Dynamic Tone Mapping Not Showing Up on LG TV? (Get It Back)

Is HDR Tone Mapping missing on your LG TVs menu, you have tried multiple times but still the Dynamic Tone Mapping is not showing up.

Don’t worry, you are not alone, I was also feeling bad that my LG C1 TV’s Dynamic Tone Mapping (DTM) feature wasn’t showing up.

As you all are aware, it’s a vital feature for getting the most out of the viewing experience, especially with HDR content.

Later, after researching it and implementing multiple changes to my LG TV, I solved it and got back the Dynamic Tone Mapping option on my TV.

It’s important to note that you can only access the HDR tone mapping option on your LG Smart TV if the content you’re watching is HDR.

LG Dynamic Tone Mapping Feature
LG Dynamic Tone Mapping Feature

Because the HDR Tone Mapping won’t show up in your LG TVs menu if the input or content playing on the TV isn’t HDR. It’s easy to check this by going into the TV’s settings and checking the input type and content type. If it isn’t on HDR, the HDR Tone Mapping option won’t show up.

Moreover, In some rare cases, a temporary glitch in the system can also be a problem. A reboot and hard reset of the TV may help resolve this issue.

If you’re having trouble accessing this option, don’t worry, I have provided the resolution methods below through which you can get the HDR Tone Mapping back on your LG TV.

What Is HDR Tone Mapping On LG OLED TVs?

LG OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping
LG OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping

HDR tone mapping is a feature found on LG OLED TVs that optimizes each frame of HDR content to the TV’s peak brightness. It helps to ensure that you get the best viewing experience possible when watching HDR content.

It works by analyzing each frame of video and adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color levels accordingly. This helps make sure that no matter what type of content you’re watching, it looks as good as possible with maximum clarity and detail.

Okay, but why isn’t HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping available on my LG TVs menu?

Do not worry, if your LG TV is manufactured after 2019 and is an OLED TV, HDR Dynamic Mapping is available and I will help you to get it back if it’s missing on your TV.

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How To Get Dynamic Tone Mapping Back On Your LG TV?

HDR Tone Mapping In LG TV Menu Showing Up
LG TV HDR Tone Mapping In Menu

Ensure Content Playing Is HDR

The first step is to make sure the input or content playing on the TV is actually HDR content. If it’s not, then this could be the cause of the issue and should be corrected before proceeding further.

Because playing HDR content will help activate and sync the DTM (Dynamic Tone Mapping) feature on TV and get the option back into your LG TVs Menu.

Power Cycle TV

Secondly, Power cycling your LG TV can help to remove any glitches in your picture settings and get the Dynamic Tone Mapping Option back in the TV menu.

Because doing this will get the HDR Tone Mapping back on your TV menu, As it will remove temporarily stored settings for specific content and will sync content as well as menu options properly.

To power cycle, your TV, unplug it from the wall, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in.

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Hard Reset Settings

If power cycling your LG TV doesn’t solve it and you still can’t get the HDR option, you may need to perform a hard reset to restore the TV back to factory default.

Because restoring your LG TV to factory settings will reset all of your TV settings to their original state. This includes picture settings, sound settings, and any other settings that you may have changed recently.

After completing the reset process, you will be able to access the missing HDR Tone Mapping settings in your LG OLED TV’s menu.

Once you have followed the above resolution methods, navigate to settings and then Dynamic Tone Mapping will be present in the “Picture Mode Settings“, it will show HDR in the upper right corner of the Menu.


It’s really annoying when we want to get the best out of our OLED TV but the DTM feature goes missing on our LG TV, it’s a great feature that makes our viewing experience so much better.

It’s especially helpful with HDR content, but unfortunately, many LG C1 users reported that the DTM (HDR Tone Mapping) feature isn’t showing up on their TV.

I have mentioned all reasons and solutions for this issue in the above guide, including rebooting or hard resetting the TV, changing the input or content type to HDR, tweaking settings, and playing HDR content to activate the DTM feature.

I hope you will be able to get this solved easily and enjoy your content again with full HDR Tone Mapping on your LG TV.