Samsung TV Can’t Change Language, Menu, Audio (Do This)

Is your Samsung TV mistakenly set to the wrong language and now you wish to change it to your preferred language but it’s not letting you change it?

Well, this is quite an interesting situation that reminds us of our old days when we often changed the language to incorrect while tweaking with TV settings but later couldn’t figure out how to revert it to our preferred language.

Don’t worry, if you are in a similar situation, as someone who already spent his entire day tweaking TV settings, going through their respective functions whether its hardware or software, I will help you with language issues on your Samsung TV, whether it Menu language or the Audio language while playing any content. 

To give you a quick overview, here’s what I’ve covered:

  • Changing menu language via default method
  • What to do if its already on incorrect menu language which we don’t understand
  • How to troubleshoot if it’s not allowing us to make changes
  • Changing menu language without remote control
  • How to change the audio language
  • Why is your Samsung TV stuck on the language setup screen and how to fix it

So if you are facing any of the above issues, worry not, let’s get started and by the end of this guide, you will be able to easily solve any of the above-listed issues on your Samsung TV.

Can You Change the Language on A Samsung TV

Well, this is obvious but just for reference, yes just like any other TV gives the option to change languages, Samsung TV also gives the option to change the Menu language by selecting from numerous languages, apart from that, if you are playing a movie or TV show via external drive or have content with multiple audio languages, you can change the audio language as well.

Language Change Option On Samsung TV
Language Change Option On Samsung TV

How To Change Language On Samsung TV?

To change the Menu language on your Samsung TV, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Press the “Home button” on your TV remote, navigate to “Settings” > “General” > “System Manager” > “Language” and select your desired language.

That’s all there is to it! With these steps, you can easily change the Menu language on your Samsung TV.

How To Change Language When It’s Already On Wrong Language?

Well, Don’t panic if you’re trying to find your way around the settings menu on your Samsung TV but it’s already in the wrong language and you don’t understand it.

The menu options will still be in the same order, no matter what language your TV is displaying. 

So even if you don’t recognize the language, you can still follow the steps to access the setting you need. Simply look for the menu options in the same order they appear on the menu, and you should be able to change it to your preferred language.

Why Can’t I Change the Language on My Samsung TV?

Now coming to the main part, what to do when you are not able to change the menu language.

Well, If you’re trying to change the language on your Samsung TV but the option is greyed out and unavailable, there could be a couple of reasons for this. One possibility is that you have an app running in the background, or the TV is on an input that doesn’t allow certain features.

Method #1 (Exit All Apps)

If this is the case, the easiest solution is to simply exit all apps and make sure you’re on the home screen before you try to change the language again.

Once you’re on the home screen, you should be able to access the language setting and make any changes you need.

Method #2 (Choose Correct Input)

If you’re still having trouble, it’s worth double-checking that the TV is not set to an input that doesn’t allow certain features.

For example, some inputs may not allow you to change the language or other settings. If this is the case, try switching to a different input and see if that allows you to access the language setting in the menu.

Method #3 (Factory Reset)

The third option is the factory reset method, it is possible that the TV settings are glitched and that is why you can’t make any changes to the language, in that case, doing the factory reset will clear out any glitches and will allow you to change the language to your preferred choice.

To factory reset your Samsung TV:

  • Press the home button on your remote, go to Settings (gear icon), and select Reset and Confirm. This will reset your TV to factory settings.

Changing Language Settings on Samsung TV without a Remote

Now, what if you do not have access to a TV remote, and are stuck on the wrong TV language, well, don’t worry, there’s a way for this one also.

If you’re looking for the controls on your Samsung TV to navigate into the menu without remote control, you’re in luck – most models have them located either on the back of the TV (in the bottom right-hand corner) or in the center.

These control stick/panel buttons give you access to all sorts of useful features, including the Home Menu, Settings Menu, the ability to return to the previous menu, and the option to select the source for your TV.

In case, your Samsung TV model has only a single button, a single button on your Samsung TV can turn it on/off, change the channel & volume, and select the source, but won’t let you change the language without a remote.

If you’re still struggling to change the language of the menu on your Samsung TV, don’t despair, there’s one last way you can try, and that is contacting Samsung support. 

It’s because Samsung technicians have the ability to remotely access your TV and adjust the settings for you. This can be a super convenient way to get the help you need without having to lug your TV to a repair shop or fuss with technical issues on your own. So if all else fails, consider reaching out to Samsung for a little remote assistance.

Samsung TV Stuck on Language Screen

Samsung TV Stuck On Language Screen
Samsung TV Stuck On Language Screen

Many Samsung TV users report that when they use their TVs for the first time or set them up, they can’t select a language on the TV, they simply see the language screen on the TV, and they are unable to move past it.

The thing that makes it more confusing is that we can turn off and on the TV with the remote at the same time, giving the impression that the remote is perfectly paired.

Upon contacting Samsung, it turned out that the problem was that the remote hadn’t been paired with the TV.

Simply, Press and hold “return” and “play/pause” together while the TV is on to pair them.

So guess what? If your TV doesn’t automatically pair or you are not able to use it on the language screen, press these 2 buttons (Return and Play/Pause).

How to Change the Audio Language of a Movie on Samsung TV?

Now, coming to the Audio language part, you might remember that in our early days we used to watch movies on our PC which has multiple audio and can easily switch audio to our preferred.

In the same way, Samsung TV allows us to change the language of the audio track if the external file supports multi-track sound.

Let’s see how you can get it done.

Method #1: Direct options method

To do this, simply press select while watching a video, then choose Options > Audio Language from the menu.

This will give you a list of available languages to choose from. However, if the file does not support multi-track sound, then it is not possible to change the audio language.

Method #2: Another method to change Audio Language:

  1. Once the “Info button” has been pressed, use the ▲▼ buttons to select Audio.
  2. This will bring up a list of available audio language options.
  3. Select the desired language by pressing ◀ ▶ buttons on the remote control.
  4. Once selected, playback should continue in that specific language.

Important: You need to play the video and then the wheel will display the menu to change the audio track or the subtitles, it won’t display available languages if the video is not playing.

Still Can Not Change Audio Language On Your Samsung TV?

If there are still issues with changing audio languages, it is possible that not all languages have been included in the movie itself and thus cannot be changed using this method.

Samsung TV audio language cannot be changed for the following reasons:

  • Samsung’s limited codec library does not support many old AVI movies
  • Multi-language not supported

In such cases, it may be worth looking for an alternate version of the movie which includes all required languages instead of trying to change audio language via Samsung TV settings.