Insignia Fire TV Keeps Restarting, Stuck on Reboot Issue Fixed!!

Troubled by your Insignia Fire TV Keeps Restarting? Essentially, you need to reset it. But how do you do that when it keeps going On and Off every 5 seconds?

I have seen the same issue when one of my friends told me about it. He purchased the Insignia Fire TV Edition because it was one of the best budget-friendly and feature-rich devices.

The fact is it is worth the value but his happiness faded after he encountered this problem. After doing nothing, it suddenly started rebooting itself again and again and after a few minutes the screensaver came on.

It happens due to a software issue that conflicts with settings. I have seen it on different TVs, and while some TVs have Reset buttons, not all of them do, which makes it a real issue.

In this guide, I will explain how to fix and what to do when the Insignia Fire TV keeps restarting itself every 5 seconds and is stuck in a restart loop.

How To Fix and What to do when your Insignia Fire TV Keeps Restarting Itself?

Although in the coming days I will include multiple methods that can be used to fix this problem, I have had success with the method which I am sharing.

According to the official forums, even from Best Buy and Amazon, people were advised to do a factory reset, but while I was trying to fix this on my Insignia Fire TV, it wouldn’t let me go to the menu because every time I moved to any screen it would turn off.

So, If your Insignia Fire TV keeps resetting to Live from any menu option, turning off after a few seconds, and you cannot reset it, follow the steps below and it will be sorted.

Steps to Hard Reset Insignia Fire TV to Fix Restarting Issue

  1. Turn on the TV after plugging it back into the power source
  2. After that, remove the power cable manually before it turns itself off
  3. Remove the batteries from the remote
  4. Now, Hold the three buttons at the same time for 10 seconds to reset the remote
  5. Place the batteries back in
  6. Now, Plug the TV back in and press the power button
  7. Lastly, As it is starting up, press the play/pause button on the Remote.
  8. Once you do this, you will be taken to the settings menu where you can
    perform a factory reset

Make sure the batteries are working well on the remote control. Once you complete the above steps, you should be able to use the TV again, and the automatic turn-off and turn-on issue will be fixed.

Other Way to Reset TV to Fix Reboot Loop on your Insignia Fire TV

Another way to reset your Insignia Fire TV remote requires you to follow all the above steps but only change the key combination.

  1. Replug TV and turn it on
  2. Once that is done, manually disconnect the power cable before the device turns off
  3. Next, take the batteries out of the remote control
  4. Now, You should press all of its buttons and replace its batteries with fresh ones
  5. Plug the TV back in and turn it on
  6. Let it sit for a couple minutes and then see if it reboots itself.

Wrapping It Up

There is no doubt that it is incredibly frustrating to watch something on your Insignia Fire TV and it keeps restarting itself again and again, although in certain cases it might stop at the screensaver screen, once you press any button on the remote it automatically turns off again.

I have outlined the step-by-step process above for you to follow to easily resolve this problem.

In summary, we have completed a proper power cycle of the TV by removing the main power source and leaving it for 5-10 minutes.

After that, we reset the remote and turned the TV back on.

Once each step has been carefully done, we have finally been able to resolve the constant rebooting issue on Insignia Fire TV, and you will now be able to watch it again without a hitch.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you encounter any problems with the above steps.

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