How To Tune Sky Remote With Hitachi TV? Quick Way!!

Do you wish to tune your Sky remote to work with Hitachi TV, or do you wish to use a Sky remote control to operate your Hitachi smart TV?

Those who already know how to pair the Sky remote with Hitachi TV and have tried the codes can enjoy controlling both of them with one remote.

If, however, you have trouble tuning the Sky remote to the Hitachi TV or if you cannot find the codes required to make that happen, I will help you with this guide and I will walk you through the whole process.

If you wish to tune Sky remote with your Hitachi TV, Sky’s official website provides codes for almost every TV model with which Sky remotes can be programmed or tuned. First, you need to identify your TV model and then get the correct code for it by going to the Sky website.

In case you are unaware of how to tune the remote, follow the steps below carefully, and by the end of this guide, you will be able to pair the Sky remote with your Hitachi TV easily.

How To Tune Sky Remote with Hitachi TV?

For Sky Remote to work with your Hitachi TV, you will need to know the model number of your TV, the Sky remote code that is compatible with your TV, and then by following some easy instructions on the remote you will be able to program it.

  1. Get your TV model number
  2. Get Remote code from Sky
  3. Tune Remote
Sky Remote
Sky Remote

Find your Hitachi TV Model

Your Hitachi TV’s model number can be found on its back panel. You will see multiple numbers, including the serial number and model number.

Hitachi TV Model

You can refer to the image below if you need help finding it. Once you find it, be sure to write it down somewhere where you will recall it when you need the remote code.

Get Hitachi TV Remote Code from Sky

Now that you have the model number of your TV, you need to know the remote code which is compatible with it.

You can find all remote codes on Sky’s website and you need to visit the Sky TV Remote Codes page, where you need to find the remote code for your TV model number.

You will have to program the Sky Remote to your Hitachi TV once you have the remote code for your TV. I have provided the steps through which you can program the Sky remote to your Hitachi TV.

Tune Hitachi TV with Sky Remote

To program the Sky remote to control your Hitachi TV, please follow these instructions.

  1. Switch on your Hitachi TV.
  2. On your Sky remote control, press the TV button.
  3. After pressing Select and RED for a few seconds, wait for the LED to blink twice before releasing them.
  4. Now, Again, press the TV button
  5. The LED will blink twice once you enter the 4 digit brand code: 0145
  6. Now, Simply point the remote at the TV and press the Standby button.
  7. In case the TV does not go into Standby mode, press the TV button and repeat step 6

Note: In case you didn’t find the exact code for your Hitachi TV Model, Try each of the codes held on your remote for various Hitachi televisions by repeating steps 6 through 8.

If step 6 was successful, you know exactly what code controlled your television, so at that point, you can store it, and you are done. If not, you can continue and try other codes.

Tune Sky Remote With TV
Tune Sky Remote With TV

Quick Tip: Hitachi TVs are sometimes made by Vestel, and you can try Vestel from the list of Sky codes.

Wrapping It Up

The convenience of being able to control all your devices with a single remote is unquestionable.

In the above guide, I have provided all the steps you need to tune your Sky remote to work with Hitachi TV.

Moreover, if you have any difficulty even after trying all the codes displayed on the website and following the correct process multiple times, then it will not be possible to pair your Hitachi TV with Sky remote, and in that case, you can get a universal remote through which you can control both devices easily.

Lastly to sum it up:

In order to pair the Sky remote with Hitachi TV

  • First note down your TV Model from back panel of your TV.
  • Then, visit Sky website and find the remote code compatible with your Hitachi TV.
  • Lastly, perform tuning steps on remote and try the codes (Its good to try multiple of them).

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