Changing Wifi frequency 
  • Resetting TV and Wifi router
  • Connecting Via the WPS button on the router
  • Connecting TV to 2.4 GHz frequency instead of 5.0 GHz

Important: In this guide, we will only discuss issues with LG TV that arise when it is connected to wireless networks, and not with wired connections.

Why Does My LG TV Unable To Connect To Network?

In general, there are several reasons why your LG TV is having trouble connecting to your WiFi router, including frequency conflict, incorrect or incompatible WiFi frequency settings, etc.

Luckily, By tweaking a few settings on your router, you can fix all the problems you encounter when connecting your LG TV to the wifi network.

Listed below are all possible reasons why your LG TV’s wireless connection has a connection issue:

  • Incompatible wifi frequency 
  • Conflict in Wifi router
  • Intermittent Wifi connection
  • Internal settings conflict on the LG TV, etc

Additionally, regardless of the situation you find yourself in, there are always different methods to fix it, so if you find yourself having any of the following issues:

  • Unable to connect to the network
  • Could not establish the connection to the access point
  • Not connecting to wifi after reset
  • Not finding Wifi name
  • Keeps disconnecting from wifi

In this guide, I’ve got you covered and you can get rid of your WiFi issues hassle-free by following the different methods mentioned below.

How Do I Fix My LG TV Not Connecting To Wifi Issue?

The potential culprits for LG TV not connecting to WiFi need to be checked off one by one in order to find the problem.

Sometimes WiFi connectivity problems can be resolved by rebooting either your TV or router, but occasionally they can be caused by Internet provider issues, and very rarely, they can be caused by hardware faults in your home network or TV.

Note: It is important to double-check that the network name and password are correct when connecting for the first time to your wifi.

Reboot Wifi Router

Firstly, Reboot your router to see if it works. 

In the event a router is left running for long periods of time, it can develop frequency conflict issues over time.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple power cycle to get things back on track. As that clears all temporarily stored data, assigns a new IP address and the router adjusts itself to different and better wifi channels.

Also, Make sure all other devices in your home are connected and working with WiFi networks before you begin tinkering with your TV. 

It is unlikely that your television is the cause of the problem if nothing is connecting to the wifi.

In that case:

  1. Turn off the router by unplugging it.
  2. Please wait one minute before proceeding.
  3. Reconnect the power cord.
  4. Connect to the wifi router after all lights become stable.

Connect Using WPS

LG TV WPS Wifi Connection
LG TV WPS Connect Option

Whenever one of my devices fails to connect to my WiFi, this is quite a good and best alternative which I always use.

Connecting any TV to WiFi requires entering the network name and password. Let’s try a different method now which is WPS. 

Here are the instructions:

  1. First, WPS should be enabled on your router by pressing the WPS button.
  2. Click on the LG TV’s ‘All Settings’ button.
  3. Click on ‘Network’ to open the settings.
  4. Then click the WPS option and enter your WPS password if it asks.

Split SSID (Change Wifi Frequency)

A second tip is to set up two separate wireless networks, one for 2G and one for 5G. Log in to the AT&T configuration page if you have any other internet provider or using your own third-party router. 

There, Create two separate networks for 2.4G and 5G. Select one of the connections and connect your LG TV to it.

Note: It would be better to connect it with 2.4 GHz as that provides a more stable connection.

Guest Network

Alternatively, you can set up a guest Wifi network and connect your LG TV to this. 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Launch Google or your preferred browser and look at the address bar. Simply type or and then press Enter or Return.
  2. Click ‘Advanced’ in your router’s admin panel to access settings.
  3. Choose ‘Multiple SSID’ from the Wireless menu.
  4. The next step is to set up the guest WiFi network. Give the network a name.
  5. You are now ready to connect your LG TV to the guest network.

Hard Reset Wifi Router 

Using this solution, you can refresh the modem by clearing its temporary stored configuration files.

  1. All devices should be disconnected from your Wifi router. Ensure that it is unplugged from the power source. 
  2. Switch back the router after one minute.
  3. After that, Once you have found the reset button, press it for a few seconds until the router comes on. 
  4. Reconnect your TV to the Wifi now. 

I hope this will resolve the connectivity issue for the access point and if it doesn’t continue to the next step.

Reset TV

There is a possibility that your LG TV is causing the issue. 

The first thing we should do is perform a soft reset.

  1. Disconnect your TV from the power outlet and turn it off.
  2. Once the power cord is plugged in, wait a few moments.
  3. Now, to turn your LG TV on, press the power button.

You can reset your LG TV by hard resetting it or performing a factory reset. This will restore all the default settings, delete all the data, and eradicate malware from your device. 

Here are the instructions:

  1. On your LG TV, go to Settings and then to ‘All settings’.
  2. Select ‘Support’ from the menu.
  3. The next step is to scroll down to the ‘General’ section and find the ‘Reset to initial settings’ button.
  4. Proceed to the next step after confirming the reset.
  5. Lastly, Reconnect your LG TV to Wifi now.
LG TV Wifi Settings


When it comes to establishing a stable wireless connection with a WiFi router, TVs are among the most vulnerable devices.

Our TVs face such issues from time to time, and LG TVs are also not immune from it and may have issues where they are unable to connect to Wifi routers, and may display error messages such as “could not establish the connection to access point”.

I have provided all proven methods in the above guide for your convenience.

To conclude the above guide, here’s what you can do when you face an issue while connecting your LG TV to wifi router:

  • Turn your TV off and on again
  • Check if a guest network works by creating one, giving it a password, and seeing if it works
  • Reboot your router
  • You can unplug the modem for 30 seconds and then plug it back in
  • There is a possibility that your WiFi module is faulty if all else fails

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Connect LG Smart TV to WiFi?

You can connect your LG TV to your WiFi network by powering up your TV, then press the Smart, Menu, or Settings button, depending on your remote.
Hit the “Start Connection” button under the Network submenu.
As soon as you click this button, your TV should start searching for WiFi networks automatically.
You should be prompted for a password if everything is working.

How to Reset WiFi on LG Smart TV?

Resetting the WiFi on your LG Smart TV is as simple as shutting down the device.
To make sure the TV has properly powered down, disconnect the power supply and leave it for a minute or two.

How To Fix  LG Smart TV WiFi Won’t Turn on Issue?

Rebooting your LG TV usually fixes issues with WiFi that doesn’t enable on your LG TV, however, in some cases, you may need to shut it down and restart it.
There is a good chance that you are looking at a faulty WiFi module if neither of those things works.