Unsupported Audio Format on TV? Here’s Why With Fix!

Unsupported Audio Format TV Fix Guide

You’re trying to play some video or audio content via USB, PC, HDMI, or any other device but the audio isn’t playing on your TV due to an unsupported audio format? There’s no need to worry, this isn’t a major issue and happens when the file we’re trying to play on the TV has audio … Read more

Blue screen on TV HDMI? Don’t Worry, Try This!

Blue Screen On TV HDMI

Since the days of early computers, we have all been afraid of the blue screen, as it indicates possible device malfunctions, but what if you see the blue screen on your TV while using an HDMI cable? Often, we encounter such problems and I have also encountered this with my older TV, when using an … Read more

Do All Smart TVs Allow Screen Mirroring? Quick Guide!

Do All TVs Allow Screen Mirroring

Do you ever wonder if it is possible to screen mirror on any TV, regardless of whether it is smart or non-smart, or do all TVs have the capability to handle screen sharing whether they are smart or not? Well, if you are curious about the screen mirroring possibilities on all TVs, then you have … Read more

Your Television Cannot Support HDCP? 3 Proven Fixes!

"Your TV Does not support HDCP" Error Guide

We’re all annoyed when we try to watch a TV show in high quality and get an error message that says, “Your TV does not support HDCP”. You’ve landed on the right page if you are also experiencing a similar issue right now, and in this guide, I’ll show you how to fix your HDCP … Read more

Do All TVs Have Coaxial Input? What If Not And More!

Do All TVs Have Coaxial Input

What do you do if your TV does not have coaxial inputs, whether it is new, old, or smart? Do they all have coaxial inputs, or do they have different inputs? The information I have provided on TVs, Coaxial Inputs, Tuners, Antennas, etc., will be helpful to you if you wish to learn more about … Read more

LG TV Server Certificate Has Expired Error? Only 3 Fixes!

LG Server Certificate Expired Error Fixing

Are you experiencing trouble using streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and others because you are seeing the message “Server Certificate Has Expired” on your LG TV when you try to use them? A server certificate failure occurs when the LG TV’s server certificate used to access certain websites and applications expire. Netflix, Youtube, as well … Read more

Unknown Device Trying To Connect To My Smart TV? Find And Stop!

Unknown Device Trying To Connect To Smart TV

If you get a notification on your smart TV that someone is trying to connect to it, there’s no need to be alarmed. Actually, Getting a notification that someone is trying to connect to your smart TV can be confusing and concerning. It is common to see this notification for Smart TV users, whether it’s … Read more

Vizio TV Not Working On Ethernet Cable? Try These Fixes!!

Vizio TV Ethernet Connection Problem

Do you experience problems using the ethernet connection on your Vizio TV for accessing the internet? Is it showing the wired connection disconnected, not recognizing it, or not allowing you to access the internet with the wired connection? My other Vizio TV did have this problem as well, that I encountered myself, mostly, I am … Read more

Vizio TV No Signal Issue, HDMI, All Inputs? Quick Fix!!

Vizio TV No Signal issue

Are you experiencing no signal even after selecting the correct input and checking the cable on your Vizio TV, would like to get rid of the no signal screen and fix it? As we all have encountered a no signal message on our TVs, earlier when we used antennas, the reason was quite different, as … Read more

Toshiba Fire TV Keeps Freezing, Crashing? Here’s Fix!!

Toshiba Fire TV Freezing Crashing Buffering Fix

The Toshiba Fire TV Edition, powered by Amazon Fire OS, is one of the best smart TVs with a lot of great features and unlimited applications, but the experience can be gloomy when it keeps freezing or crashing, doesn’t it? It’s quite normal for Toshiba Fire TV to have issues such as constant freezing or … Read more