TCL TV Stuck In Standby Mode? (Here’s Why With Fix)

You really like your TCL TV and use it pretty much every day, but one day you turned it off and put it in standby mode and just got stuck there, even though you tried basic troubleshooting, the TV won’t turn on, and the white light stays on.

In case your situation is similar, don’t worry, you are not alone, many users have reported TCL TVs getting stuck in standby mode. One of my friends experienced the same problem.

As an electronics enthusiast, I got curious because this wasn’t like automatic turning on and off, or not powering up because it’s stuck in standby which is different from other common TV issues.

TCL TVs that have a stable white light indicates they are receiving power but are in standby mode. This can be caused by a temporary glitch, a faulty remote, or an issue with their mainboard. Otherwise, if the white light disappears or flashes, the TV is properly turned on.

To find out more about it, I did some research and will discuss the symptoms, causes, and solutions of a TCL TV stuck in standby mode so that you can get your entertainment back up and running easily. 

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What to look for if your TCL TV is stuck on Standby

On your TCL TV, You should see solid white LEDs at the base of your TV when it is off or in standby mode, and off or blinking LEDs when it is on.  

TCL TV Standby Light
TCL TV Standby Light

The most common symptom of a stuck TCL TV is that the standby light will be on but the TV will not turn on. This may be preceded by a black screen or other display issues and people report it like:

  • The standby light is on but the TV not turning on
  • Standby mode black screen
  • White light on no picture

These terms refer to the same thing and occur when a TV fails to turn on after it is stuck in standby mode.

Why a TCL TV can be stuck in standby mode?

In addition to power supply issues and TV settings issues, here are some common issues that lead to a TCL TV staying on standby mode:

  • Faulty Memory board
  • Power supply issue
  • Temporary glitch
  • Faulty Remote

Let’s see what needs to be done to confirm what the actual problem is and how to troubleshoot it now that we know all the main reasons that trigger this issue.

What To Do When Your TCL TV is Stuck on Standby Mode?

Often, TCL TV problems can be fixed by resetting the power supply, the TV remote, and the TV settings. 

Let’s get started.

Before moving on to the main troubleshooting of your TV, make sure that your remote works properly, the batteries are in good condition, and you have tried manually turning on your TV by using the power button (which looks like a joystick) on the back or bottom.

Nevertheless, if it has already been done but the TCL TV still does not come out of standby, then we have to proceed to further troubleshooting.

Reset Power Supply

Whether it’s a software glitch, system error, or minor hardware glitch, a hard reboot is an effective way to fix problems with your TCL TV.

In this method, the device must be completely unplugged from its power supply and then reconnected after a certain amount of time has passed.

Unplug power cable from wall socket

It should be sufficient if you unplug the TV from the wall socket and leave it for about 15 minutes, but if you want to be sure that all settings are properly reset, you should leave it overnight. 

Everything should be functioning again after you plug the device back in.

Hard Reset TV

The situation of a TCL TV that is stuck in standby mode and you are unable to access the display menu, but still need to perform a hard reset as a last resort to check for hardware issues is an interesting one, but it is possible.

In order to do this without using the screen, you will need a straightened paper clip or a ballpoint pen.

On the TV back panel, locate the recessed “RESET” button and press and hold it until the status indicator dims confirming that the reset has been completed.

Here’s how the back panel of TCL TV looks and the “reset” button is present:

TCL TV Reset Button On Back Panel
TCL TV Reset Button On Back Panel (Image: TCL Official)

After releasing the reset button, turn on your television as normal (this should get your TV out of standby mode).

The above method is also what the official TCL support team tells their customers to do if they encounter any issues. This was reported as a working solution by multiple TCL TV users whose TV was unable to come out of standby.

Hard Reboot TV

In the event that resetting the power supply and performing a hard reset does not resolve the issue, you may be able to resolve it with a hard reboot.

This is how the Power Button (Like a Joystick) at bottom of TCL TV looks like

TCL TV Bottom Panel Power Button
TCL TV Bottom Panel Power Button

Here’s how to perform a hard reboot on your TCL TV:

  1. Power the TV off by unplugging the power cable.
  2. For thirty seconds, hold down the power button on the bottom right of the screen after the unit is unplugged. The power button should be round with four buttons in a circle configuration: up, down, left, and right.
  3. If you can’t reach it with your fingers, use something like a paperclip, pencil, or pen tip.
  4. Once 30 seconds have passed, plug in your power cord and try turning your TV on again.

This should take care of the issue, but if that doesn’t work, you need to contact customer service so that they can assist you further. It is possible that there is a problem with the main board or power supply of your TV.


The bottom line is that there are numerous solutions available in the event that your TCL TV is stuck in standby mode. These include the possibility of resetting the power supply, and the cable box, as well as resetting the settings located on the TV. 

However, if none of the above steps work and the TV does not bypass the standby mode, then it may be a hardware problem, such as a bad mainboard, and requires technical help from TCL.