Hitachi TV Sound But No Picture? Quick Black Screen Fix!

Having problems with your Hitachi TV since it is turning on but has no picture, there are a few reasons why the Hitachi TV screen is black and you can hear the sound without the picture.

It is undoubtedly annoying and makes us uneasy because whenever we encounter such problems, we eventually wonder whether it is a hardware problem or if we should replace our TV.

Many of us have faced such issues when the screen goes black or blank but the sound keeps playing on the TV. I too faced such a problem recently, and since I am an enthusiast, I started troubleshooting it and followed Hitachi’s official flow chart as well.

If you are having the same issue where your Hitachi TV is turning on, sound is playing but the screen is black with no picture, I have covered it in this comprehensive guide which will help you to solve it.

On Hitachi TVs, a black screen with sound can occur because of a minor glitch or mainboard failure, which can be rectified by resetting the TV and replacing the T-Con board.

Before jumping to any conclusions, I recommend going through the troubleshooting process so that you know where the problem is and how to resolve it.

Why Does My Hitachi TV Have a Black Screen With Sound?

Similar to any other hardware device the Hitachi TV is also susceptible to electronic failures causing issues. From a minor software issue to a TV’s mainboard failure, the root cause can be anywhere, leading to sound but no picture on your Hitachi TV.

Hitachi TV black screen with sound

In my case, the issue was resolved by doing a couple of hard resets carefully, so I suggest you follow the troubleshooting steps carefully and don’t miss anything.

Since we often complete all steps in a hurry, which neither solves the issue nor gives a good idea of the possible cause of it.

Black screen with sound on your Hitachi television could be caused by:

  • Software Glitch
  • Faulty Mainboard
  • Overheating Issue
  • Faulty Cables

Other than the above-mentioned reasons, there is no other cause of this issue on your Hitachi TV and I have outlined below all the steps to rectify it.

How To Fix Hitachi TV No Picture But Sound Issue?

If the problem is not related to the LCD TV power board or the mainboard, the Hitachi TV picture or sound problem can usually be fixed using the TV reset option.

Because of this, I’ve organized the troubleshooting guide in a way that you will be able to determine whether the hardware is faulty or if it is a minor glitch in the software.

  1. Perform Proper Reset
  2. Check If Main Board or T-Con Board is faulty
  3. Clean Up Main Board and T-Con Board

Reset Hitachi TV

There are many reports of this along with the advice of the official Hitachi support when I spoke with them. It did resolve the issue in my case as well as other users as well, so before proceeding any further do a proper reset of your Hitachi TV.

Steps To Hard Reset Hitachi TV

First Method To Reset:

  1. For 10 minutes, unplug the TV from the wall outlet.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the TV for 60 seconds.
  3. Plug the TV in and turn it on.

Second Method To Power Reset:

  1. On the TV side panel, press and hold both ‘vol’ and ‘menu’.
  2. Keep holding while you release the ‘power’ button on the panel.
  3. Count to five and release the hold.

Depending on your TV model, you can choose either method and reset the TV with the above steps.

If you finish these steps, you can turn on the TV and the black screen will move past it and you will be able to use it normally, but if that does not resolve the issue, try the next method.

Inspect If Main Board and T-Con Board Are Faulty

Using this method, you can find out whether you have a problem with the power board and mainboard of your Hitachi LCD TV.

  1. To test the Hitachi TV, take it to a dark room and close all the doors and windows.
  2. Connect the TV to the wall socket and turn it on by pressing the power button.
  3. You can check to see if the TV has a picture by pointing a torch or flashlight parallel to the TV screen and pointing the torch or flashlight at it.
  4. If the Hitachi TV screen moves or you can see the picture with a pointed touch, then the problem is not the TV mainboard, but apparently a problem with the television’s backlight.
  5. However, if there is no movement on the TV black screen, then the problem might be with the T-Con board.

Once you are certain whether the issue is with the backlight or the mainboard, you can proceed accordingly. In most cases, when they press the TV from any specific corner or place, the screen returns.

Mainboard and T-Con board Hitachi TV
Mainboard and T-Con board Hitachi TV

Note: In the above picture, there’s a correction, some people refer to them incorrectly and get confused between the Power Supply and the Mainboard of the TV. Below I am providing you with a corrected and updated picture of Hisense TV for better clarity.

Power Supply, Mainboard, T-Con board inside Hisense TV
Power Supply, Mainboard, T-Con board inside Hisense TV

Additionally, if you get the screen and it goes back to black after a few minutes or hours, then it is likely that the screen is overheating and the proper ventilation is not reaching the mainboard and T-Con board and in that case, cleaning will be required.

Clean Main Board and T-Con Board

It is necessary to remove the TV from the wall and to place it on its side on the floor.

To clean up all the air vents, take a leaf blower or hairdryer and gently clean them up. Also, blow some pressured air on the mainboard and T-con board.

You can now plug your TV back into the power socket and turn it back on, and you will not have any more issues with the black screen and sound on your Hitachi TV.

Wrapping it Up

With the guidance above, I hope you will be able to fix the issue with your TV since it did work for me when I faced the issue, and I have provided the reference information from official sources as well as forum technicians, where I often assist people in rectifying such issues with their TVs.

In conclusion, your Hitachi TV is black with sound due to a minor glitch, faulty mainboard, or overheating. Here’s what you can do in order to rectify the situation.

  • Power Reset Hitachi TV.
  • Check faulty cables along with the Main Board and T-Con board.
  • Clean up the Air vents along with T-con board and main board.