LG TV Server Certificate Has Expired Error? Only 3 Fixes!

Are you experiencing trouble using streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and others because you are seeing the message “Server Certificate Has Expired” on your LG TV when you try to use them?

A server certificate failure occurs when the LG TV’s server certificate used to access certain websites and applications expires. Netflix, Youtube, as well as other applications can be affected by this problem.

LG TV has assigned this notification message as Error -201 and you’ll see the 201 error code in the upper right corner of this pop-up when you see the error notification.

On my older LG TV, I encountered this error message and all I was curious about was why it was showing up and what to do to resolve it.

After digging into it, I discovered that this Server Certificate issue affected a lot of LG TV users and that many were still experiencing it.

How To Fix Server Certificate Expired Issue On LG TV?

To ensure that we are on the same page and that you are facing the same error, let’s look at what this LG TVs error “Server Certificate Expired” is and what it looks like.

When you see this error message on your LG TV, you’ll see a prompt that looks like this:

“Server Certificate has expired or is not yet valid as the set time on TV is different from the current time, Please check time settings”

Unable To Load "Server Certificate Has Expired" LG TV 201 Error
Unable To Load “Server Certificate Has Expired” LG TV 201 Error

In certain WebOS Version (Operating System Of LG TVs), this error notification is slightly different but the meaning, reason, as well as solution, is exactly the same.

So if you are getting “Server’s security certificate is not valid” that also means the same error and here is what it looks like.

"Server Security Certificate Is Not Valid" LG TV Error Prompt
“Server Security Certificate Is Not Valid” LG TV

As a starting point, let’s go over a few of the basics.

To begin with, LG TVs, like all other TVs and apps or websites, need to perform a proper SSL Handshake process where certificates are verified.

So, If you’re getting an error message on your LG TV that says “Server Certificate Has Expired,” it’s likely because your TV’s SSL handshake has failed.

What is SSL Handshake On TV

An SSL handshake is a process that begins when your TV sends a message to a web server requesting information. The web server then responds with a digital certificate that proves the server’s identity.

This certificate is verified by the TV, and if everything looks good, the encrypted information is exchanged between the TV and the web server.

Alright, that’s good, but how and why am I getting this error and why does the server certificate expire resulting in this error message?

What causes the server certificate to expire on LG TVs and how do I fix it?

Incorrect Clock Time On TV

One common reason why a server certificate may expire on a TV is that the TV’s clock is not set to the correct time.

When the TV tries to connect to a website, it checks the validity of the site’s SSL certificate by comparing the current time with the timestamp on the certificate.

If the time on your TV is incorrect, then it may think that the certificate has already expired.

Outdated TV Software

Another possibility is that the TV is trying to connect to a secure site using an outdated security protocol.

This can happen if the website you’re trying to connect to no longer supports the outdated protocol your TV is using.

Now that you know why you are getting Error 201 “Server Certificate Expired” on your LG TV, let’s begin our troubleshooting process.

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Here are different ways to fix the “SSL Certificate Expired” Error on LG TVs

Update Date And Time

Time And Date Setup Option On LG TV
Time And Date Setup Option On LG TV

The first thing you should try is updating your system date and time. This is because the LG TV server certificate has an expiration date, and if your system clock is off by even a few minutes, it could cause this error message.

That’s why, If your LG TV is displaying an error message that says “LG TV server certificate has expired”, one possible solution is to correct the time and date on your TV.

In some cases, when your TV doesn’t have a working Internet connection, your TV will set the date and time incorrectly. 

Because, Automatic TV date and time work on NTP Protocol, which relies on a working internet connection, if your TV doesn’t have an internet connection, that might be the problem.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to change the time and date on your LG TV.

Steps to update the Date and Time on LG TV:

  1. From the TV menu, select Settings > Time by pressing the SMART button on the remote control.
  2. After that, From the TV menu, select the Clock option.
  3. You will have two options: “Auto” and “Manual”.
  4. You can select “Auto” and if it doesn’t sync, select “Manual“.
  5. By doing this, you can easily change the time and date.
Quick Tip: If the date and time are correct but the error message persists, change the clock to one year behind. Many users have reported that this was a temporary fix until the stable firmware was released.

Update the affected apps

There is also the possibility that the exact application that is causing this error is out of date, and when the applications become out-of-date, they can cause conflicts with TV, which can result in this error appearing on your television.

It is for this reason that you should manually check if there are any updates available for the app on your TV, and if there are, update it.

Upgrade Firmware

LG TV Firmware Update (Via OTA)
LG TV Firmware Update (Via OTA)

The other possible reason you may be getting an error such as “server certificate expired” or “Error 201” is that your TV’s firmware has become outdated and you would need to upgrade it to the latest stable version in order to resolve the issue.

Some users have reported that after manually upgrading their firmware, the error message no longer appears.

Here are the steps through which you can update your LG TVs Firmware:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” > “All Settings” > “Support
  2. After that, Select “Software Update”
  3. Select “Check Updates” if the updates are available, and download and install them.
  4. Once the TV has been updated, turn it off manually for 2-3 minutes before turning it back on.

It is the automatic firmware upgrade method, but if you wish to go with the manual method, you can do it easily by following the step-by-step firmware upgrade process from the official website of LG TV.


Don’t panic if you see the “LG TV Server Certificate Has Expired” error message on your LG TV. This is a relatively common problem faced by a wide range of LG TV users. The good news is that it is usually quite easy to fix.

To quickly wrap it up for you, your LG TV is unable to load the server certificate due to certain reasons like incorrect date and time, outdated TV software, and outdated applications, in order to get it sorted, here’s what needs to be done:

  • Manually correct the time and date on your LG TV.
  • Update all installed or affected applications.
  • Update the TV firmware.

Hopefully, the above guide has been helpful to you and if you face any issues, make sure you are following the steps correctly.

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