Insignia Fire TV Turns On By Itself? Here’s Quick Fix!!

Does your Insignia Fire TV turn on by itself? Did you turn it off normally and then all of a sudden it turns on randomly by itself?

This is an interesting scenario, which I faced along with one of my friends who got a 55″ Insignia Fire TV edition, and we all thought there must be something wrong and the house became haunted.

However, as a tech enthusiast, I knew there was some glitch that was causing it and it wasn’t hardware related.

I started researching the web and contacted support about the same issue, but to be honest, it’s rare that support can give an immediate resolution, and every time they just keep going around in circles.

They told me at first why you didn’t report it the moment you encountered it, it must have been a hardware malfunction, a temporary glitch, and so on.

After reading multiple forums and social sites, I realized it wasn’t just us and it’s a widespread problem with many Insignia Fire TV users.

Fortunately, I was able to fix the problem on my Insignia Fire TV and on my friends as well and I will be sharing what caused the issue and how you can fix it at home. First and foremost, this is not a hardware issue, so relax.

Insignia Fire TV keeps turning itself on is most likely due to a minor TV settings error. The fix is to adjust the CEC settings of your TV to correct the issue.

Though even after tweaking the CEC on your TV, it is possible that the issue remains and it keeps turning on itself randomly, that is why I will discuss all possible causes and solutions for it.

Because there can also be other reasons, you need to ensure that you are going through them one by one carefully so that they can be handled in one go.

Why Does My Insignia Fire TV Turn On by Itself?

Probably you have heard of the CEC feature of TVs, but if you have not, let me explain it quickly. The CEC feature on smart TVs allows your TV to be controlled by another remote control.

Therefore, there is a high probability that you have this feature enabled since it usually stays enabled by default and sometimes its settings get conflicted and it receives incorrect instructions from other nearby electronic devices or remote controls in your TV room.

Because of this, the remote frequency gives your TV some random instructions and it can easily be turned on at midnight, during the day, or at any time.

Secondly, unexpectedly turning on your Insignia Fire TV Edition may be the result of a corrupted or conflicting application.

It was Netflix, in my friend’s case, causing it on his TV. However, it could be any other application, such as Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, etc.

Insignia Fire TV turns on by itself fix

Therefore, the two main causes of your Insignia Fire TV turning on randomly are the CEC feature and corrupted apps.

I have explained the fixes for both below and I hope they will assist you to fix this issue on your Insignia Fire TV Edition.

How to fix the Insignia Fire TV automatically Turn On Issue?

You can prevent your Insignia Fire TV from turning on by itself by removing the power cable and plugging it back in when you are ready to use it.

Jokes aside, I know it’s nowhere close to fixing the problem, but we cannot deny the fact that it actually solves it.

Here I’m describing the steps that need to be taken in order to resolve the two main possible causes of this issue: CEC and corrupted applications.

Fix 1: Change CEC Settings

Since CEC is among the reasons for this issue, you can check to see if this is the case.

There is a setting on the Fire TV that allows/disables the TV from being switched on automatically

  • Settings -> Display & Sounds -> HDMI CEC Device Control.
  • Set it to ON to auto switch on the TV, or OFF to not.

After making the above changes at your end, it will be good to monitor the TV, and if the issue persists then proceed further.

By doing that, not only will you save yourself the unnecessary hassle, but also you will know the exact issue.

Quick Tip: In certain cases, If your Insignia Fire TV itself comes on, on its own disable the auto-updates (Apps and TV) as it was reported by many users that it sorted the issue for them.

Fix 2: Troubleshooting Corrupted Apps

After the CEC feature fixed the issue on my Insignia Fire TV, it stopped turning on by itself, but on my friend’s TV it was already turned off and the cause of the issue was a corrupted application.

When an app is corrupted, your TV is not actually damaged, but behaves abnormally or crashes

If the CEC feature is also sorted and you are still experiencing problems, then you need to manually check which application is causing the TV to turn on.

In order to resolve the issue in the first attempt, you should follow the steps below.

  1. As a first step, you should hard reset your TV to remove any installed apps.
  2. Afterwards, you must install each app individually.
  3. You should install each app after waiting for 24 hours so that you can be sure that the corrupted app has not yet been installed.

If you follow the above two fixes, you will surely be able to solve the issue on your end and won’t encounter it again.

Wrapping It Up

It can be annoying and in some cases frightening when our TV automatically starts at random, and it leaves us feeling unpleasantly surprised.

With the above guide, I hope you can solve the issue at your end.

To summarize everything again, here are some quick points:

Why it happens:

  • Internal software glitch
  • CEC settings being enabled
  • Corrupted Application

How to Fix:

  • Update TV Software
  • Disable or switch CEC settings on TV
  • Factory Reset TV and install the app one by one.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems or continue to encounter the issue. Thanks for reading, and I hope the guide helped you.

6 thoughts on “Insignia Fire TV Turns On By Itself? Here’s Quick Fix!!”

  1. My TV suddenly just started refusing to stay turned off. Turns on by itself. Tried the CEC setting change and it didn’t work. I’m trying not to have to factory reset, since it’ll be a pain to get all my apps back and set up. If I paid hundreds of dollars for a TV, you’d think it could function probably LOL.

    • Totally agree with that TJ, it becomes a hassle installing all apps again one by one, would be good if in the coming future they come with real-time cloud storage, If you have tried switching between CEC settings, then it must be internal settings which are glitching and I am afraid you have to go with hard reset once.

    • It often happens due to improper A/V configuration, check if there is any other devices connected with TV, remotely or wired, After that go through your settings and check the configuration for output, sound, A/V etc.

  2. My insignia fire also randomly comes on with audio only.

    I have observed that when this happens, the little blue led at the bottom left of the frame is ON. Usually this light goes off when the TV is on so it seems like the audio plays without some parts of the TV on ?!?

    • Hey Eric, I am suspecting it can be due to some minor malfunctioned parts or loose cable on the TV’s mainboard, but first try to hard reset and turn off the CEC mode on it, and after that observe again once you complete the power cycle by turning off tv from the main power source and plugging it back after 3-4 minutes.


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