Samsung TV Channel Guide Wrong Time? (Time-Date Grayed Out)

Recently I faced a strange issue with our Samsung TV. I had tried adjusting the clock time on my Samsung TV, but I was not able to make any changes to the time and date. 

Apart from that, I was also having trouble with the Samsung TVs channel guide because it had the wrong time. I wanted to use the preview list to see what channels were on at a particular time, and then scroll through times. Unfortunately, due to the incorrect time display on the channel guide, I couldn’t get this done.

After some research, I discovered that there were many users who were in similar situation and their Samsung TVs Channel Guide time was wrong and for some reason they were also not able to update the time and date manually.

If you are also in a similar situation and want to fix the program guide time on your Samsung TV or wish to manually update the date and time, In this guide, I will help you with working solutions and why the time and date go wrong affecting the channel guide also.

How Can I Fix the Wrong Channel Guide Time on Samsung TV?

There are several ways to fix the incorrect time on your Samsung TVs channel guide.

The easiest way is to manually set or adjust the clock-in settings.

You can also make sure that your television is connected to a wired or wireless internet connection so that it can receive an automatic update from time servers which will keep your time accurate.

Additionally, you can disable "Auto Daylight Savings" if you have enabled this setting and it has caused incorrect time on your TV as well as the channel guide.

Note: So If you have been experiencing an issue with the TV guide on your Samsung TV where it becomes offset by an hour after the TV adjusts for daylight saving time (DST). One solution is to switch the TV clock to manual mode and turn DST on or off based on the offset of the guide. However, next time DST changes, you’ll have to do it again.

How To Change Time And Date On Your Samsung TV Automatically?

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > System Manager with the remote.
  2. Go to Time > Clock, then set Clock Mode to Auto.
  3. Select Time Offset in Auto mode to change time lapse.
    Note: DST (Daylight Saving) and Time Zone can’t be adjusted when Auto mode is enabled.
  4. To enable DST (daylight saving), go to Settings > General.
  5. Select Reset > On/Auto.

Alright, this was the automatic way to change the time and date on your Samsung TV.

Suppose you do not have internet access, as the above method requires internet connectivity, don’t worry in that case, you can do that through the manual method.

How To Change Time And Date Manually On Samsung TV?

If you’d rather set the time on your TV manually, here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > System Manager using your remote.
  2. Go to Time > Clock.
  3. Select ‘Clock Mode‘ and choose ‘Manual‘.
  4. Lastly, Use remote buttons to set the current date & time.

And that’s all there is to it! With these steps, you should be able to easily set the time on your Samsung TV manually.

How To Access Samsung TV Channel / Program Guide?

Recently, Samsung changed the way users access the Channel Guide on their TVs, and some people may have found it inconvenient or unaware of the changes.

If you’re one of those users, don’t worry, there are still a few different ways you can access the Channel Guide on your Samsung TV.

Older Samsung TV Models (Earlier than 2022)

If you’ve got an earlier or older model of the TV, you can access the TV guide using the Smart Remote.

  • Just press the center of the CH UP/DN button and the guide will come right up.

This is a really convenient way to access the TV guide, especially if you’re using an older model of TV that doesn’t have a dedicated Guide button on the remote. It’s just a quick press of a button and you’ll be able to see what’s on each channel and plan your viewing schedule.

Newer Models (2022 and upcoming)

Those with Samsung TVs that have a newer model may have noticed a change in how to access the TV guide.

On newer models, the guide button on the remote has been replaced with a Disney+ button, so the steps mentioned in the previous message will not work for accessing the TV guide on these newer models.

Why Can’t I Change Time Zone on my Samsung TV?

Don’t worry if your Samsung TV won’t let you set the time zone, there’s an easy fix!

You need to take care of basic things and check the settings for your TV’s time and date.

If you see that the “Auto Mode” option is turned on, that’s the reason why you’re unable to make any changes to the time zone. In order to modify the time zone, you’ll need to turn off “Auto Mode” first.

Make sure to double-check that everything is set correctly before hitting “save” – or else the TV will still display the incorrect time.

Why Clock Settings Greyed Out On My Samsung TV?

If you’re trying to set the time on your Samsung TV but the Clock setting is grayed out, it could be because you’re currently using an app on your TV while accessing these settings.

To fix this, try exiting the app and get back to main TV source. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to access the Clock setting and set the time as normal. 

Why Time And Date Options Are Grayed Out Even On Clock Mode Is Set To Manual?

If you’re trying to access the Timezone or other setup parameters on your TV, there’s an important step you need to follow first. Make sure you have the Input set to “TV” before you enter the setup.

This might seem like a small detail, but it’s actually really important. If you don’t have the Input set to “TV,” you won’t be able to access the Timezone or other setup parameters. So before you dive into the setup menu, double-check that the Input is set to “TV.”

And that’s all there is to it! With this simple step, you’ll be able to access all the setup options you need to change the time and date as well as fix the channel guide time on your Samsung TV.