Hitachi TV Won’t Turn On, Red, Blue, or No Light? Try This!

Hitachi TV not turning on

Is your Hitachi TV not turning on after you’ve switched it off normally, and now it won’t turn on and it’s stuck in standby mode? You can encounter this problem due to several factors ranging from minor software issues to hardware issues, although in most cases it can be corrected at home. First and foremost, … Read more

Insignia Fire TV Keeps Restarting, Stuck on Reboot Issue Fixed!!

Fix Insignia Fire TV Keeps Restarting Stuck on Reboot issue

Troubled by your Insignia Fire TV Keeps Restarting? Essentially, you need to reset it. But how do you do that when it keeps going On and Off every 5 seconds? I have seen the same issue when one of my friends told me about it. He purchased the Insignia Fire TV Edition because it was … Read more

Insignia Fire TV Stuck On Logo? “Insignia Fire Tv Edition” Quick Fix!!

Insignia FireTV Stuck on logo fix

Are you stuck on the Insignia Fire TV loading screen? Has it been frozen on the loading screen for several hours now? Or just doesn’t let you pass and stuck at the Insignia Fire TV loading logo? Well, Before you throw your Fire TV Stick remote through a wall or shatter the screen, there is … Read more