Do All TVs Have Coaxial Input? What If Not And More!

What do you do if your TV does not have coaxial inputs, whether it is new, old, or smart? Do they all have coaxial inputs, or do they have different inputs?

The information I have provided on TVs, Coaxial Inputs, Tuners, Antennas, etc., will be helpful to you if you wish to learn more about them.

It is common for people to think that all TVs have coaxial inputs, when in fact, it’s not true for all of them. This guide will help clear up any confusion you may have and inform you whether or not all TVs have coaxial inputs.

Let’s start with the basics and learn more about them as we go along.

Are all TVs equipped with coaxial inputs?

First, it’s important to understand what coaxial input is. A coaxial input is a type of connector that is used to connect your TV to an external device, like a cable box or satellite receiver. This type of input is also sometimes referred to as an RF input since it’s typically used for radio frequency signals.

Coaxial Input On TV
Coaxial Input On TV

Now that you know what coaxial input is, you’re probably wondering if all TVs have them. The answer is yes, all TVs are equipped with coaxial inputs.

Legally as per federal laws, if an electronic device is being marketed or sold by calling it a TV, then it’s legally required to have it equipped with Coaxial inputs.

Now let us come to the part where you see the same devices as the TV but they do not have coaxial inputs.

It is true that if they do not have coaxial inputs, they are not TVs, but mere displays like monitors.

This is because a coaxial input is not just a standard input, it carries a tuner card as well.

TV Tuner Card
TV Tuner Card (Image Credits: Wikipedia)

Basically, TV tuners work by receiving and decoding broadcast signals so that you can watch TV on your TV. Every TV requires some type of tuner so that your TV can display TV signals.

Most modern TVs have a digital tuner built-in, but older TVs may require an external digital converter box. Some high-end TVs also have an analog tuner for receiving old-style analog TV signals.

It is therefore important to check the specifications of your new TV before you buy to ensure it has this feature because brands do sell it as a Smart 4K High Definition Display, making people believe that it is a Smart TV with OTA or cable TV capabilities.

What if your TV has no coaxial input?

Display back without Coax Input.png

When we are witnessing aggressive marketing nowadays, we can all be misled, and if you also purchased a 4K smart display and found out that it doesn’t have coax cable input, don’t worry, you can still use it, but there’s a catch.

We’ll get straight to the point and explain how to hook up an HD antenna to a Smart TV with no coaxial input.

If your TV does not have an f-type coaxial cable or normal coax cable connector for which to connect the antenna, you may be able to use the antenna with the help of a digital converter box that you can purchase online or at any retailer with a department of electronics.

TV Tuner Digital Converter
TV Tuner Digital Converter

Due to the converter box’s tuner, you can use your antenna to receive TV signals from the broadcast towers with your television.

When you connect a digital converter box to your TV, you will need to run a channel scan on the converter box connected to your TV, and you will be able to watch free television over the air!


Do all TVs have an antenna input?

By Federal Law, every TV we purchase must have a tuner that allows us to receive broadcast television stations! If the packaging or description indicates that the TV does not have a tuner, then we should avoid it! 

That’s why, It is important to check the TV specifications to ensure that it has an antenna, “RF”, coax, or cable TV input.

Do I need a coax if I have HDMI?

Yes, HDMI does not replace the coaxial cable. However, if you have a converter or cable box that has tuners built into it, you can connect it to the TV via HDMI cable, and in that case, the coax cable input will not be needed.

Is a coax cable the same as a TV cable?

As a matter of fact, coaxial cables and TV cables are one and the same. Both cables connect a television to an external device, such as a satellite receiver or a cable box.

Can a TV pick up local channels without an antenna?

TVs can pick up local channels without an antenna. All you need is a coax cable to connect the TV to the signal source. Although, If your TV doesn’t have a coax cable input, it means it has no TV tuner and therefore cannot pick up OTA channels.

How do you connect a cable TV without coaxial input?

An adapter can be used to connect cable TVs with no coaxial inputs. You will need to connect the adapter to the cable TV box and plug it into the TV. As coax is now a digital cable, you only need a cable box where the coax is connected and the cable box connected to the TV via HDMI or RCA.