How To Use Hisense TV without the remote? (4 Quick Ways)

In a world of fast-paced digital entertainment, your remote isn’t always handy. Hisense TVs, in addition to having an easy-to-use remote, also come with an infrared blaster that lets you control your television from a smartphone or tablet. 

So if you have lost the remote of your Hisense TV or it has stopped working, then there is no need to panic. Here I have created this guide with some easy methods that will help you to use your Hisense TV without a remote.

There are a few ways in which you can control your Hisense Smart TV without a remote, let’s start and check them out.

What are the ways to use Hisense TV without a Remote?

Here are different ways through which you can not only turn on your Hisense TV without using a remote but also control it for other functions:

  1. Using TVs Input Buttons 
  2. Using Google Assistance
  3. Using Remote IR Apps
  4. Using Mouse & Keyboard

Default Method: Using Buttons 

I would not have included this method, but on a factual basis, it does hold true, despite the fact that you are aware and you can use your Hisense TV through the buttons. 

As for newer Hisense TV models, the buttons are not present, and here comes another issue. Do not worry, keep reading and I’ll explain how you can use your Hisense TV without its remote.

Use Hisense Smart TV with Google Assistance

Google Assistant can be used to control a lot of your smart home devices, including your HiSense TV. One of the features that Hisense calls out in their sales materials is that you can use Google Assistant to turn your TV on and off. However, just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean it’s easy or obvious how to do it.

Here are the steps on how to use Google Assistant to control your HiSense Smart TV:

  1. Install the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Connect both your phone and the Hisense TV to the Wi-Fi network.
  3. You will see your TV in the Google Home app. Tap it to connect it to your Google Home.
  4. As soon as you connect, you will be able to control your TV directly from the Google Home app.

Now, With Google Assistant, you can also control your TV. Various commands like “OK Google, switch off the TV”, “OK Google, turn up the volume”, etc. are possible.

This is the one way to control your Hisense TV without remote control and give commands directly to Google Assistant.

Additionally, the Google Home app will offer on-screen controls for playing and pausing videos as well as increasing or decreasing the volume using your mobile device’s on-screen slider.

Despite being a convenient way, it still can’t be used for too long, as we get tired of repeating the commands again and again, so in that case, check out the below for more convenient ways. 

Using Remote IR Apps

If you have lost or broken your TV remote or if it is inaccessible to you because of a significant distance, you can still operate the TV using your cell phone. You will only need an Android phone with an infrared sensor and a compatible Remote app.

There are a number of universal remote apps in the play store, which will be able to work as TV remotes.

Although for the iPhone it will be a bit of a hassle to get such apps and for that, I have covered the different apps below in detail.

Using Hisense TV (Android OS Model) without Remote

Many new Hisense smart TVs come with Google’s Android OS. And, if you have lost the remote to your Hisense Android TV, you will be happy to find out that you can still use your Hisense TV. Thanks to the Android Remote TV app for smart TVs.

  1. Download the Android TV app from the PlayStore for android phones and the Appstore for iPhone
  2. Launch the app and agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Connect TV and Mobile on the same Wifi, Look for the HiSense Smart TV name in the app.
  4. Your mobile device needs to be paired with the TV using the code.
  5. Finally, use the Android TV remote app to turn on your Hisense smart TV and explore other options as well.

Note: There’s a dedicated remote control app for Hisense Android TV users which you can also use to take control of your TV hassle-free.

You can also enter text on the TV with the keyboard included within the app, and you can use the touchpad as a mouse to navigate your TV. 

Using Hisense Roku TV without Remote through App

Most Hisense smart TVs are installed with RokuOS and run on a smooth interface. While using this TV, you will not have to use your remote all the time. However, if you have lost your remote or it is no longer working, you have another way to use the TV by using a direct connection.

  1. First, get the App. You can download the Roku app for Android as well as iOS devices.
  2. Upon installing the app, launch it and search for HiSense Smart TV.
  3. Connect your mobile device and TV to the same Wifi network.
  4. Tap the Remote tab at the bottom of the screen once you are connected to the TV.
  5. You can now power on the TV by simply tapping the power button at the center of the app screen.
  6. That’s all now you will be able to easily control your Hisense Roku TV without a remote.

With the Roku Remote App, you can navigate through the Roku Hisense TV’s settings menu, control the volume, and change the channel without using the remote control.

Using Mouse & Keyboard

You can operate your TV without a remote using a Wireless Mouse and keyboard. 

Steps to use your Mouse and Keyboard with your Hisense Smart TV

  1. Connect the receiver of the wireless mouse and keyboard to the USB port or Bluetooth of your TV.
  2. Use your Hisense tv remote to enter source selection mode, then change it to Input.
  3. Use the arrow key on your Keyboard/Mouse to control your Hisense TV.


If you don’t want to order a replacement remote for your Hisense smart TV, or use a universal remote, then you can still use it without the remote.

In this guide, you learned about different ways you could use it to control your Hisense TV without the remote.

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