How To Control Hitachi TV Without Remote Control?

Have you lost your Hitachi TV remote control or it has been broken, so you need to control your TV without a remote?

As a TV enthusiast, I do always find ways to get things done through multiple methods, and in this guide, I will explain how you can control your Hitachi TV without a remote control.

When it comes to accomplishing specific tasks like turning the Hitachi TV on, switching input source, tuning, volume control, changing channels, connecting to WiFi, or changing settings, there are a variety of ways through which these tasks can be accomplished without a remote control.

Through this guide, you will learn some known methods that you might already be aware of, and some that you may not have heard of before. At the end of this guide, you will know multiple ways to control your Hitachi TV without the remote.

How To Control Hitachi TV Without Remote Control?

There are multiple ways to control Hitachi TV without its remote control, including using an app, manually via buttons, using a gaming console, CEC control, and using a universal remote control.

Specific tasks such as turning it on, changing the volume, changing the input source, connecting to wifi, etc will be discussed later in the post, so let’s look at how to operate it without its remote first.

  • Manually via Buttons
  • Using a Remote App
  • Using Gaming console
  • Via CEC Remote feature
  • Using a Universal Remote control

Manually via Buttons

In spite of the fact that the newest televisions don’t come with many buttons on their panel, if you look closely you will still find a number of buttons on the back panel, the bottom or the side of your Hitachi TV which will allow you to perform basic functions without a remote control.

Hitachi TV Buttons
Hitachi TV Buttons

If you lose the manual which usually happens, then you can refer to the official website and there you will find the PDF file of the user manual. In that, you will find all the buttons you might have not noticed.

Note: If you do already have a remote but it’s not working, check this guide on how to fix Hitachi TV Remote not working issue?

Using a Remote App

Although this option has its limitations, it is widely used and loved by users. In fact, I personally use it sometimes to control my TV.

Hitachi TV Remote App (Credits: APK Pure)
Hitachi TV Remote App (Credits: APK Pure)

Thus, if you want to control your Hitachi TV without remote control, the Remote App is a good option. These apps use IR technology, and just like universal remotes, they can perform basic functions.

More specifically, if your Hitachi TV is running Android or Roku, then you have much more control over its operation through these apps that are available in the Playstore and Appstore.

Using Gaming console

It may not be familiar to you but it’s possible to do a few basic and minimal tasks such as turning it on and switching input via a gaming console such as the Playstation or Xbox.

As an example, you can turn on your Hitachi TV without its remote control if you connect the PlayStation via HDMI and select the “HDMI Device Link” option in the Playstation settings.

HDMI Link Option Playstation
HDMI Link Option Playstation

Note: As the TV is already off and you’re wondering how to enable it on your PlayStation, you can enable it by connecting your PlayStation to another device and then connecting it to Hitachi TV.

Via CEC Remote feature

CEC is gaining worldwide popularity and this is one of my favorite methods to control my TV as well as soundbars and other devices that do not have remote controls.

Basically, CEC is a feature in TVs that needs to be enabled via the settings. Once enabled, you can pair other remotes throughout the house with your TV to be able to operate both your TV and other devices.

Make sure to check first if the CEC feature is present on your TV as it is only available on TVs manufactured within the past 3-5 years.

Quick Tip: You can control your Hitachi TV using your Sky Remote, here is the guide on how to tune Sky Remote to Hitachi TV.

Using a Universal Remote control

As an alternative to all of the above ways through which you can control your Hitachi smart TV without its remote, you can also get a universal remote. If you don’t own a universal remote, you can easily get one as they are more valuable than their price tags.

Furthermore, you can use this universal remote to control other devices in your home that are compatible with it, as well as your TV.

Wrapping It Up

Thus, these are all options through which you can operate your Hitachi TV without its remote control, and although it might be temporary, these ways are worth knowing and can be quite helpful.

If there is any other way you can operate your TV without using its remote control, please let me know in the comments below so I can add it to this guide.

How to turn on Hitachi tv without a remote?

The Hitachi TV can be turned on without its remote control by pressing the bottom button on the TV. You need to make sure the power light is on before doing so. You can also use a PlayStation to link it via HDMI and use Remote apps.

How to tune a Hitachi tv without remote

The Hitachi TV cannot be tuned or retuned without remote control because tuning requires specific instructions which must be provided to the TV.

Nevertheless, if you have a remote application on your mobile device or tablet, or if you have a universal remote, you can tune it if you lose or break the remote.

How to change the input source on Hitachi tv without a remote?

It is possible to change the input source on Hitachi TV by pressing the panel buttons or using remote applications. Check out the back or bottom panel of your TV for the input switch buttons, depending on the model.

How to control the volume on Hitachi tv without a remote?

With the universal remote control or the remote app, you can control the volume of your Hitachi TV without the use of its remote control. With these methods, you can adjust the volume.