Hisense TV Won’t Turn On Issue? Quick Fix Guide!!

Hisense TV Not Turning On can be caused by numerous reasons from hardware to minor software issues.

In most cases, it can be resolved at home, but if there is hardware trouble, a technician must be involved. This is a frustrating issue that can be difficult to resolve if you don’t know where to begin.

In the past, I dealt with the issue when I had the Hisense before switching. I managed to fix it and I will share it with you in this guide so that you can check it yourself before sending it to the technician.

A cut-off power supply could cause your Hisense TV to not turn on. You should check the power supply cables and ensure that they are connected properly. Any internal components or parts of your TV may be faulty, and you might need to replace or repair them.

For you to avoid going through the hit-and-trial method, I have created this step-by-step process so you can either fix the issue or figure out what is preventing your Hisense TV from turning on.

In order to be able to troubleshoot, it is highly recommended that you become familiar with the possible causes which could lead to it, so let’s take a look at a few of them.

What causes the Hisense TV Not Turning On Issue?

The Hisense TVs have many good features, which is why many people choose them to replace older TV sets in their houses. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. The TV won’t turn on, or it won’t turn on properly.

When a Hisense TV won’t turn on, the cause is usually something small. Below I have listed the most common causes.

Faulty Remote

It is possible that the batteries in your remote have worn out, or that something is blocking the signal. The power supply to your TV might be fine, but the TV fails to turn on.

Power Interruption

If the Remote is working fine, A malfunctioning component of the power supply system can be the culprit. These include the power supply, the power adapter, the outlet, and the strip or divider.

Hardware Issue

Sometimes when your Hisense TV doesn’t have a power light or a red light, the issue could be related to a hardware issue.

Besides a few pieces of hardware that can easily be replaced, other parts, on the inside, require a technician’s touch. In this case, your Hisense TV would require repair.

So these were the most causes which don’t let your Hisense TV turn On. In the next section, we’re going to examine each possible method to solve and rule out the other things which are not relevant.

How to Fix Hisense TV Not Turning On Issue at Home?

Have you tried turning your TV on and off again? Kidding aside, there are many things to check before you attempt to express your TV away. The issue may be as simple as a small software problem.

In order to begin testing the methods, you should first determine whether the red light on the front of the TV is on.

If you see a red light on your TV but it’s not turning on and all cables and power supplies are working fine, then the problem can be either faulty cable or power socket or the TVs board related.

However, if your Hisense TV has a Red light on then you can fix the problem by unplugging all cables for 15-20 minutes, soft resetting, and replacing the remote batteries.

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Hisense TV Not Turning On, Red Power Light On

The TV may work just fine, but the wall plug is defective, so the TV receives little to no power, and the TV won’t turn on.

In some cases, it may start and then turn off without warning, or it may do this continuously because of a loose connection on the outlet. The below steps will soft reset your Hisense TVs software as well as hardware.

Quick Initial Fix

  1. Disconnect your TV from the wall (For 10 Minutes)
  2. Then, hold the power button for 60 seconds on the TV
  3. Now turn on the TV by plugging it into a power socket

In almost all cases, the above steps fix your Hisense TV not turning on if the Power light is on.

If the above steps did not work for you, it’s time to eliminate things that are working properly. Now you should follow the few home checks below one by one carefully.

Troubleshoot Remote

Start by examining your remote. Give it a few pressure presses to see if the power button is working.

In case it does not work, check if there is anything blocking the line of sight between your TV receiver and remote.

Let’s confirm that the Remote is functioning properly and has nothing to do with the main issue.

  1. The batteries need to be discharged – Take the batteries out, press each button twice, then reinstall them.
  2. Replace the batteries – A brand-new pair of batteries should be inserted here.
  3. Change your remote – You can use either the original remote or the universal remote to interact with your TV.

Discharge TV

Usually, if your Hisense TV does not turn on and there is no light on the front panel, there is no power reaching the device. If that is the case, you should discharge the TV and then provide it with a fresh power supply.

Following are the steps for discharging your Hisense TV:

  1. Disconnect the TV’s power adapter from the power outlet.
  2. You should wait at least 3-5 minutes.
  3. Reconnect the power adapter to the power source.
  4. Try turning on your TV now.

The red light on the front of your Hisense TV should be turned on at this point. If it is not, power is still not reaching the TV and you should continue with our next method.

Important: Because many people plug their TVs into power strips or dividers after a sudden power outage or surge, it is possible for the Strip or Divider to go faulty. Therefore, it is better to plug a TV directly into the main power outlet.

Hisense TV Not Turning On, No Red Light

Now coming to Hisense tv not turning on or has no power situation.

If the tv won’t turn on, or there is no red light on the front of the tv, it indicates low or no power. The most common reason for this issue is that the internal power supply has failed.

It is now time to manually check what is wrong and how far the issue has reached the TV board.

In most cases, these steps will allow you to identify which part is faulty and you can replace it easily at home.

Take the Back Cover Off

It is easy to remove the cover of your Hisense TV and after that, we will see if it is getting power or not. Using a voltmeter, you can see whether the TV is receiving an electric current.

Before opening the TV back cover, be sure to ground yourself and remove the TV from the power supply.

Nonetheless, if you’re not familiar with TV circuitry, you should not remove the back cover since you might worsen the problem.

However, if you managed to open the back cover:

  1. Ensure there are no short circuits on your main and power boards.
  2. By using a voltmeter, make sure your mainboard is receiving power from the power supply
  3. You can check if there is any voltage in the LED connectors
  4. It is likely that the LED arrays are having issues if you are getting power to them
  5. If this is the case, you need to get an expert or a replacement

Hardware Problems

I will give you more details regarding what are these hardware issues which can cause your Hisense TV to not turn on, although I won’t let you go deeper into the circuitry as that might waste your time or you could end up creating more problems.

Here are the common Hardware issues which can lead to your Hisense TV Turning on Issue

  • If the red power light on your Hisense flashes when you press the power button, it means your power board needs to be replaced
  • The mainboard is at fault if the power button remains red and does not blink when pressed
  • A TV that isn’t turning on after being unplugged while it was on may have blown its main fuse, and it should be replaced
  • In case your Hisense has a flickering screen, screen image that disappears after a few seconds, dim screen, or perhaps it starts slowly, new capacitors need to be installed on the circuit board

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So this was the guide on what causes the Hisense TV not to turn on Issue and how to fix it easily at home.

Sometimes when your Hisense TV is not turning on, On the hardware issue side, it’s because of a faulty power board. Fortunately, this is a minor issue and can often be fixed yourself, saving you the time and cost of going to a repair shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Reset Hisense TV With Black Screen And Without Remote Control?

You can reset your Hisense TV using the reset button on its panel.
First, Locate the “Reset” pinhole on the back of your Hisense Roku TV. After that, Use a pin or paper clip to press and hold it for 15-20 seconds. This will factory reset and restart your TV.

Why Is My Hisense TV Screen Black but I Can Hear It?

If you are experiencing a black screen on your Hisense TV but can still hear the sound, it is likely due to a system software glitch. This issue is common among Hisense TV models and can be fixed using its remote control or hard resetting the TV manually.

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