Hisense TV Game Mode Grayed Out? (Here’s What To Do)

Want to enjoy the game mode feature to play low latency games on your Hisense TV, but you found out that the Game Mode option is grayed out and you are not able to change it?

I know that playing games on big screens with dedicated features like low input lag is amazing, but some Hisense TV users have reported that they can’t use Game Mode because the option is grayed out when they navigate menus to select it.

I witnessed it on my friend’s new Hisense TV. I decided to dig deeper and see what is the root cause, how it works, and what needs to be done in order to use it.

Game Mode Option Grayed Out On Hisense TV
Game Mode Option Grayed Out On Hisense TV

In this guide, apart from troubleshooting, this grayed-out issue, I will explain what the “Game Mode” does, how to turn it off and on, and what are its requirements to use.

Before I continue, let me give you a glimpse.

  • Not all Hisense TVs have Game Mode.
  • Game Mode feature will be available only when a Gaming Console is detected.
  • Game Mode is not available (Grayed out) for native apps and downloaded games.
  • Certain requirements like high-speed HDMI cable and an active “Enhanced HDMI 2.0” option are needed to use it.

Okay, now let’s take a closer look and troubleshoot this further.

What Game Mode is On Hisense TV?

Many TVs, including Hisense TVs, have the game mode feature that optimizes the TV’s performance for video gaming. Here’s how it works:

  • When the game mode is enabled, the TV’s processing power is redirected toward the gaming experience, which can reduce input lag and improve the overall gaming experience. 
  • Input lag is the time it takes for the TV to display a change on the screen after receiving a signal from a gaming controller. A lower input lag means that the TV will respond more quickly to the controller, which can make the game feel more responsive and smoother.
  • Game mode reduces the TV’s picture processing, which can further reduce input lag. However, this may also result in a lower-quality image or washed-out colors, as the TV’s picture processing algorithms are responsible for improving the clarity and detail of the image.
  • The game mode may also disable certain features or settings that are not relevant to gaming, such as a picture or certain audio enhancements, or power-saving modes.

Now let’s see if this feature is available on all Hisense TVs and, if not, which ones do.

Do All Hisense TVs Have Game Mode?

Unfortunately, game mode is not available on all Hisense TVs. This is a short list of Hisense TVs that do have game mode and they are as follows:

  • Hisense U7H
  • Hisense U8H
  • Hisense A7H
  • Hisense A4BG
  • Hisense U9G
  • Hisense A77G
  • Hisense U7QF
  • Hisense A7100F
  • Hisense PX1-PRO

Other Hisense TV models with Game Mode:

  • Hisense 65A6BGTUK
  • Hisense 50A6BGTUK
  • Hisense 43A6BGTUK
  • Hisense 32A4BGTUK
  • Hisense 58A6BGTUK
  • Hisense 70A6BGTUK

These were all the mid and top-end variants of Hisense TV which do have Game Mode, Dolby Atmos, and other features, but the list is not over because there are a number of other Hisense TV models which also have the Game Mode features, you can find out if yours have it or not by visiting the official website and searching for your model or by reading its user manual.

Now let’s look at how to turn it on, what it requires, and how to troubleshoot any issues that may occur.

How To Turn On Game Mode On Hisense TV?

Here are the steps through which you can enable Game Mode on your Hisense TV:

  1. Go to the settings menu by selecting “Settings” > “All Settings
  2. Select “Picture Style” > “Game
  3. If the “Game” option is grayed out, make sure that your HDMI is set to “optimal” and the source is set to your gaming console
  4. To do this, press the “source” button, scroll to the HDMI port for your console, and press “+” to select it as the source. 
  5. This will allow you to access the “game” option and make any necessary adjustments.

I’ve shown you how to activate Game Mode, but if despite following the correct procedure the option remains grayed out, read further.

How To Fix Grayed Out Game Mode On Hisense TV?

Grayed Out "Game Mode" Option On Hisense TV
Grayed Out “Game Mode” Option On Hisense TV

If you cannot select the Game Mode option in your Hisense TVs menu settings, make sure you have fulfilled certain requirements, which are listed below.

  • Game mode is only selectable when a Gaming Console is connected to TV.
  • The active input source of TV needs to be on your Gaming Console.
  • It won’t be available for downloadable apps and games on your TV.
  • You need to have a high-speed HDMI 2.0+ cable to connect your Gaming Console and TV.
  • Enable “Enhanced HDMI 2.0” under HDMI CEC Menu settings (Menu>System>HDMI & CEC functions>HDMI 2.0 FORMAT>Enhanced Format.)

If you’re unable to activate Game Mode on your Hisense TV even though you’ve followed the correct process and met all the requirements, it might be due to outdated firmware or a glitch in the system settings. In this case, you’ll need to factory reset the TV and upgrade the firmware if an update is available.

How to turn off Game Mode On Hisense TV?

It is also possible to disable the Game Mode feature on Hisense TV if you do not want to play games using it because of poor picture quality which you are getting like washed-out colors or any other issue.

Simply select a different Picture Mode besides “Game” to disable all Game Mode features.