Hisense TV No Sound, Volume Issue? Try This Quick Fix!!

As you sit down to watch your favourite show, you realize you can’t hear a thing. There is no sound coming from your Hisense TV. The volume is set, and you can still hear your neighbour’s TV across the street, but nothing comes out of your TV speakers.

Once in a while, we have all been there and I know what it’s like, but don’t worry if you are having issues with the volume or sound on your Hisense TV.

I will guide you through it and you can solve the issue at home without having to call a technician.

A Hisense TV won’t play sound if the audio setup with the soundbar or AV receiver is incorrect, if the cable is faulty, or if there is a minor glitch in the TV’s audio settings. This needs to be addressed manually, by going through each one of them one by one.

Why Does My Hisense TV Have No Sound?

A smart TV’s audio settings are among those things that can be glitched very quickly with just a plugged in headphone jack or by plugging and unplugging any other audio receiver like a soundbar or external speakers.

Recently, I manually connected my wired headphones and when I unplugged them, I was left with no sound coming from my Hisense TV, so I tried plugging and unplugging the headphone jack 2-3 times before I got the sound working again.

Though that was a minor glitch, similar glitches can cause issues on your end as well. Here I have outlined all the reasons why your Hisense TV can’t play audio:

  • Incorrect Audio Settings
  • Minor Glitch on TV’s Software or Hardware
  • Outdated Firmware
  • Faulty HDMI, ARC, or Optical Cables

Whether you have Hisense Android TV, Hisense Roku, or a normal Hisense Smart TV, these are several reasons why no sound or no volume is working on your TV.

Since we now know the cause of the issue, let’s move on to troubleshooting and what needs to be done to resolve the issue.

How To Fix No Sound Issue On Hisense TV?

Every troubleshooting begins with locating the root cause, so here too we need to figure out what’s causing the issue on your end. For this reason, I have outlined the steps in such a way that you will learn what’s causing it and following these steps will fix the issue as well.

Hisense TV Audio Settings
Hisense TV Audio Settings

Check Speakers and Volume

You should first check that the volume is not muted or too high and that the speakers are connected correctly. Press the “up” and “down” buttons on your TV remote to adjust the volume. You will hear a slight increase or decrease in volume.

Make sure that all your TV connections are in place and that the speakers are on.

Ensure that all cables are secure and firmly attached to the back of the TV. Also, check to make sure no wires are loose or frayed. Also, unplug and re-plug all the cables again.

Also, try increasing the volume of the set-top box if you are using one with volume controls.

Note: Ensure there aren’t any Bluetooth headphones connected to the TV. Also, make sure that headphones are not connected to the TV via the audio output jack.

Check Ribbon Cables and Clean Audio Input/Outputs

If dirt, dust, or debris has gotten into the jack, clean it out with a cotton swab or your fingers.

Additionally, make sure the ribbon cable connecting your TV to your satellite box or cable is connected properly.

Straighten out any cable kinks or damage, as well as check that no connectors are loose or broken.

Power Cycle Your TV and Speakers

Occasionally, a glitch may cause no sound from the speakers of your Hisense TV, in which case you will need to perform a cold boot, which can be accomplished by following the steps below.

  • Turn off your TV with remote and remove power cable from source.
  • Now, press and hold the power button on TV for about 30 seconds and hold after that.
  • Lastly, re-plug the power cable and turn on the TV with remote.

If the sound is not coming on due to some system glitch, it will be fixed by doing a proper power cycle.

Switch Audio Source

The output settings on the TV may have changed after an update or something else. Check the settings on the speakers and audio output on the TV and make sure TV Speakers is selected.

Audio Source Hisense TV
Audio Source Hisense TV

Moreover, if you have connected any audio source to the audio input of your TV, try to remove it or connect it to another source if available.

Check if there is noise coming from the TV if there is an analogue broadcast, check for other causes like apps with no sound or content with no audio. If there are analogue broadcasts available, perform the analogue broadcast tuning on the TV.

Tweak Audio Settings

It is also possible that the sound on your Hisense TV disappears if you configure it incorrectly by selecting Stereo, MTS, Surround sound, Dolby, or any other sound-enhancing audio settings.

In your Hisense TV’s audio menu, if there is an MTS setting, set it to MAIN or STEREO.

Due to the fact that some source audio devices don’t transmit stereo signals, sound may only come out of one TV speaker. Because of this, the volume may sound low. In such cases, the source device should be set to stereo or able to transmit a stereo signal.

The Hisense TV’s audio menu includes a Volume Offset setting that you should set to the maximum or higher value or change it accordingly.

Using a multi-channel receiver in a TV can cause audio issues because some TVs allow the TV speakers to act as the centre channel speakers.

In the TV’s Sound menu, select Audio-Out to TV speakers and make sure all Audio/Video cable connections are plugged in properly.

Update TV Firmware

If the Hisense TV’s firmware or software is outdated, you may also experience problems with the TV’s audio settings, resulting in no sound. It is therefore important to keep the TV’s software or firmware update.

Update the Hisense TV’s firmware if an update is available. You can do this by selecting Settings >> Check for Updates >> Update TV.

Wrapping It Up

Having volume or sound issues can be attributed to many reasons, and especially when you try to watch something on your Hisense TV or via any applications installed on it and it doesn’t work as sound is not coming, ruins the experience.

Luckily, the issue isn’t directly hardware-related, and you can easily resolve it yourself at home. I hope using the above guide you were able to restore sound to your Hisense TV.

In summary, here’s what you can do if your Hisense TV doesn’t have sound:

  • Inspect all cables and re-plug all of them including power cable.
  • Check your Audio setting and switch between them and apply changes.
  • Hard reset TV by removing power cable and pressing TV power button for 30 seconds.
  • Update your TV’s firmware.