Hisense TV Stuck On Standby Mode? Simple Fix Guide!!

Hisense Smart TVs are known to get stuck on Standby Mode, which means the TV screen goes black and the power indicator light either glows orange or red depending on your Model.

Unfortunately, there is an issue with these TVs which has landed them in a class-action lawsuit. And it’s quite possible that if you bought your TV between 2010 and 2015, then your Hisense TV has the following problem: Stuck on Standby Mode. In other words, when you press “on” there is no response from the TV. It doesn’t wake up, and it doesn’t go off. Basically, it’s stuck in standby mode.

About a year ago, I also had Hisense TV and this problem started happening every now and then.

As part of this guide, I will explain why this happens and how to turn on your Hisense TV when it gets stuck in standby mode. Apart from that, I will also provide you with a couple of steps and details through which you can prevent this from happening again.

So first let’s start with a simple fix to solve the Standby stuck issue on Hisense TV.

How To Fix Hisense TV Stuck on Standby Mode?

The following steps can be followed to fix your Hisense TV if it is stuck in Standby Mode or does not turn on.

Make sure you follow them exactly and don’t miss the timing part as well as any of the middle steps.

  1. Turn off the TV by unplugging the power cord
  2. Wait for a minimum of 1 hour (60 minutes)
  3. Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds (on the TV, not the remote)
  4. While plugging back in, keep holding the power button for 60 seconds, and then go straight to the wall outlet, bypassing power strips or surge protectors.

In almost all cases, the first two steps solve the Standby Issue on your Hisense Smart TV, although I would advise following the third step as well in case the above two didn’t work.

After following all the above steps your Hisense TV will reset its power board, bring it out of standby mode, and will turn it on.

What causes Hisense TV to be Stuck on Standby Mode?

Hisense TV has board issues that cause this Standby Mode Stuck issue, although this issue has been minimized to a greater extent on newer models after it was reported by too many Hisense TV users.

Your Hisense TV will need a manual reset every time it is stuck in standby mode or does not turn on, and if your TV does not respond to the remote control, then you can easily power reset it from the TV itself without using the Remote.

How To Power Reset Hisense Smart TV without Remote?

The benefit of power resetting our TV is more than we can imagine. After using my TV continuously for over a couple of weeks, I used to do it manually every once in a while to keep it working smoothly.

Steps to Power Reset Hisense TV without TV Remote:

  • On the side of your TV, hold the [menu] and [vol-] buttons
  • While holding these, press the [power] button on the side of the TV (not the remote).
  • Now, The blue light turns on and stays on
  • Hold [menu] and [vol-] for 10 seconds, then release
  • The TV will turn on within 30 seconds, and a picture will appear on your TV

Hisense TV LED Lights Indicator, What do they mean?

As Hisense TV doesn’t have any brief guide or instructions on what these LED indicators on your TV means, I have manually prepared this for you so that you know what the lights on your Hisense TV mean and how to know if something goes wrong.

  • If TV is OFF what LED indicator is there?
    • When TV is off but plugged into a wall socket, The LED light will be solid red

Solid Light Means that your Hisense TV is getting the power.

  • If the TV is ON what LED indicator is there?
    • When your Hisense TV is On, the Power light should show blue.
  • If the TV is in STANDBY mode what LED indicator is there?
    • The LED indicator will be red when the Hisense TV is in standby mode.
  • If the TV is BOOTING UP what does the LED indicator do?
    • When the Hisense Smart TV boots up, the Power Indicator Light will flash red first and after that, it will become stable blue.

Hopefully, these solutions can help you to power on your Hisense Smart TV again. If you have any other more effective way, just contact us and share with us so that we can update everyone.

How To Use Hisense TV Sleep Mode (Turn Off, Turn On)?

If you have managed to turn on your Hisense TV, you can enable and disable the sleep mode easily to prevent it from going into standby mode automatically.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, you’ll need to tap on the menu button on your remote control.
  • Once you’re in the menu, use the right arrow button to navigate to the settings.
  • Then, tap on the bottom arrow button to access the sleep timer.
  • To change the sleep timer settings, use the OK button on your remote control to select the option you want.
  • You can choose from preset options like 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes, or even 2 or 4 hours.
  • If you want to turn off the sleep timer completely, you can simply select the “off” option.

Lastly, Once you’ve decided on the sleep timer setting you want, just tap the OK button on your remote control to confirm it.

Bonus Tips

If you want to prevent the standby mode stuck issue on your Hisense TV, here are a couple of tips to try.

First, make sure to do an actual shutdown when you’re done using the TV, instead of just using standby. If you go more than a couple of days without rebooting your TV, it may experience some weirdness.

  • To do an actual shutdown, hold the power button on the remote and choose “power off.”

Another tip is to set the TV remote to IR (infrared) from Bluetooth.

This may seem strange, but it has been known to work for some people. By doing this, you may be able to prevent the standby mode from getting stuck on your Hisense TV.

Moreover, I have prepared and written a Frequently Asked Questions guide that might be of use to you as well. Apart from that if you face a major issue or none of the above steps fixed it, you can contact Hisense Support. But make sure to follow the above steps accordingly as in most cases the issue gets sorted if steps are carefully followed.


Why does the power light blinks and then go off on my Hisense TV?

No power light or an initial blink when you plug your TV power cord means the board has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced.

Why is my Hisense TV stuck on Standby Mode?

A minor glitch on the power board of your TV is usually the cause of this issue. It can be easily resolved by power resetting your Hisense TV with or without a remote using the above instructions in this article.

How To Turn Off Standby Mode On Hisense TV?

If you wish to prevent your Hisense TV from automatically going into Standby Mode, you can easily get it done by navigating to Settings > System > Timer Settings > Disable “Power Off Timer” as well as “Sleep Timer“.

After doing this, your TV will not go into Standby Mode and you have to manually turn it off.

How To Turn Off/On And Put Hisense TV Into Sleep Mode Without Remote?

If you don’t have remote control of your Hisense, You can still turn it on, off, restart, and put it in sleep mode by using the button (Joystick) located on the middle bottom of the TV.

To put the TV in sleep mode, simply tap the button once.

To turn it off completely, press and hold the button (3-5 seconds).

To turn it back on, tap the button once again and wait for it to boot up.

To restart it, you’ll have to turn it off and then turn it back on again.

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