Samsung TV Remote Keeps Disconnecting (Do This To Fix Easily)

Is your Samsung TV remote constantly disconnecting from the TV and do you have to reboot the TV to reconnect it?

Don’t worry, you are not alone, several users have reported the same issue with both the normal Samsung TV remote as well as Samsung’s solar TV remote.

I was experiencing this problem for a while, The remote would disconnect from my Samsung TV every couple of days, and the only way I could get it to reconnect was by turning off the TV, unplugging it, and then turning it back on again.

It seemed unfair that I had to go through this process with an expensive, high-end television. It shouldn’t have been necessary to jump through all these hoops just to get the basic functionality of remote control.

As the remote kept disconnecting from the TV every now and then, I was left with only a few options like buying a new Bluetooth module for the TV, replacing the remote with the same one, replacing the remote with an IR remote, or getting a new TV.

As a research-minded electronic enthusiast, I decided to investigate further since there is no use in being an enthusiast if I cannot resolve this common issue by myself.

Basically, Samsung TV Remote Control keeps disconnecting from the TV due to a faulty Bluetooth module, or a conflict between Bluetooth and WiFi frequencies, as Samsung TV Remote uses 2.4 GHz, which is the same frequency most other electronic devices use to connect with WiFi.

There can be other underlying issues that can cause this as well, so without further ado, let’s see what can be done for a proper stable connection between your Samsung TV and its remote control.

Why Does My Samsung TVs Remote Control Keep Disconnecting?

Here are some common reasons why your Samsung TV’s remote control may be disconnecting:

  1. Faulty WiFi/Bluetooth module in the TV:

If the TV module that handles wireless connections is not functioning properly, it could cause the remote to disconnect.

  1. Frequency conflict:

As mentioned earlier, the remote uses a Bluetooth frequency of 2.4 GHz, which is also used by many other electronic devices to connect to WiFi. If there is interference between these frequencies, it could cause the remote to disconnect.

  1. Weak remote battery:

If the battery in the remote is running low, it could affect the remote’s ability to connect and stay connected to the TV.

  1. Intermittent WiFi Internet connection:

If the internet connection is unstable or fluctuating, it could cause issues with the TV and remote connection.

  1. Faulty remote or TV itself: 

It’s also possible that the issue could be with the remote itself or the TV itself. In either case, it may be necessary to have them repaired or replaced.

Now that we are aware of all possible reasons, let’s see what you can do to get it sorted.

How To Prevent Your Samsung TVs Remote Control From Disconnecting?

Here are the different methods which you can take in order to fix the disconnection issue of your Samsung TV remote:

Optimize WiFi Router

One potential solution is to optimize your WiFi router. This can involve making sure it is up to date with the latest firmware, ensuring it is placed in a central location within your home, and minimizing the number of devices that are connected to a particular frequency to which the TV is connected.

It has been reported by many Samsung TV users, that once the 2.4 GHz wifi frequency channel got updated, the disconnection issue got sorted.

It happens because the Samsung TV remote, TV itself along with most of the other devices at home gets connected to the same 2.4 GHz wifi frequency which often conflicts with the remote itself causing it to disconnect.

To change the wifi frequency channel on your router, navigate to the router admin page (GUI) and then click on the wifi settings, you will get the option to change the wifi channel.

Turn Off TV’s WiFi and Use Ethernet

As mentioned above, often Samsung TV remotes usually disconnect from the TV due to a conflict between the router’s wireless connection and the TV’s remote.

Let me share with you what happened in my case when I faced this issue:

Once I disconnected the Wifi from the TV, I connected a cat5 cable (Ethernet cable) and selected ethernet as the connection type. To ensure that everything was working properly, I double-checked that all of the connections were securely wired up. After that, I tested to make sure that my internet connection was functioning correctly on TV, and my remote control didn’t disconnect again afterward.

That’s why, By turning off the TV’s WiFi and using an Ethernet cable instead, you can resolve this issue and prevent disconnections.

This solution has been reported to work best as it eliminates any potential interference from other devices or nearby wireless frequencies.

Connecting with an Ethernet cable also provides a more reliable connection than relying solely on Wi-Fi, so if you have access to one then it is definitely worth giving this method a try.

Replace TV’s Bluetooth/WiFi Module

Since Bluetooth and WiFi both rely on a stable wireless connection to work and are controlled by a wireless module of the TV, when the TV’s wifi module is faulty, it often leads to frequent disconnections, poor wireless range, trouble reconnecting, etc.

That’s why if you have tried changing the wifi frequency channel and optimized the wifi router already and do not wish to go with the ethernet connection method, the faulty Bluetooth/Wifi module scenario can not be ruled out, and replacing it will be your option.

As, This more technical solution and may require the help of a professional, if your TV is under warranty, it’s best to contact Samsung support and they will get it replaced hassle-free.

Replace Remote

If you have tested your TV’s Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module and confirmed that it is working properly by connecting other devices to it wirelessly, then the problem lies with the remote.

This means that replacing the remote could be a good solution for this issue.

Note: It is important to make sure that all batteries in the remote are fresh and functioning correctly before attempting to replace it as this can often be an easy fix for many issues.

If after replacing the batteries you still find that your Samsung TV’s remote keeps disconnecting, then it may be best to look into buying a new one as this would likely solve your issue.

Moreover, if you think that your remote control doesn’t have any issue because it turns off and on TV without any problem, let me explain this quickly.

The Samsung TV remote uses an infrared signal to turn the TV on and off. It then utilizes a Bluetooth connection to control other functions, such as volume, channel selection, and menu navigation.

This ensures that all of your commands are sent directly to the television quickly and accurately with minimal latency.

Bonus Alternate Solution

In case you want to control your TV hassle-free and get rid of Bluetooth connection, you should get a generic Samsung IR remote that does not have Bluetooth and can be used with your TV easily.


It’s one of the most frustrating feeling when your TV remote loses connection automatically. Bluetooth remotes are quite common and it’s not just Samsung TV remotes that do it.

As I have faced it myself and sorted that out as well, I hope the above guide will be helpful to you. 

To quickly wrap it up, your Samsung TV remote keeps disconnecting from the TV due to frequency conflict, a weak wireless connection, or a faulty WiFi/Bluetooth module.

Here’s what to do when you face it:

  • Optimize Wifi router
  • Use an Ethernet connection and turn off the TVs wi-fi connection
  • Replace Wifi/Bluetooth module on your TV
  • Replace Remote itself