LG TV Popup Along Bottom Of Screen? (Quick Solution)

Are you getting irritated by the pop-up window at the bottom of the screen on your LG TV as soon as you turn it on and wish to get rid of it?

I’ve encountered it with my LG CX, and I’ve heard of it on LG C9 and other LG TVs that run on webOS, which is LG’s operating system for TVs.

In short, when the TV is switched on, all of the apps are displayed along the bottom of the screen as if I had pressed the home button, which stays there for about 30 seconds unless I choose “TV” or click anywhere on the screen with the remote pointer.

Bottom Popup on LG TVs
Bottom Popup on LG TV

This is basically the LG WebOS menu at the bottom of the screen, which makes it easier to access any app quickly without having to navigate through menus. It also simplifies switching between different apps while watching TV.

However, it becomes annoying when it appears every time we turn on the TV, and moreover, it remains there for 30 seconds until we take any action.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to stop this from happening. All you need to do is navigate to Settings > General > Additional Settings or General > Home Settings > Home Auto Launch and toggle the setting “off” or “disable” it. This will turn off the popup and it will no longer appear on your screen.

Why My LG TV Showing Bottom Menu Popup And How To Get Rid Of It?

Actually, This feature got enabled automatically due to LG TVs’ firmware update which causes users to see the menu at the bottom of their TV screen whenever they turn on their TV.

Many people including me are among those who find this annoying and inconvenient because it slows down the loading time. Luckily, You can disable it on your TV if you don’t want it.

Easy Solution

Here’s how to get this disabled on your LG TV:

  1. First, Navigate to Settings on your LG TV.
  2. After that, select General > Additional Settings (It comes as General on some LG TVs).
  3. From there, select Home Settings > Home Auto Launch.
  4. Lastly, toggle it Off or Disable it.
Home Auto Launch Disabled On LG TV

Now you can check it again by “turning off” and back “on” your TV, you won’t see the bottom screen popup this time. 


To conclude, the LG TV Popup Menu along the bottom of the screen is a good addition to your viewing experience because It offers you easy access to additional information without interfering with the show or movie you are watching.

However, when it appears every time you turn on the TV, it certainly affects the loading time to access content and watch shows quickly.

To quickly wrap it up for you, here’s what you can do to stop the LG TVs bottom menu pop-up:

  • If you’re noticing a popup along the bottom of your LG TV screen, it’s due to the Home Auto Launch feature that is enabled by default (Due to any recent automatic firmware update).
  • You have to disable “Home Auto Launch”.
  • This can be disabled easily in order to stop the pop-ups from appearing. 
  • To do so, go into your settings menu on your LG TV and select “Home Auto Launch” under the General tab.
  • From there, simply toggle off (or uncheck) this option and save your changes. Once this is done, you should no longer see any bottom pop-ups when you turn on your LG TV!

I hope you’ll be able to enjoy your shows again after following these steps and disabling this quickly.